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Alaska Airlines in today’s time is considered to be one of the major airlines to fly around the world and in the United States of America. The airlines along with the Virgin America and some its regional partners today assist 40 million passengers a year to reach their particular destination. It serves across 118 destinations with a whopping standard count of 1200 daily flights across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba. Alaska Airlines has set up its headquartered in SeaTac, Washington. Being the fifth largest airlines in the United States, Alaska Airlines is famous for its world class interior and luxurious and excellent services.

Along with it, the airline is popularly known across the globe for its stipulation of high-end amenities at low cost. It acquires a lot of accolades and awards on its name together with the finest airlines award, 11 times, which it won for its flawless services and most importantly customer’s satisfaction during their flight. The present stats specify that Alaska Airlines has now become a very big brand working in the west coast of America, and its covers more than 115 destinations all across Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba and Costa Rica.

It is a large American airline which flies to many destinations comprises of Adak, Albuquerque, Anchorage, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Barrow, Bellingham, Bethel, Boston, Cancun, Charleston, Chicago, Cordova, Dallas, Detroit, Burbank, Liberia, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Manzanillo, Palm Springs, Petersburg, Philadelphia, Portland etc.

Classes of Travel

Economy Class

The airlines’ Economy Class which is also said to be as the ‘Main Cabin’ class, and is the most basic class of cabin within the main cabin. There are two different fares from which one can prefer from – the ‘Saver’ fare and the ‘Main Cabin’ fare. The latter attains the number of additional perks with more flexibility and options.

The main cabin of airlines economy class is having full food and drinks menu, with meals obtainable to order up to 12 hours ahead of take-off. In addition to this, passengers can also join to on-board Wi-Fi for general internet browsing and also to Alaska Airlines’ inflight entertainment system. The economy class seats are made from ultimate quality of leather with plentiful space and a USB and power outlet fitted to each seat. You can looks for Alaska Airlines flight deals to book your flight tickets.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy class which is also known as ‘Premium Class’, provides the passengers with almost everything which the Main Cabin offers. A little additional are added to make the flight more comfortable. The passengers flying in premium economy are provided with a admiring drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), as well as a complimentary snack. This class also offers it passengers with first-class boarding and seating. The seats of the class are very contented and are made with genuine leather. The premium economy seats have 4 more inches of legroom in comparison to main cabin class seats.

Make your Alaska Airlines reservations to make enjoy availing all these extensive range of luxurious services.

Business Class

Alaska Airlines does not have a Business Class in their flights. Passengers have to upgrade themselves from Premium Class to First Class to get enhanced facilities. We offer its passengers with an opportunity to fly with Alaska Airlines business class by getting remarkable Alaska Airlines deals and making the most of their time and money by booking tickets at lowest airfares.

First Class

The first class of the Alaska Airlines is its most luxurious cabin class with the highest service standards. The facilities provided in the first class of the airline comprises of a complimentary meal which is available to order up to 24 hours prior to take-off. Each passenger is given a soft quilted blanket and free of charge entertainment tablet for the duration of the flight. Make use of the Alaska Airlines customer care option to get in touch in case of any query.

The seats of first class are much larger and more contented than the ones in main cabin and Premium Class, with more stretch out and 40 inches of pitch and the food and drinks here are complimentary. You can find Alaska Airlines flight deals on our website while flying with Alaska Airlines.

Services and Amenities

There are two options of inflight entertainment for passengers flying with Alaska Airlines flights. They can either download the GoGo Entertainment app or steam the TV shows and movies on their personal device or on certain flight paths, there are inflight entertainment tablets available for rent.

By downloading the GoGo Entertainment app, passengers flying with Alaska Airlines are able to stream multiple TV shows on their laptop, tablet or mobile device. The Inflight entertainment tablets are pre-arranged with a large compilation of TV shows which are available in First Class. These shows can also be rented on flights flying to and from Hawaii as well as coast-to-coast flights. You can find cheap airline tickets on our website while flying to your favorites destinations with Alaska Airlines reservations.

First Class customers are also having access to in-flight entertainment tablets which are preloaded with the newest movies, Inflight entertainment tablets etc. also accessible for rent on coast-to-coast Hawaii flights.

Food & Drinks

Once making Alaska Airlines reservations passengers can avail to the meal choice obtainable on flights. These meal choices vary depending on the length of your trip, but for the passengers in main cabin, items such as cheese platters, sandwiches, hamburgers and salads are available to purchase. These items can be pre-ordered by the Alaska Airlines passengers on the Alaska Airline app 24 hours ahead of flying, or can be purchased in flight as well.

Passengers flying in economy class receive gracious soft drinks on board and tea or coffee, with liquor, wine and beer being available for purchase. All the drinks together with wines, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the first class fares.

Baggage Policy

The baggage fees in Alaska Airlines depend upon various different aspects such as the travel class and people flying to the routes. Once a passenger has finished their Alaska Airlines flight tickets booking they need to ensure that they have checked the baggage fees and other grant on our website. Below stated are the details about the checked baggage allowance and its weight and size restrictions.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked baggage allowance in Alaska Airlines is provided to every traveler on the basis of the travel class which they are flying into. For every passenger it is important to carry a utmost of 2 bags weighing not more than 100lbs, and dimensions not more than 45 linear inches. Flying with the Alaska airlines, passengers should be very sure about the booked travel class.

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