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Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Air Canada customers change their flights without facing any ordeal, thanks to its Air Canada Flight Change Policy. They can initiate a simple process for a successful flight change without spending much money. In most of the scenarios, the fare types of Air Canada allow them to rebook their flights for free. They can enjoy all these benefits due to Air Canada’s flexible flight change policy.

In other words, Air Canada flight change policy empowers customers with endless benefits, regardless of its terms and regulations. It enables them to change their flights anytime and through various online and offline ways. They will be able to change their flights on the same date of departure too. On the other hand, if Air Canada makes any changes in their flights, then its team will take every step to satisfy them.

Customers consider flight change policies of many airlines before the final booking. Therefore, Air Canada’s flight change policy is the one they should consider worth reading for a hassle-free booking. The above mentioned benefits of this policy are reasons that customers prefer Air Canada over any other airline.

Terms & Conditions of Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Air Canada change policy not only covers customer conveniences but also terms and conditions regarding its rebooking. These terms and conditions are not rigid and do not cut-down the benefits that customers enjoy. That is why customers are free to choose Air Canada. The terms and conditions of Air Canada flight changes are as follows-

● Customers should book their through Air Canada’s website, its app, or through the customer care in order to make flight changes

● Customers can make flight changes at least 2 hours before their departure. They cannot change their flights after these 2 hours and a heavy penalty will be imposed if they do so.

● Air Canada clearly itemises any fare difference or change fees in the new flight details for its passengers

● Air Canada will inform any flights changes to its passengers via their email

● Passengers cannot change their Air Canada’s bookings if one of the segments of their tickets has already been used

● Bookings made through Air Canada Vacations cannot be changed

● Customers who have booked Air Canada flight tickets through third-party agents should contact them or Air Canada customer care in case of flight changes

● Passengers cannot remove, add or replace one or more fellow passengers

Standard Rules of Changing Air Canada Booking

Air Canada customers should follow these specific rules for making changes in their flight bookings-

● Passengers can change their flights for free if they process it within 24 hours of the booking

● Air Canada levies change fees for changing flights after 24 hours of booking. It also incurs additional fare fees if the new flight costs higher than the previous one. The new fare depends upon the route and fare type chosen

● Passengers should rebook new flights with the same number of stops as their original one

● The new flight should be scheduled within 24 hours of the original flight’s departure time. Its destination and the airport should also be the same.

● Same-day flight changes and standby are subject to the availability of the next flight. Passengers should read the policy regarding it before going for same-day flight changes

● Under the Air Canada flight change policy, the airline holds the right to change the administration fees if passengers want to change their flights at the airport or at Air Canada’s ticketing office

● Air Canada will not hold any responsibility of flight delays caused by unfortunate events

● The flight change policy of Air Canada mentions that passengers can rectify errors in within 24 hours after making a reservation, receive free tickets.

Air Canada Change Flight Online

Air Canada provides various online modes to book and rebook flights. Passengers can access these services through the website, the mobile app and the chat assistant. They can access the website of Air Canada from any device such as laptop, tablet, PC and even mobile.

To change an Air Canada Change Flight Online, passengers should contact the original booking source. They can book and change tickets through the original booking sources such as Skyscanner, Google Flights or Kayak. If they have booked through Aeroplan, Air Canada for Business, or Air Canada Vacations, they can contact these services directly to change flights.

Steps to change Air Canada flights that passengers should follow are-

Website of Air Canada

Step 1- Open the website of Air Canada

Step 2- Click on the ‘My Bookings’ option from the ‘Book’ menu on the homepage of the Air Canada website

Step 3- Enter Air Canada Booking Reference/Ticket Number and Last Name to retrieve booking details of passengers

Step 4- Click on ‘Find and Select’ option to choose the alternate flight available

Step 5- Make final changes in flight bookings by following the self-explanatory messages

Step 6- Pay any applicable fare difference and change fee. If the new flight costs higher than the previous one, then passengers have to pay for their fare difference. Air Canada does not levy changes on any of its fare types. Passengers have to pay only for the fare difference

Step 7- Receiving and accepting email confirmation after making payments

Air Canada Mobile App

Besides the website, Air Canada mobile app also enables passengers to book and change their flights quickly and easily. They can go through the changing flights process for free through the mobile app too. The following are the steps:

Step 1- Download and launch the Air Canada mobile app on your Android or IOS device

Step 2- Tap on the ‘Trips’ option on the home screen of the app

Step 3- The next screen will ask passengers to add their upcoming trips. They can see the option of ‘add existing reservation’ and ‘check in’. Passengers have to click on the ‘add existing reservation’ to proceed

Step 4- Enter the booking reference/ticket number and Last Name to retrieve flight details

Step 5- Select the next available flight.

Step 6- Make final payments related to fare difference and change fee. If passengers are changing their flights within 24 hours of booking, then they do not have to pay change fees. They have to only pay the fare difference if any applies.

Chat Assistants

Sometimes customers face trouble in changing flights through the above-mentioned conventional steps on the website and the app. In such instances, customers can avail chat assistants on the chat bot to resolve their issues related to flight changes. They can even complete their procedure of changing their flights. These chat assistants do not take even a second in giving replies to their customer queries. To access chat bot for resolving queries through chat assistants, customers can follow these simple steps-

Step 1- Open the website of Air Canada

Step 2- The chat bot will appear in the lower right corner of the website. Click on this chat bot

Step 3- Start typing queries in the given message box and follow guidelines to change flights.

Thus, chat bot is another online mode of getting an alternative flight other than the conventional website process and the mobile app. Passengers can find this chat assistant on the mobile app too.

Air Canada Flight Change Offline

If due to some reasons, passengers cannot access the online modes of flight change, then they can contact Air Canada customer care service on phone call, SMS and even social media messengers such as Whatsapp and Messenger

By Phone Call:

To change flights via Air Canada customer care, passengers can find its contact details on the website. They can visit the website and click on customer support to get access to the customer help centre of the website. This help centre will display Air Canada’s numbers for queries related to flight and bookings. These numbers are toll free and available for 24 hours/7 days within Canada and the US. Passengers can also find this number here-1-888- 247-2262. To find Air Canada contact details for other regions, click on ‘other numbers’ below the given number for Canada and the US.


Passengers can receive help related to the Air Canada flight change through its text message services(SMS). They can type ‘HELP’ to Air Canada at this number- 66222. Passengers will receive the following messages after typing ‘HELP’- “HELP: "Alert service by Air Canada. For additional information, go to or dial 1-888-247-2262 (Msg & Data charges). may apply Reply STOP to cancel"

By Email:

Passengers can also prefer contacting Air Canada through email. They can find the email information of the airline through these steps:

Step 1- Click on ‘contact us’ option from the ‘Fly’ menu on the homepage

Step 2- Select the region for which they want to know the email address of Air Canada

Step 3- Click on ‘send us an email’ under the travel support menu

Step 4- Click on ‘change my booking’ to proceed towards the email address

However, Air Canada will hardly complete the flight change process through email but it may resolve the queries related to the process.

What is Air Canada Name Change Fee?

Air Canada customers cannot change their names after making a flight booking because it can replace another passenger. If there are major errors still, and the tickets need to be reissued, then passengers have to pay the following amount-

● USD 50 for making changes to a Flex ticket

● USD 25 for making changes to a Comfort ticket

● No fee will apply for making changes to Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business tickets, provided they’re fully flexible.

In Spite of it, passengers should contact Air Canada if they have undergone major changes in their names due to marriage, divorce, legal change of name etc. Its supporting team can ask passengers to present the following documents-

● Marriage Certificate

● Divorce Decree

● Legal Adoption Papers

● Valid Court Documentation

● Air Canada Name Correction Fee

In case of correcting spelling mistakesMinor misspellings and typos may not incur any fee, but must be backed by valid supporting documentation. However,You might be charged: If your ticket needs to be reissued because it has significant flaws,:

Air Canada Change Fees

The total Air Canada change fee will depend upon the base fare of the next flight and the time of changing the flight. Moreover, ticket change charges will also depend upon the travel class in which the passengers want to travel. International travelling also will be a factor in the total cost of flight change. Passengers do not have to pay for changing their flights if they initiate the process within 24 hours of booking. Change fees vary according to the fare types:

Basic Economy Fare:

Passengers of the Air Canada Basic Economy Fare cannot make changes after the 24 hours of booking. If any changes need to be made, it should be done within 24 hours. After this period, they will only have the option of cancelling their flights if the flight change needs arise.

Standard Economy Fare:

Under the standard economy fare, Air Canada includes a flight change fee of USD/CAD 100.

Air Canada Flex Fares, Comfort and Latitudes:

If passengers are holding Flex, Comfort and Latitudes types of fares, then they do not have to pay change fees. They only have to pay for the fare difference. Whereas, for international travellers, Air Canada includes change fees in Standard, Flex, Premium Economy(lowest) and Business Economy(lowest).

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Policy

The Air Canada change policy provides its passengers the flexibility of changing flights on the day of departure. Passengers can change their flights to an earlier or later time of the date of departure. However, same-day changes depend upon the availability of flights. Fees for it include:

● Basic Economy Fares: Not Permitted

● Standard Fares: USD/CAD 150 for all regions and USD/CAD 100 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark)

● Flex and Comfort Fares: USD/CAD 75 for all regions and USD/CAD 0 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark)

● Latitude, Premium Economy, Business: USD/CAD 0 for all regions

● Award Tickets: USD/CAD 100 for all tickets

● Aeroplan Diamond Members: USD/CAD 75

● Altitude Super Elite: USD/CAD 0

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change the flight date on Air Canada ?

A. To change your flight date, you can visit “” to check the availability of alternate flights. You can also check for the availability of flights on the same day of departure. If you have any query, you can contact Air Canada customer care at +1-800-315-2771

Q. Why won't Air Canada let me change my flight online ?

A. Air Canada will not allow flight changes in the following conditions-

● You have purchased basic economy ticket and exceeded the initial 24 hours of flight booking

● Booking made through a travel agent

● Flight change request made 2 hours before the flight departure

Q. Does Air Canada change flights often ?

A. Air Canada often changes flight schedules due to valid reasons. These reasons could be beyond the control of this airline. It causes inconvenience to many passengers but Air Canada makes every effort to cover for all the losses that passengers faced.

Q. Can I change a flight date on the international flights on Air Canada ?

A. Yes, Air Canada allows you to change your international flights. International travellers can also change their flights for free within 24 hours of the booking. For changes beyond this period, Air Canada will charge you the change fees and it depends upon your fare type.

Q. What is Air Canada’s International flight date change fee ?

A. Air Canada’s international flight date change fees are:

● Basic Economy Fare-: Air Canada does not allow flight booking changes after the 24-hour grace period

● Flex Fare: USD/CAD 50 for 60 days before the departure and USD/CAD 25 for 60 days within the departure

● Standard Fare- USD/CAD 25 for 61 days or more before the flight departure and USD/CAD 50 for 60 days before the flight departure

● Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business tickets can be changed free of charge.

Q. Does Air Canada have free cancellations ?

A. Yes, Air Canada offers free cancellations. It allows you to cancel your flight for free within 24 hours of booking. Free cancellation of your flight after this 24 hour period will depend upon your fare type.

Q. Does Air Canada refunds money ?

A. Yes. The Air Canada refund process will be calculated on the basis of the fare that you have purchased. It does not refund money if you have booked your flight with the basic economy fare. For all the other fares, flight charges are refundable even when 24 hours of booking exceeded. For cancellations after 24 hours, refundability will depend on the fare type you purchased.

Q. How do I contact Air Canada about my refund ?

A. You can contact Air Canada for refunds through email, phone or online chat assistants. To contact Air Canada customer service, you can dial at 1-888-247-2262 anytime. This number is available for the US and Canada region. To find the contact number for your region, go through the customer care page on the website and you can find the contact information for your region there.

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