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Best Europian countries to visit during covid

Best European Countries to Visit during Covid

We all know how adversely Corona virus has affected people all around the world. Traveling being the most affected thing right now, it is hard to think of your longing desire to explore Europe. Well, though there are limitations, but you still can travel to the European countries and explore their culture, history, architecture, art and lot more. Said that, it still be the toughest decision you might take during this phase. It is completely understandable that you haven’t been on a trip since a very long time. Hence, the eagerness would be there and the fear of being affected by the disease too.

Best European Countries to Visit during Covid

Here are the top ten best European countries to visit during Covid. Check out the following places and plan a trip with friends to explore the top attractions there. Surely, there will be limitations over traveling but with proper planning you’ll be able to cover most of the places out there.


Georgia is one among those popular travel destinations in Europe where you find astonishing landscapes, historic sites and parks full of greenery. You can choose to explore the famous Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to 12th century. Besides, there are a lot of options left to explore which you can visit along with your family. You’ll find everything from the world’s biggest aquarium, beautiful beaches of Jekyll Island and to thoughtful antebellum homes. 

Best Places to Visit in Georgia:

  • Lookout Mountain 
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden 
  • Georgia Aquarium


It is undeniable that Greece is known worldwide for its rich history and mythologies that lived amid us this far. These are the attractive elements which drives us crazy for a trip to Greece. So what are you waiting for? Plan an amazing vacation with your friends and family to explore Greece. Being home to numerous beaches, wonderful territory that stretches from Aegean Sea to the Balkan Peninsula region makes the country one of the best travel destinations in the whole world. 

Best Places to Visit in Greece: 

  • Santorini Island
  • Parthenon Acropolis, Athens
  • Meteora, Kalabaka


To start with, Croatia is an astonishingly beautiful travel destination in Europe. It has everything that country blessed with nature requires. Clean dazzling water of Mediterranean seas, stunning islands all around the coastline and Rocky Mountains best suited for hiking, it all makes this European country one of the best for all travel freaks out there. Croatia has a unique vibe, along with cuisine that will serve your taste buds the right way. Visit and explore this wonderful nation by booking your flight tickets with us, connect with us through our toll-free number. 

Best Places to Visit in Croatia: 

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Hvar Island
  • Dubrovnik Main Street


In last two decades, Portugal has garnered a reputation for being one of the most visited countries in Europe. This rise in popularity on the world scale is due to their constant efforts in making tourism better in the country. Portugal is blessed with beautiful islands and one of the finest islands is the Madeira. It is also the birthplace of Portugal superstar footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Surely, his global influence has also worked wonder in creating Portugal’s image as one of the best European destinations in the world. 

So, without any second thoughts, head straight away to Portugal and spend some crazy time trying out the cuisine, exploring the top attractions etc. 

Best Places to Visit in Portugal: 

  • Lagos
  • Lisbon
  • Porto


What would you expect from a bold and cosmopolitan capital? Well, to be true, a lot we expect. Rightly, Romania does justice to all our expectations. It has a unique mix of cultural and natural gems, which makes Romania an interesting travel destination in Europe. Whether it be the extraordinary painted monasteries of Bucovina or vibing at the black sea coast, your experience will surely turn out to be a magical one. Besides, Romania being one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe, you’ll save a lot of money on your travel and accommodation inside the country. 

So, book your air tickets now and avail the finest deal online through us. Check out the following places that you can add to your itinerary for Romania exploration. 

Best Places to Visit in Romania 

  • The Black Sea Coast
  • The Danube Delta
  • Prahova Valley


Another one on this list of best European countries to visit during Covid is the Polish nation. Poland has a rich history which dates back to the medieval period boasting stunning architecture, valleys, castles and palaces all around. It is also popularly known for its majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and seemingly boundless trails abiding you in the arms of nature while on hike of exploration. Plan your holiday with us and avail the best suited and affordable travel package to Poland. 

Best Places to Visit in Poland:

  • Warsaw
  • Wroclaw 
  • Krakow

Give us a call at our toll-free number present on the right corner of the homepage. Feel free to get in touch to resolve any kind of query related to your travel to any of the European countries you want to travel. It is clearly evident that due to Covid restrictions we haven’t included countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Netherland and England. But as soon as we find change in situation, we’ll add up those places too in this list. So, make the most out of your journey to Europe.

North America

8 Enchanting Places to Visit in California

California is one among the top travel destinations in the United States. If you are traveling to California for the very first time then there’s a lot to explore, with sunshine, eye-catching landscapes, and urban sophistication. A place of dreams, this interesting state has it all: anextravagant coastline, snow-capped mountains, extensive deserts, idyllic farmlands, and prehistoric redwood groves, along with pulsating multicultural cities. Tourists gather to San Francisco for sightseeing, shopping, museum hopping, and gourmet dining. Los Angeles dazzles visitors with exemplary Southern California scenery and Hollywood glamour. San Diego and Santa Barbara have just the thingincludes the balmy weather and golden-sand beaches.

For nature lovers, California is a place to travel around the great outdoors. At Yosemite National Park, visitors marvel at the wonderful granite cliffs draped with spectacular waterfalls. In the astonishing alpine environment of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Lake Tahoe, the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, and Mammoth Lakes are well-groomed trails and everlasting opportunities for outdoor sports. Closer to the Pacific Ocean in the lush Redwood National and State Parks, idyllic hiking and trekking trails are shaded by the world’s tallest trees.

Why Visit California?

Visiting California is many people’s desire which can be fulfilled with the right approach to plan a trip with your friends and family. Home to amazing tourist places, California stood up among the travelers around the world as one of the finest places to visit in the United States. To plan a trip to California, you can choose to book your flight tickets with us. Reach out to us through our toll-free number mentioned on our website also,+1-800-315-2771.

Best Time to Visit California

To experience a much calm climate with lively atmosphere all around, we suggest you to plan your trip or vacation during the phase from May to September. For an amazing Californian getaway, the month of October is also considered suitable with those chill vibes all around the place. It is just the right time to head to California and explore the best places where you can spend some good quality time with your friends and family.

Best Places to Visit in California

The following are the best places to visit in California where you will surely have a good time exploring some of the best destinations for tourists.


Being the capital city of California, Sacramento is well known among the travelers around the world for its amazing dining outlets, historic buildings and interesting museums. To explore the city in the best climate, one should plan their trip during the spring and fall. Throughout the year, Sacramento hosts some of the most attractive festivals and events which you must experience once in your lifetime.

San Francisco

San Francisco abounds with life everywhere you go. Whether you’re fastening around on a cable car, exploring one of the city’s many traditionally eclectic neighborhoods, approving towering redwoods neighboring the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or diving fork first into its world-renowned food scene (you’ll find more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants here), San Francisco’s energy is continuously downright electric. After a busy day of exploring, head to the spectacular and relaxing Golden Gate Park to ease yourself.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles exemplifies the seductive image of sunny Southern California with its widespread, palm-fringed boulevards; fashionable designer boutiques; and see-and-be-seen beaches. Favorite beaches are the wide-ranging Venice Beach, a fun-loving scene of cyclists, rollerblades, joggers, runners and street performers, and the 3.5-mile Santa Monica State Beach (15 miles from Los Angeles, available by the Expo Metro line), which has an iconic wharf with a Ferric wheel and a beachfront trail for walking and cycling. 

San Diego

San Diego is Southern California at its premium (think: warm weather year-round, limitless stretches of surf-friendly shorelines and some of the finest Mexican food in the USA). During the day, attractions like Balboa Park (where numerous of the city’s museums reside), the USS Midway Museum (which is contained in an aircraft carrier) and the San Diego Zoo (widely measured to be one of the top zoos in the country) tend to be prevalent among visitors. Meanwhile, the lively, restaurant- and bar-filled Gaslamp Quarter is the dwelling to be at night.

Lake Tahoe

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this enthralling lake is a place of beautiful beauty and serenity. The lake has dazzling turquoise waters with a glowing quality, and the scenery is so primeval that it has a thoughtful effect. During summertime, Lake Tahoe is a prevalent destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, trekking, fishing, water sports, and waterside sunbathing. 

Yosemite National Park

One of the country’s furthermost popular national parks can be found approximately 165 miles east of San Francisco. Yosemite offers every journey activity you can possibly think of, from low-impact activities like fishing and bird-watching to daredevil pursuits, such as rock mounting and rafting. Whatever you select to do, don’t leave deprived of exploring can’t-miss sites likeHalf Dome, Glacier Point and Vernal Fall. Stick around until nighttime to stare at the clear, sparkling sky.

Mendocino Coastline

For remarkable scenery, few places associate to Mendocino’s dramatic coastline, where the deep blue waters of the Pacific crash up in contradiction ofabsolute cliffs and lap into quiet, shielded coves. Visitors are re-energized by the fresh air and encouraged by the panoramic ocean views. Typical of Northern California, the weather is frequently cool and foggy, enhanced suited to hiking than sunbathing

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a preoccupied seaside city in Southern California, a place for moderation and pampering. Visitors take pleasure in strolls along the waterfront, pandering in luxurious spa treatments, and enjoying gourmet meals on outdoor patios. Often called “The American Riviera,” this upscale resort destination is a beach lover’s paradise with pleasant weather, asprawling coastline of golden-sand shoreline, and outstanding sunsets.

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