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Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

Breeze Airways flight cancellation policy is a simplified policy for travelers to be able to cancel their flights successfully. Travelers can follow this policy to cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking or on the same day of the departure. If their fares include, then they pay cancellation fees. Otherwise, they are allowed to cancel their flights for free.

Because of this policy, travelers prefer Breeze Airways the most. Breeze Airways is a leading airline as it can create flexible plans that can be canceled later. They are helped by the airline to carry out their flight cancellation processes easily.

How To Cancel A Flight On Breeze Airways?

Travelers of Breeze Airways can carry out their flight cancellation processes quickly and conveniently. The online modes allow them to cancel or rebook flights quickly. If not online, offline modes also take a few minutes to connect travelers with the customer care service and request to cancel their flights. As this policy states, Breeze Airways travelers can use these online and offline modes to access their itineraries and follow flight cancellation prompts. In using any of these modes for flight cancellations, they have to go through the following process:

● Start the flight cancellation process by clicking on options such as ‘ My Trips’ and ‘Sign In.’

● Select flights that are required to be canceled

● Click on the ‘Cancel and Credit Booking Form.’

● Review the summary of flight cancellation fees

● Pay and confirm the flight changes

This process can be done through the website and the mobile app. Breeze Airways live chat is available on the website for any issues. Other than these online modes, travelers can also use offline ones. These are:

● Breeze Airways Email:

● Breeze Airways SMS: 501-273-3931

● Local Airport Office of Breeze Airways

● Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Travelers can go to the FAQ page on the website of Breeze Airways and follow the instructions to connect with Breeze Airways customer care. Travelers have to provide their contact number and email address. Breeze Airways will contact them on their given details. Its team will ask for booking details and resolve customer queries immediately.

Breeze Airways Online Flight Cancellation Process

Breeze Airways' online flight cancellation process can be completed through the website, the mobile app, and live chat. Travelers have to follow the essential steps to cancel their flights on these platforms:

Breeze Airways Website:

Step 1:Open the website of Breeze Airways

Step 2: Login as a Breeze Airways customer or continue as a guest

Step 3:Click on 'my trips'

Step 4:Enter the confirmation and last name to retrieve itineraries

Step 5:Select flights that need to be canceled

Step 6:Click on the 'cancel and credit bookings' button

Step 7:Review the breakdown of the total cost of cancellations

Step 8:Pay fees and confirm cancellations

Breeze Airways Mobile App:

Step 1: Open the mobile app of Breeze Airways

Step 2: Enter login credentials to open a Breeze Airways user account or continue as a guests

Step 3: Tap on ‘My Trips’ on the home screen

Step 4: Enter details such as confirmation code and last name to retrieve itineraries

Step 5: Select trips that are supposed to be canceled

Step 6: Tap on cancel and pay for it to confirm cancellation

Breeze Airways Live Chat:The steps to find live chat are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Info/FAQ’ tab on the homepage of the website

Step 2:On the FAQ page, select ‘see more’ under the bookings and reservations heading

Step 3: Click on ‘cancellations and refund policy’

Step 4: Scroll down the page and click on ‘contact us’

Step 5:Travellers can find options to chat with live assistants

Breeze Airways Offline Flight Cancellation Process

The offline process of flight cancellation involves speaking with your customer care executive and resolving related issues. Travelers often need help canceling their flights on the website or mobile app. In these cases, they have an alternate option of contacting customer care of Breeze Airways. Travelers can contact them through email and SMS. They can find contacts on the website in the following ways:

Step 1: Visit the website of Breeze Airways

Step 2: Click on info/FAQs

Step 3:Any choices listed under "Bookings and Reservations" should be selected.

Step 4:Click 'Contact us immediately' on the next page.

What Is 24 Hour Cancellation Policy For Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways' 24-hour flight cancellation policy states that travelers can cancel their flights for free before the 24 hours of booking are over. After this period, all flight cancellations will also become free, and travelers will not have to pay cancellation fees. In this period, travelers are allowed to cancel their flights for free and receive refunds. Breeze Airways will refund the entire booking amount after cancellation in the original form of payment. To receive refunds after free cancellations, travelers must ensure their flights are booked 7 days before departure.

How Can I Cancel Breeze Air Flight On Same Day?

Travelers can cancel their Breeze Airways flights on the same day of the departure. They can cancel their flights 15 minutes before departure. After 15 minutes, they cannot cancel their flights. To cancel their flights, travelers can use the website, mobile app, and local airport office. They have to use the same source used at the time of booking.

What Is Breeze Airways Refund Policy?

Breeze Airways refunds travelers after flight cancellations. Most of the time, it refunds in the form of Breeze Points. In rare cases, Breeze Airways will refund the entire booking amount after the flight's cancellation. They will receive refunds within 7-10 business days. The following are the conditions for refunds after cancellations:

● Travellers will receive this amount in the original form of payment if they cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking.

● Flight delays and cancellations from the end of Breeze Airways

● The death of the traveller

● Refund of Breeze Points after the cancellation of a non-refundable ticket

For cancellation of one flight in a reservation, Breeze Airways provides a refund request form available on the website. If travelers want to cancel the entire trip, they can request refunds by accessing their itineraries. They have to click on ‘my trips’ and then scroll down to the ‘refund trip’ and follow the prompts for refunds. After confirming cancellations, travelers will receive refunds as Breeze Points. These points can be used within 24 months from the date of issuance.

Breeze Airways Cancelled My Flight

Breeze Airways puts its maximum efforts into covering losses faced by travelers after it delays or cancels their flights. It does not provide compensation in the form of an amount but:

● Books an alternative flight for travelers in case of flight delays by more than 3 hours

● Accommodation in a hotel if the alternative flight is booked for the next day

● In addition to hotel accommodation, travelers will be provided transportation if the cancellation was caused due to events that were within the control of Breeze Airways

● Travellers can apply for refunds if they do not want to travel any further

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cancellation policy for Breeze Airways?

A. The cancellation policy for Breeze Airways states that your reserved flight can be canceled until 15 minutes before departure. After these 15 minutes, you cannot cancel your flight. Breeze Airways will not charge any cancellation amount for it. It refunds your money in the form of BreezePoints in your Breeze Airways account.

Q. How can I cancel my Breeze Airways flight?

A. Cancelling flights of Breeze Airways is easy as well as smooth. You will be fine while canceling your flight with this airline. Breeze Airways' efforts to provide the most accessible solutions to its customers. Therefore, flight cancellations provide different options, such as offline and online modes, to help resolve your flight cancellation issues. You can cancel your flight and solve your issues related to it through the following modes:

Website of Breeze Airways:The website of Breeze Airways is the foremost choice of customers for canceling flights. This online mode is one of the easiest ways to cancel flights and pay for them. You can also gather complete details related to it.

Breeze Airways Mobile App: Besides the website, the Breeze Airways mobile app is another convenient online mode for customers to cancel their flights. You can tap the ‘my bookings’ option on the home screen or log into your Breeze Airways account to initiate your flight cancellation process.

Breeze Airways Customer Care Service: Instead of using online modes, you can also use offline modes of Breeze Airways. These modes enable you to connect with the customer care service of Breeze Airways. You can connect with it either through email or SMS. Breeze Airways does not provide voice call services.

Q. Does Breeze Airways charge for cancellation?

A. Breeze Airways does not charge for flight cancellations when you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. Even after these 24 hours, you can still cancel your flight without paying any cancellation fees. However, if you cancel it through the customer service of Breeze Airways, then you will be charged USD as a service fee. On the other hand, the online process of flight cancellations does not include cancellation fees.

Q. Can I cancel the Breeze flight for a refund?

A. You get a refund of your booking amount after canceling your flight. Breeze Airways will initiate it in the original form of payment. You can get your refund in the original form if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of reserving it. After this period, if you apply for a refund, you will receive it as BreezePoints. These BreezePoints will be valid for you until 1 year after its date of issuance. You can use these points in your future travels. If your Breeze Airways flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours, you can use these BreezePoints to rebook another flight. If you do not want to travel further, you can apply for a refund.

Q. Does Breeze have change fees?

A. Similar to flight cancellations, Breeze Airways does not charge for flight changes. You can still change your Breeze Airways flights until 15 minutes before departure. Within this flight change process, you can rebook an alternative flight for another date or time.

Q. How can I cancel my flight online?

A. You can use different online modes to cancel your Breeze Airways flights. Breeze Airways allows you to use these modes, such as the website and mobile app, to access itineraries, create flight cancel requests, and pay for them.

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