Latam Check-in PolicyLatam Airlines Check-in Policy

Latam Check-In Policy defines the whole process of checking in for a scheduled flight. It mentions rules that you need to follow before, during, and after the check-in process. The also maintains that check-in should be done before the specified end time. This process ends an hour before departure to avoid any last-minute hassle during the boarding.

Thus, the Latam Check-In Policy assures that no traveler should miss his flight. It prevents any elongated time of the check-in process. It is done quickly without wasting any time on travelers. Let’s check out this Latam Check-in Policy in detail.

Latam Airlines Check-In Policies

The Latam check-in policy provides different modes of check-in for your scheduled flight before its departure. Besides, it allows an ample amount of time to check in. As you get enough time, you will be able to go through all the check-in, security, and boarding processes on Latam Airlines in a peaceful way. Its Latam Check-In Policy includes the following features due to which the check-in process goes quickly and smoothly:

A step-by-step guide to Latam Check-In Policy 

  • Latam Airlines allows you to check in for your flight by using any method, such as web check-in, mobile check-in, automatic check-in, kiosk check-in, and counter check-in
  • The customer service center of Latam Check-in Policy is available to resolve all your issues regarding the check-in process. Its contact numbers are given on the website of Latam Airlines according to regions.
  • The check-in time on Latam Airlines for most of the airports ends 90 minutes before departure
  • During the web check-in, you can choose and pay for your preferred seat and purchase extra baggage
  • Latam Airlines at places like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador ends the check-in time 2 hours before the departure of your flight
  • The web check-in can be canceled 1 hour before departure. You can cancel it through the mobile app or the website of Latam Airlines
  • The domestic flights of Latam Check-in Policy can be checked in 60 minutes prior to departure. Whereas international flights can be checked 120 minutes before departure

Latam Airlines Check-In Online

Online check-in of Latam Airlines flights is a beneficial method for every traveler. It allows you to check in advance. Your boarding would be smooth if you checked in in advance through this method. In this online method, you have to retrieve your itinerary by using the website.

Online Check-In

  • You are allowed to check in online unless:
  • You are an unaccompanied minor
  • You require special assistance
  • Facing the problem of hearing and visual impairment
  • Staff members booked your reservation
  • Flights booked by using discounted fares or any promotional offer
  • Group bookings of more than 9 people
  • Latam Airlines will not let you cancel your flight after completing your check-in process
  • If you checked in online, you must arrive at the airport sixty minutes prior to departure in order to drop off your bags at the baggage claim area.
  • You have to arrive 120 minutes before the departure of your international flight to drop your checked luggage at the baggage counter.

A step-by-step guide to online check-in 

You have to retrieve your itinerary to access your Latam Check-in Policy process. It can be done in the following steps:

Step 1: Open the website of Latam Airlines at

Step 2: Check-in tab: The check-in option can be seen on the homepage. You have to click on the ‘my trips’ menu and click on the ‘check-in’ option.

Step 3: Enter your booking details: You have to enter your booking details, such as your ticket confirmation number and last name, to retrieve your itinerary

Step 4: Choose your seat: Choose your preferred from the seat chart and make payment for it

Step 5: Purchase travel extras: Purchase travel extras to avail services that you need during your boarding and in-flight journey

Step 6: Complete check-in: Follow the further check-in instructions and download your boarding pass after check-in

Airport Check-In

You can choose to check in from the airport instead of using the website or the mobile app. This method of airport check-in includes counter check-in and self-service kiosk. If you need to check through these methods, you must get to the airport at least ninety minutes before the departure of your domestic flight. Whereas, for your international flight check-in at the airport, you have to arrive 3 hours before the departure. The highlights of these methods of check-in are:

  • You have to present your travel documents to the Latam check-in policy personnel at the airport counter
  • The personnel will give you your boarding pass after checking all your travel documents, including your boarding pass and visa
  • Checking in at the airport counter takes longer than all the other methods as you have to wait for your turn after the other passengers before you
  • Instead of using the airport counter, you can use the self-service kiosk at the airport
  • At the airport kiosk, you have to enter your booking details to complete the check-in process
  • Following check-in, the kiosk will print your boarding pass.

The process of airport check-in

The airport check-in process can be done in the following ways:

  • Reach the airport on the time specified by Latam Airlines
  • Present your flight ticket identity proof and passport to the airport’s personal
  • If you are checking in via the kiosk, you have to enter your ticket details
  • Pay for all the services that are required during the journey. You can also pay for your preferred seat
  • Print your boarding pass at the counter
  • Drop your luggage at the baggage counter. After check-in is finished, if you only have your carry-on bag, you can proceed directly to the security check.

Latam Airlines Mobile App Check-in

The mobile check-in includes the same process as that of the web check-in. In this method, you have to use your mobile app in the following ways:
  • Open the app and tap on ‘my trips’ on the home screen
  • Enter your ticket details, such as confirmation number and last name
  • From your itinerary, choose the option of check-in
  • Choose your seat from the seat chart and pay for it
  • You can also check in your luggage and avail all the other services
  • After completing your purchases, download your boarding pass
  • The mobile boarding pass can be accepted at the airport during the process of boarding

Latam Airlines Baggage Check-In Policy       

Latam Check-In Policy allows you to carry your checked bag and carry-on bag in the quantity mentioned by your fare. If you have to carry any extra baggage, then you have to pay for it and get it checked. Latam Airlines’ baggage check-in policy highlights the following points related to your checked and carry-on bag:

  • You have to show your required booking details at the baggage counter.
  • The extra bag can be purchased during the check-in
  • You have to drop your checked bag at the airport counter after the check-in is done
  • Your bag can also be checked in during the automatic check-in

Latam Airlines Check-In Time Frames

You should check-in for your flight within the time mentioned by Latam Airlines. After this time, you will not be able to check in with the airline. Latam Check-In Policy time is:

Web check-in and mobile check-in: 

  • 48 hours-60 hours before the domestic flight departure
  • 96 hours-120 hours before the international flight departure

Airport check-in

  • Two hours prior to the domestic flight’s departure, arrive at the airport.
  • Three hours prior to the departure of the international flight, arrive at the airport.

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