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Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy

Air France relaxes travelers from worrying about canceling their flights and paying for them. In most cases, its Air France Flight Cancellation Policy allows them to cancel their flights for free. They often have to pay for it as their fares include a small sum of flight cancellation fees.

According to the Air France flight cancellation policy, Air France also promises travelers to refund their total booking amount after canceling their flights. They are ensured to get refunds in a few business days. Even non-refundable ticket holders can receive refunds after cancellations in exceptional cases.

Thus, this policy is the most reliable policy for travelers. It guides them on how they can save money while canceling their flights. This policy covers minute details of canceling flights of Air France.

For Non Refundable Policy

The non-refundable tickets of Air France are the most restrictive fares. These tickets can be canceled but cannot be refunded. The introductory fares of Air France come under this category of non-refundable tickets. Non-refundable fares have the following features and rules that travelers should understand before canceling them:

● Travelers of Air France can cancel only the unused portion of their tickets.

● Non-refundable tickets can be canceled and refunded as travel credits.

● Holders of non-refundable tickets will receive the unused portion of their tickets as travel credits.

● The travel credit voucher can be used for its validity period of one year.

● Travelers can use travel credits for booking their future flights.

● Air France does not allow the cancellation of flights booked with the basic economy fare.

● If flights get delayed or canceled, travelers will receive the total refunds for their non-refundable tickets in the original form of payment.

● Non-refundable tickets can be canceled for a full refund in exceptional cases such as death, injury, or illness.

● Cancellation of non-refundable tickets within 24 hours of booking will also account for full refunds.

For Refundable Policy

The refundable tickets of Air France offer greater flexibility than non-refundable ones. These Refundable fares of Air France promise the process of refunds right after canceling them. They qualify travelers to apply for refunds after canceling or changing their flights.

● The business class and the economy flexible fares of Air France come under refundable fares

● These refundable are allowed to be canceled either paid or for a fee

● Travelers will receive refunds of the entire amount after canceling their refundable tickets

● Refunds will be initiated even if travelers cancel their flights after 24 hours of booking.

● The international flights with refundable fares can be canceled until 4 hours before departure.

● On the other hand, domestic flights booked with refundable fares can be canceled 2 hours before departure.

Does Air France Have A 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

Air France also has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy. Air France's flight cancellation policy of 24 hours relaxes travelers from paying fees for canceling their flights. It satisfies them that they will also receive their total money after canceling flights. This policy of 24-hour flight cancellation covers the following features:

● Air France allows travelers to cancel their flights without paying any fees

● For free flight cancellations, travelers need to ensure that they cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking

● Both refundable and non-refundable tickets can be canceled during this risk-free period of 24 hours

● Travelers can cancel both their one-way and round-trip flights in this period of 24 hours

● Air France also allows changes in bookings for free

● Travelers can modify various parts of their bookings, such as date, name, route, and flight

● All of these sections can be edited for free within 24 hours of booking

● Any remaining balance made after modifications will refunded to travellers by Air France

Air France Flight Cancellation Fee

Air France flight cancellation fees vary according to fare types. The conditions of these fare types determine whether travelers are allowed to cancel their flights or not. Some fares allow free flight cancellations, while the other fares include fees for it. However, cancellations of flights booked with all fare types are for free.

The Air France flight cancellation fee structure for flights within Europe is as follows:

● Business Class: Free flight cancellations

● Economy Flexible: Flight cancellations are not allowed

● Economy: No flight cancellations are allowed

Air France cancellation fee structure for intercontinental flights:

● Business Class Fully Flexible: Flight cancellations at no cost

● Premium Economy Fully Flexible: Free flight cancellations

● Premium Economy: Paid flight cancellations

● Economy Fully Flexible: Flight cancellations without any fee

● Economy Flexible: Flight cancellations for a fee

● Economy: No flight cancellations are allowed

● Free flight cancellations are possible only within 24 hours of purchase

● Along with cancellation fees, travelers also have to pay other charges levied by Air France

● The time of flight cancellation and routes determine the total cost to be paid by travelers

● Air France will inform them about the total cost of flight cancellations during its process

● Travelers will also get to know about the total amount of Air France flight cancellations through email

Air France Refund

● Air France refunds either partial or complete amounts of money. Its specific rules and circumstances determine whether you can receive full refunds. After examining your eligibility, it will accept your refund requests. The refund policy of Air France covers these rules and circumstances that call for refunds: These are:

● Air France guarantees refunds for the cancellation of any flexible or refundable tickets.

● Travelers will receive refunds in the original form of payment.

● Air France approves refund requests for reasons such as flight delays, cancellations, death, injury, or illness.

● In cash, Air France will accept refund requests and process them within 15-20 business days.

● Air France will initiate refunds in the form of credit and debit cards within 7-10 business days.

● Air France guarantees reimbursements for canceled tickets, whether refundable or non-refundable, within a day of the reservation.

Air France Cancellation Same Day

The same-day flight cancellation policy of Air France has the following features:

● Air France permits travelers to cancel their flights on the same day of the departure.

● The domestic flight travelers of Air France are allowed to cancel their flights up to 2 hours before departure.

● On the other hand, travelers on international flights on Air France can cancel it up to 4 hours before departure.

● The same fees apply for canceling flights on the day of the departure as for all the other days.

● Air France determines same-day flight cancellation fees by considering the fare type.

● Travellers can use the website of Air France, its mobile app or take assistance from Air France's customer care service for canceling their flights on the day of the departure.

Air France Business Class Cancellation Policy

The business class of Air France is expensive yet comfortable. Travelers must decide their plans, so choose to book their Air France flights with this business class. It is because this class has the following benefits:

● Business class is a flexible ticket for Air France

● This ticket is refundable and can be changed or canceled

● Cancellation of flights booked with business class is free

● Travelers can cancel their business class ticket for free even after 24 hours of booking

● After canceling their tickets, travelers are eligible to get full refunds of their booking amount

Online: How To Cancel Air France Flight Online

Air France's online modes are the most convenient for booking and canceling flights. Travelers can use the same mode first for booking their flights and secondly for canceling them. They can use these modes anytime before the departure of their flights.

Cancellation of flights on the same departure day can also be done through these modes. These modes even provide refund request forms that travelers can fill out after changing or canceling their flights. Travelers can use the following mode:

Official Website of Air France

● The website of Air France displays options of 'my bookings' and 'login' on its homepage.

● Travelers can choose any of these options to start the process of flight cancellations.

● After choosing any of these options, travelers have to enter their ticket or log in details to get access to their itineraries or Air France user accounts.

● The Air France user accounts of travelers give the full view of their flight booking details.

● Travelers can change and modify flight bookings in their Air France user accounts.

● If travelers want to cancel their flights, they must select the required one.

● Travelers have to pay applicable fees after selecting and confirming the cancellations of their flights.

Air France Mobile App

● The mobile app of Air France is another feasible mode that travelers can use to cancel their flights.

● Travelers can either log in or continue as guests to use the app.

● If they log in to the app, then they can save time by quickly getting access to their booking details. From these details, they can select their flights and cancel them.

● The other way around to use the app is by continuing as guests.

● If they continue as guests, they can tap on 'my bookings' and enter their booking number and last name to access their itineraries.

Offline: How to Cancel Air France Flight Offline

Air France also allows travelers to cancel their flights by using offline modes. These offline modes are also effective in completing their flight cancellation requests. The features of these modes are:

● Air France travelers often do not need to use the website and the mobile app to cancel their flights.

● Instead, they want to connect with the Air France customer care executives.

● Air France customer care executives are available either on call or by SMS. They are also available via email and social media handles.

● The travelers of Air France can find contact details in the ‘information’ section on the website. They will also be able to find WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger details of Air France.

● Visiting the Air France local airport office is another option to cancel or change flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Air France giving refunds for canceled flights ?

A. Air France processes full refunds for refundable flights. It will be processed within 7-10 business days in the form of credit or debit cards. At the same time, you will get complete refunds after canceling your refundable ticket in the form of cash within 15-20 business days.

Q. Can you change your flight to Air France ?

A. You can change your Air France flights before their departure. Air France allows booking modifications through itineraries. From these itineraries, you can change flight dates, time, routes, rectify names and other required segments of your flight.

Q. Is Air France 24 hour risk-free cancellation policy ?

A. According to Air France's flight cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their flights for free within 24 hours of booking. They will also be entitled to get full refunds after cancellations. For cancellations during this period, they need to ensure that their flights are booked 7 days before departure.

Q. How do I contact Air France customer service?

A. You can contact the Air France customer care service through phone calls, email, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. You can find its contact information on the app and website.

Q. Is Air France on WhatsApp ?

A. Air France is available on WhatsApp, too. You can find links to contact on WhatsApp on the Air France website

Q. Does Air France have a phone number ?

A. You can contact the headquarters of Air France at 1800 180 0033.

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