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EL AL Flight Cancellation Policy

EL AL Flight Cancellation Policy

EL AL flight cancellation policy offers excellent flexibility to travelers. Travelers select to travel with this airline because of its reliable EL AL Flight Change Policy. This policy enables them to cancel their traveling plans peacefully. Travelers often worry about losing their money because of their flight cancellations. These worries prevent them from canceling their flights despite being urgently needed. EL AL Flight Cancellation Policy allows them to cancel their flights without spending much money.

EL AL Airlines applies minimal cancellation fees to ensure that they do not have to think about spending a lot to cancel their plans. They can cancel their flights and pay a small amount as cancellation fees. Not only the fees but also the facility of canceling flights anytime attracts them to EL AL Airlines. This is because travelers have the time to cancel their flights before departure. They can cancel their flights from the start of their booking until the date of departure.

Thus, EL AL Airlines provides all these conveniences to travelers in its flight cancellation policy. Let's understand all of them in detail.

What Is EL AL Flight Cancellation Policy?

EL AL flight cancellation policy is a comprehensive flight cancellation policy by EL AL Airlines. This policy mentions all the rules and regulations. EL AL imposes upon canceling a flight. It also discusses how travelers can cancel their EL AL flights and what it takes. Before calling off their trips, travelers need to know these guidelines, rules, and regulations. EL AL prepares these rules to inform how flight cancellation by EL AL is done.

These EL AL flight cancellation policy rules are related to the time of canceling flights, refunds, and fees. It lays down guidelines for canceling a flight within 24 hours of booking, ways to cancel flights, and the eligibility for refunds. These guidelines are:

● EL AL Protect : EL AL Airlines has recently launched an EL AL Protect service. This service can be availed during the flight booking process. It is available for a nominal fee. Under this service, travelers can book their flights months in advance and cancel them anytime before departure. They have a time limit of 24 hours before their flights depart for cancellation. However, EL AL will not impose any penalty for canceling flights during the period between the date of booking and the date of departure

● Flight delays and cancellations by EL AL : EL AL can also cancel or delay flights. These delays also result in missing connecting flights. In these cases, EL AL entitles travelers to choose their form of compensation. Due to flight cancellations from the end of EL AL, travelers can request either to book the next available flight or extend the validity of their tickets. They can also apply for full refunds or book flights for a later date. If the fare of new flights that are booked as compensation costs cheaper than the original flight, then travelers will receive the remaining balance

● Mode of payment : Travellers can cancel their flights and pay their fee using any mode of payment such as credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer

● Mode of Cancelling : Travellers can cancel their flights online or through the customer care service of EL AL. EL AL allows cancellation only from the same source that was used to book the original flight

EL AL 24 Hour Cancellation

EL AL 24-hour ticket cancellation policy applies to both refundable and non-refundable tickets. Irrespective of ticket type, EL AL initiates complete refunds for canceling flights within 24 hours of purchase. All fares of tickets are eligible for canceling flights within this period.

According to this policy, travelers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking for free. They should ensure that their flights are reserved at least 7 days before their departure to be able to cancel their flights during this period. All ticket fares of EL AL flights allow cancellation of flights within this period. Non-refundable tickets can also be canceled and include full refunds. Travelers will also be able to receive their remaining amount as travel credit. They can cancel both tickets at once within 24 hours of booking.

EL AL Flight Cancellation Fee

EL AL flight cancellation fees are determined according to the routes for which flights are booked. EL AL calculates cancellation fees after analyzing the origin and arrival cities for which travelers have booked their flights. It informs them about these fees after the booking is done. It also enables them to know the cancellation fees during the process.

Following is an estimate of the maximum fees applied to flight cancellation in EL AL:

● Economy Classic: USD 260 for a round trip and USD 160 for a one-way trip

● Economy Flex(Y,M tickets): No change fees

● All other types of Economy Flex tickets : USD 50

How to Cancel an EL AL Flight ?

Canceling an EL AL flight is a simple task. EL AL Israel Airlines offers multiple options for canceling flights on the website, mobile app, and customer care. These options enable travelers to quickly and cancel their flights. They retrieve their itineraries through these options on EL AL platforms and click on cancel buttons to turn off active flight bookings within seconds. After retrieving itineraries, travelers can change their flights, routes, dates, times, and fare types without any failure.

Get Ready: The website of EL AL Airlines displays a Get Ready’ tab on the homepage. Travelers have to place the pointer on this tab and click on ‘manage booking’ after opening the website and mobile app of EL AL. This ‘manage booking’ option will help them retrieve their bookings. They can access their bookings on the ‘manage booking’ page and enter their booking reference numbers and last names. EL AL also enables them to use Google and Facebook details to retrieve their accounts.

Manage Booking- Travellers can also find the ‘manage booking’ option directly on the homepage. This option enables travelers to follow a similar process as mentioned above.

Customer care: Travellers often face issues canceling their flights in EL AL through the options mentioned above. In this case, they can use the service of EL AL customer care instead. This service enables travelers to discuss their problems while canceling their flights and resolve them quickly. EL AL customer care experts are also trained well and respond quickly.

Log in: Travellers can book and cancel their tickets through their EL AL accounts. They can log in using their email address and password or their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Google. These credentials allow them to access their EL AL accounts, view itineraries, cancel tickets, and pay cancellation fees. Through their accounts, they can also make changes in their round and one-way trips.

EL AL Flight Cancellation Online

EL AL online flight cancellation is one of the easiest ways of canceling flights. This mode allows travelers to cancel their flights while sitting in their comfort zones. They can use the following online platforms for flight cancellation:

Official website of EL AL: The official website of EL AL Airlines enables travelers to check whether they can cancel their flights online or not. They will be able to ensure it by viewing their itineraries. They can cancel their flights if they can see the button ‘cancel’ along with their itineraries. They will also be able to know their fare conditions. A few fare conditions do not allow them to cancel their flights. If they are allowed, then their flights can be canceled in the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the website of

Step 2: Select the option of ‘manage booking’ on the homepage or ‘login’ to open the EL AL account

Step 3: Choose the trip that needs to be canceled

Step 4: Click on the ‘cancel’ button and pay the cancellation fees

Travelers can receive a refund of the remaining balance after verifying their eligibility.

Mobile App of EL AL Airlines: The mobile app is another faster way of canceling flights on EL AL. Customers need to follow the same flight cancellation procedure as on the website. But it will be quicker than the website. On this app, they either need to log into their EL AL account or add their upcoming trips. To add these trips, they have to tap on 'trips' and 'add booking' and mention the booking number and last name to view bookings and cancel them. Travelers also have to pay cancellation fees if applicable.

Help Center: If travelers need any guidance related to flight cancellation, they can review the 'help center' page on the website. On the website's homepage, they can click on the 'service and information' tab and click on the queries regarding flight delays/cancellations. This way, they can check all the information regarding flight cancellations with EL AL.

EL AL Flight Cancellation Offline

The offline options of EL AL Israel Airlines enable travellers to take guidance for cancelling flights through the EL AL customer care. They connect with its executives through options and get their flights cancelled. They have to provide their flight details with the executives of EL AL Airlines customer care. These executives review their information and take further actions. These executives are available for special assistance through:

EL AL flight cancellation through email:

Email is one the most useful options for resolving issues related to flight cancellations on EL AL. Through this option, travellers communicate their issues in a clear manner. For an issue such as cancelling flights, they can send an email that consists of booking number, last name and booking date. They should send it at between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

EL AL Airlines Local Airport Office:

Travellers of EL AL can also visit the local office at the airport. They can speak with EL AL representatives in the office and get their flights cancelled. Visiting the office will also improve the chances of getting complete refunds. Travellers only have to ensure that they are reaching the office before their flights’ departure.

Third-party Travel Agency:

Travellers of EL AL Israel Airlines need to cancel their flights by using the same method that was used to book the original flight. In this way, they should get their flights cancelled by a third-party travel agency that originally booked their flights.

EL AL Flight Cancel by Phone

EL AL customers can speak with its representative by dialing the number +972-3-977-1111. After calling this number, they have to:

● Follow the IVR Menu

● Connect with the executive by selecting any of the options presented in this IVR menu

● Provide upcoming trip details.

● Take the estimated cancellation fees

● Confirm the flight cancellation with the executive.

● Travellers will also get to know about the refund that will be credited back to the account

EL AL Refund Policy

EL AL Israel Airlines' refund policy is planned according to the necessity of both the customers and itself. It is also framed in line with the government rules for refunds in the aviation industry. As EL AL framed the policy, it mentions the following refund rules for travelers. These rules determine whether they can receive refunds or not:

● EL AL Airlines will complete the refund process within 14 business days in the same payment form through which the booking was done earlier

● EL AL Airlines will refund customers for canceled flights within 14 business days, with the refund being issued in the original form of payment.

● Travellers canceling their flights within 24 hours of booking will receive refunds in the form of their original booking mode in 7 to 10 working days.

● The EL AL eligibility for refunds depends upon factors such as service level, ticket source, membership status, and the age group of passengers. According to factors, EL AL decides whether travelers will get a full refund or a partial refund

● After 24 hours of booking, the eligibility for partial or complete refunds depends upon certain factors

● EL AL will process refunds through the same currency that was used at the time of original booking

● EL AL will look into the process for refunds after one week of creating the request by travelers

The following conditions to be eligible for refunds are:

● Travellers fail to board their flights because of denial from EL AL, and their reservation is confirmed

● EL AL delays flights for more than three hours, and it informs travelers two weeks before their departure

● This airline fails to arrange an alternate flight in case of a schedule change

● Travellers rebooked another flight in the class lower than the previously booked

● EL AL flights reach their destinations three hours after their original departure time

● Travellers missed their connecting flights due to delay of their original ones

● Cancellation of flights due to adverse circumstances, such as the death of a passenger or an immediate family member

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does EL AL allow flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking?

A. Yes. EL AL allows cancellation of flights within 24 hours of booking. Cancellation during this period is free. Travelers do not have to pay additional costs for canceling flights now. Now, travelers are assured of receiving completed refunds for their non-refundable tickets. To be able to cancel flights within 24 hours of booking, it should be booked at least 7 days before its departure. After the end of this period, airlines initiate refunds entirely or partially. It depends upon certain factors. For more information, travelers can contact the customer care of EL AL.

Q. Can you cancel an EL AL flight?

A. Yes, you can cancel an EL AL flight after booking it. EL AL Airlines provides you an end time of 24 hours before departure to cancel your flight. You cannot cancel it after this period. For this cancellation, you have to pay a certain amount of fees. If you are eligible, you will receive a refund of the amount used to pay for the original booking.

Q. How much does it cost to cancel an EL AL flight?

A. The cost of canceling an EL AL flight is calculated on the routes on which travelers are travelers. In other words, cancellation fees depend upon the international and domestic routes. One-way and round-trip flights are also factors of cancellation fees. You can still estimate the flight cancellation cost to be USD 160 for a one-way trip and USD 260 for the return trip.

Q. Is EL AL refundable?

A. EL AL refunds the money of travelers if it finds them eligible. It refunds money according to conditions such as:

● Flight delay

● Cancellation by EL AL

● Flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking

● Refund request raised for a dead passenger by his relatives

EL AL Airlines refunds the original amount within 14 business days. It initiates the amount in the original form of payment and uses the same currency through which the flight was initially booked.

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