What is the EL AL Group Booking Policy?

What is the EL AL Group Booking Policy?

EL AL Flight Group Booking Policy lets you travel with your friends and family to your desired destination. It confirms your flight booking with EL AL and enables successful boarding. The journey with your group is guaranteed on EL AL. To book your flight, you have to contact EL AL through customer care or the website. Let’s discuss this EL AL group booking in detail.

What is the EL AL Group Booking Policy?

EL AL’s Group Booking Policy enables successful flight booking for your group travel. It ensures that you enjoy the services of EL AL while being onboard. The process of this booking is accessible through various online and offline means. To avoid any trouble, EL AL lays down specific group booking guidelines. These are:

● EL AL gives you the time of 30 days to arrange your group travel

● Within 30 days, you should pay for your group booking 20 days before the departure of your flight

● If you are unsure, you can hold your reservation for 30 days

● Once your reservation is confirmed, you can pay for the group booking by using a seamless payment method

● EL AL will propose your agreed fare in a quotation after submitting your request

How Many Passengers Are Required For A Group Booking?

EL AL  Airlines allows you to book a flight in a particular cabin for your group. It does not fix any limit on the number of people in a group. However, the following points should be remembered:

● You can book an EL AL flight for your group of more than 10 people

● The EL AL flight for your group should be booked in the same cabin.

● You can choose to travel with your group in economy, business, or first-class

● Any addition of a person in a group after the booking will depend upon the seat availability. This might increase the agreed fare

● Your proposal for group booking does not mean it is confirmation from EL AL. It instead means the currently proposed fare

EL AL Group Booking Online Methods

EL AL provides an online form for group booking. This form is given on the website. EL AL will review your form and quote an agreed fare after you fill it up. You can find and fill out this form in the following ways:

● Open the official website of EL AL

● Login into your EL AL user account and access your group booking section

● Fill up the group travel form with all the details being asked

● Submit your form and wait for EL AL’s response

● You will receive the fare quotation from EL AL

● Confirm your booking by accepting the Agreed Fare

How Do I Request a Group Booking with El Al Airlines?

You can also request group travel on EL AL through its customer care. EL AL allows you to contact its customer care through various channels. These channels are:

●  Information Centre: You can access the information center section of the EL AL website and get answers to all of your queries

●  Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger: EL AL representatives will respond to your queries on Whatsapp and Facebook, too. You can reach out to them via the link given on the website

●  Phone call: You can contact EL AL at +1-800-315-2771.

EL AL Group Booking 24Hours

Despite booking an EL AL flight for your group anytime, you can also book it within 24 hours of the departure. The group booking process during these hours is the same as that during the regular days. You have to either fill up the online form or contact the customer care of EL AL. EL AL will immediately send you a quotation with an agreed fare and confirm your booking after the payment.  

What are the Fees for Group Booking?

Fees for EL AL group reservations depend upon your proposal. EL AL also considers the number of people traveling in a group. After determining your proposal, EL AL will assign the final cost. This cost includes:

● Taxes

● Fees

● Additional surcharges but includes carrier imposed surcharge

Are There Special Terms and Conditions for Group Bookings?

Group bookings on EL AL are easy and quick. EL AL applies special terms and conditions to them:

● The EL Al-quoted agreed you should accept the fare

● EL AL will charge 20% of the fare on Infants occupying a seat

● Any modifications in a group booking will increase the Agreed fare

What Payment Options Are Available for Group Bookings?

Payment for your EL AL group booking should be done within 20 days of your proposal. You can pay for it through bank transfers. Payments through IATA and Settlement Plan can also be made. There are specific rules regarding your payment:

● EL AL will quote fares according to the minimum number of passengers traveling

● Quoted fare might increase after EL AL raises the published fare of your flight

● You have to pay a deposit amount of $150 to reserve your seat. It should be paid along with the Agreed Fare

● You should pay all the applicable cost of booking via bank transfers or IATA and Settlement Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Your fare determines whether you have to pay for any modifications to your flight. Along with the fees, you have to pay the fare difference. Your new flight fares might be different from the original flight. You have to pay for this difference in addition to the change fees.

Ans. El Al advises that you should get to the airport at least two hours before your flight departs. You have to go through the check-in at the airport counter. EL does not allow you to check in for your group booking online.

Ans. EL AL issues refunds after the cancellation of your flight. Refunds are processed if a flight is canceled within 24 hours of the reservation being made. EL AL allows you to cancel your flight for free during these hours. You will get refunds after canceling it within 7-10 business days.