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Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Turkish Airlines is known the best for its well-crafted flight change policy. This Turkish Airlines flight change policy guides customers on the process they can follow to change their flights. It mentions flight change guidelines and rules in a clear manner. Due to this policy, travellers can change their flights in an easy way. They can change their flights anytime and anywhere they want. It is because Turkish Airlines runs several online and offline channels to book flights and access and manage it well. Travellers can use these channels from their comfort zones.

These channels enable them to avail and edit as many services as they want. They can edit services such as changing flights, dates and routes. This editing includes selecting and finalising alternate available flights and confirming these changes. Moreover, they can change their flights on the same-day of the departure. Turkish Airlines also enables changing flights at no-cost within 24 hours of the booking.

Travellers can find steps to edit these services on every online and offline platform of Turkish Airlines. The website and the mobile app of Turkish Airlines enable them to carry out these steps. They can follow not only these ways of changing flights. Contacting customer services of Turkish Airlines is another useful option. This option enables them to know more about flight change services than other online options.

Thus, Turkish Airline flight change policy delivers every piece of information regarding these services. No passenger can get perplexed when following his flight changing process with Turkish Airlines because of this policy.

What is Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Turkish Airlines flight change policy is a framework of rules and regulations that customers need to follow before changing their flights. This policy determines that changing a flight with Turkish Airlines is subject to its fare type. According to it, a fare with which the flight is booked defines whether it is eligible for change or not. In other words, different fare types define whether a flight can be changed or not. The common flight change rules that are included in all EcoFly, ExtraFly, PrimeFly and Business fares are:

Turkish Airlines Domestic Fares

● Travellers can change their flights until 1 hour before their flights’ departure

● Turkish Airlines does not allow travellers to change their flights after it departed. All flight change request should be made before its departure

● Travellers cannot update their domestic flights and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus-Ercan to international flights

● Flight change rules apply to connecting flights that include the ones operated by AnadoluJet

● Travellers can upgrade their EcoFly class to Business Class

Turkish Airlines International Non-Branded Fare Rules

● The allowance of changing a flight that is booked with a promotional ticket varies according to flight routes and class

● Sem-flexible fares for international flights allows route and flight date changes for a fee

● The flexible ticket of Turkish Airlines allow free flight changes

● Business Promotions, semi-flexible and flexible tickets include route changes and incur a fee and fare difference

Turkish Airlines International Branded Fare Rules

● EcoFly ticket of the economy and economy class exceptionals do not allow flight changes

● The extrafly ticket of the economy and economy class exceptions allow flight changes for a fee

● PrimeFly tickets of the economy and economy class exceptions allow flight changes and do not apply any cost. These tickets also include same-day flight changes

● The BusinessFly ticket of Business class permits changing flights but at a cost. Whereas, the BusinessPrime ticket of this class allow it for free

Thus, this policy includes flight change permission according to fare rules by Turkish Airlines. These fare rules of Turkish Airlines determine whether ticket buyers are permitted to change it.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Fees

The total cost of changing flights with Turkish Airlines depends upon several factors. These factors include:

● Change fees that is determined by Turkish Airlines fare types and domestic and international routes

● Charges for upgrades to upper classes

● The calculation of flight changing cost includes fare difference. If the new flight costs more than the current flight, then travellers have to pay for it

● Service charges will also be applied if rebooking is done through customer care and third-party agencies

These factors together calculate the total cost of rebooking another flight. As mentioned earlier, the change fee is determined by the fare class. The structure of Turkish Airlines change fees is as follows:

Turkish Airlines Domestic FlightTurkish Airlines International Domestic flight
EcoFlyChange fee for class B-Q 12 hours before the departure: $13. No changes for class T-UNo flight changes allowed
ExtraFlyChange fee for flights scheduled more than 12 hours before the departure: $8.40Flight changes allowed for a change fee: USD 70
PrimeFlyChange fee for flights scheduled more than 12 hours before the departure: $0No change but fare difference
BusinessFlyChange fees for flights scheduled more than 12 hours before departure: $0Flight change allowed for a change fee: USD 70
BusinessPrimeFlight changes allowed for free

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy & Cost

Turkish Airlines recommends that passengers should confirm that their tickets show correct names. Before finalising flight bookings, they should check whether their names are correctly spelt. Otherwise they cannot board their flights because of errors in their names. They will also have to pay a penalty if they are requesting for name changes after a long period of booking. To request for it at a later time, Turkish Airlines name change policy mentions following rules:

● Free name changes can be done if it involves changes up to 2 characters or letters

● A fee ranging between EUR 20-40 will be applied if name changes include changes of more than 2 characters.

● Correction of more than 2 characters in a name can be done after cancelling flights. This correction can be done only after reissuing a new ticket

● Complete name correction is permissible in case on grounds of marriage or divorce. Passengers need to apply for a change by providing valid legal documentation that could prove their identities

● All corrections in names should be done by contacting Turkish Airlines customers. Names cannot be corrected online in Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Date Change Policy

According to Turkish Airlines Date Change Policy, this airline allows travellers to modify the departure date of their flights. Travellers can reschedule their flights for another date anytime before the original one. This change cannot be done for free. A change fee will be imposed for booking a new flight date. Some of the key highlights of this policy are:

● Travellers can reschedule their flights for free within 24 hours of purchase. After this period, they have pay change fees and fare difference while making flight date changes

● Travellers cannot change their flight’s departure date on the same day itself. They must do so at least 12 hours before their departure

● Turkish Airlines states that flight dates should be changed for the same routes. It does not allow rebooking another date for a different route.

● Passengers need to pay change fees for rescheduling the new date of their flights

Turkish Airlines Change Flight Within 24-Hours

Turkish Airlines travellers can change their entire booking segments for free. These free booking changes are possible to be done within 24 hours of purchase. In other words, they can change parts of their flight bookings after the period of 24 hours if they want it for free. During this period, they will not be paying extra cost for any changes. However, they will have to pay the fare difference. This fare difference can be huge if the new flight costs higher than the original flight. Otherwise, Turkish Airlines will refund the remaining balance.

Travellers can use this period not only for flight changes. They can also use this period for flight cancellation. That means these travellers of Turkish Airlines can also cancel their flights for free. They can use this grace period for free flight cancellation and refunds. The airline will also initiate refunds for their refundable or non-refundable tickets. Travellers will receive these refunds in their original bank account.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Same-Day

Turkish Airlines same-day flight change policy enables travellers to change their flights on the date of the departure. Under this policy, Turkish Airlines keeps the flight change window open until 1 hour before their departure. Fees for this same-day flight change facility differs according to the fare rules purchased by passengers. Its structure is as follows:

Fare Rules of Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights:

EcoFly : Passengers travelling with their EcoFly ticket can change their flights on the date of the departure. They have to pay a penalty fee of $14 if they are changing their flights between 1 to 12 hours before their departure.

ExtraFly : The ExtraFly fare of Turkish Airlines includes a penalty fee of $13 for making same-day flight changes. Inclusive of this fee, passengers will also pay the fare difference and any other surcharge

PrimeFly : Passengers of PrimeFly tickets do not have to pay any penalty fee for changing their flights between 1 and 12 hours before their departure. They will be changing their flights for free on the date of the departure. But fare difference must be paid if the new flights is priced higher than the original one

Business : The business fare passengers have to pay $24 for changing flights on the same date of the departure

Fare Rules of Turkish Airlines International Flights:

Economy EcoFly - This ticket class does not permit same day flight changes for international destination

Economy ExtraFly - Passengers of this fare cannot change their flights on the same date of the departure

Economy PrimeFly - This type of class allows same day changes without incurring any penalty fee

BusinessFly - The businessFly passengers cannot make same-day flight changes for international trip

BusinessPrime - Passengers travelling with this flight ticket can make same-day changes without paying any fees for it

How to Change Turkish Airlines Flight?

Changing flights with Turkish Airlines is easy. It is because Turkish Airlines facilitates passengers with different options such as a ‘manage booking’ portal for changing their flights. They can also use their Turkish Airlines account to access their bookings and make edits in it.

The process of changing flights through these portals is simple and quick. Users select the portion of the trip that they want to change. They can choose portions such as change flights, dates or routes. During this process, they can also check all of their details on their tickets. If these tickets contain misspelt names, then they have to contact the customer service of Turkish Airlines.

Travellers can proceed to selecting the available flights and dates after the previous step. These alternate flights get confirmed after making payments. They use the following online and offline options to access the flight change process.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Online

The online platforms of Turkish Airlines enable travellers to rebook their flights without any hindrance. These platforms save their time as they can get all the information related to rebooking under one roof. To change flights, users need to retrieve their bookings. Their bookings can be retrieved through the ‘manage booking’ option under the ‘plan and book menu. On the ‘manage booking’ way, they have to provide their booking reference numbers and last name to review their bookings. The other way of retrieving flight booking details is signing into the Turkish Airlines account. Their accounts will be active if they are ‘Miles and Smiles’ members of the airline. Travellers can find these options of retrieving bookings and modifying them through:

● Turkish Airlines Website

● Turkish Airline Mobile App

● Live chat assistants

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Offline

Websites and mobile apps sometimes do not seem possible to use due to several reasons. In such a case, Turkish Airlines is also available for travellers through its customer service. This service of Turkish Airline is available for passengers 24/7. Passengers can contact it anytime from their regions. They can request with customer service to change their flights or flight dates. This customer service responds to their request and makes them choose the alternate available flights for their origin and destination routes. Following are the offline channels through which they can create request for flights changes:

● Via phone call

● Through the SMS

● Visiting the airport and using the kiosk

● Contacting third-party agencies

● Visiting the local airport office of Turkish Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to change a flight with Turkish Airlines ?

A. The cost to change a Turkish Airlines flight varies because of various factors. These factors include change fees, new flight cost, service fees, domestic and international routes of flights. Even the Turkish Airlines fares determine the cost of changes. These fares such as EcoFly, ExtraFly and PrimeFly for domestic flights apply change fees between the range of $8 to $13. Same-day flight change cost also varies between the range of $12 to $13.

Q. Is it possible to change a flight date with Turkish Airlines ?

A. You can change the date of your flight with Turkish Airlines. For editing this segment of booking, you can use online platforms such as, Turkish Airlines mobile app. You can even go offline by calling the customer care service. For using the online ones, you must provide your ticket details such as booking reference number and last name. These details are required to retrieve your upcoming trips.

Passengers should change dates of their flights at least 12 hours before the departure of their flights. Their flight fare conditions determine whether they have to pay change fees for it or not.

Q. Can I reschedule a flight with Turkish Airlines ?

A. You can reschedule your Turkish Airlines flight anytime before the date of its departure. It cannot be rescheduled after your flight departed. The cost of rescheduling depends upon the time when you are processing it. If you are rescheduling your flight within 24 hours of its initial purchase, then it will be free. Otherwise, change fees will apply along with fare differences and surcharges.

Q. Until when can I change my flight on Turkish Airlines ?

A. You can change your flight on Turkish Airlines until 1 hour before its departure. Turkish Airlines does not entertain your flight change request after this period. You cannot request it even after the flight departs. Changes before 1 hour are for free according to some fare conditions. According to the other fare conditions, these changes incur penalty fees.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel my Turkish Airlines flight ?

A. Turkish Airlines will initiate refunds after you cancel your flight. It can also refund your money if it cancelled your flight. This refund will be done after examining your eligibility criteria. You will not receive any refund if it finds you not eligible. The status of your refundable or non-refundable tickets indicates your right for refund. However, irrespective of conditions, Turkish Airlines will refund your money if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of its booking. After this period, refunds cannot be guaranteed. Besides flight cancellation,you will also receive refunds after changing your flight. It is because if your new flight costs lower than the actual flight, then Turkish Airlines will return the remaining balance.

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