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Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Travelers cancel their flights regularly because of unavoidable reasons. Because of such urges, they need an affordable flight cancellation policy to match the sudden changes in their plans. Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy is such an affordable and easy-to-follow policy. This policy allows them to save money while canceling their flights. Moreover, they are at the liberty of canceling their flights any time before their departure date.

Upon cancellation, these travelers receive the same amount of money they used to book their flights. Within a few business days, Spirit Airlines guarantees to process the refunds upon their flight cancellation. Thus, Spirit Airlines' flight cancellation policy is one of the reasons that travelers choose Spirit Airlines to travel with. They know the flexibility of canceling flights and selecting to book their flights on Spirit Airlines.

What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Spirit Airlines' flight cancellation policy is a framework of rules and conditions set by Spirit Airlines for canceling a flight. It lays down points not only related to flight cancellation by travelers. These rules are also meant for flights canceled by Spirit Airlines as well.

According to the flight cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines, travelers can cancel their flights before the departure date of their flights. They have to pay a certain amount of charge for it. These charges are applied for every flight they cancel. Certain conditions exempt them from the payment of any of these cancellation charges. Whereas, if Spirit Airlines cancels their flights, it suggests that travelers rebook another flight for free or apply for refunds. The rules and features of Spirit Airlines are further described below:

● Spirit Airlines can cancel their flights due to valid reasons such as bad weather, flight delays, mechanical issues, and security issues

● Spirit Airlines does not apply any cancellation charge for flights forfeited from its end

● Travellers can cancel their flights for free if they have booked their flights at least 7 days before their departure and cancel within 24 hours of purchase

● After the 24 hours of free cancellation, travelers have to pay cancellation charges that are determined by the Spirit Airlines

● Spirit Airlines will offer free accommodation to its travelers if it cancels a flight on the same date of the departure

● Travellers with non-refundable fares will not get any refund upon cancellation

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

According to Spirit Airlines ' hours flight cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking confirmation. They can cancel their flights during this period if booked 7 days before their departure. Spirit Airlines will not apply any fee for canceling their flights within this period. After this period, they will have to pay a certain cancellation fee. If their tickets are non-refundable, Spirit Airlines will not refund any amount after its cancellation. They will receive refunds upon cancellation only when their tickets are refundable. However, travelers will be eligible for refunds even for their non-refundable tickets if they cancel flights within 24 hours of confirming bookings.

Travelers are forced to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking for unavoidable reasons. Some of these reasons could be wrong names on the ticket, adding another passenger, or rescheduling a flight due to any condition that requires cancellation. In any of these cases, they can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee

Spirit Airlines travelers can cancel their flights until 1 hour before their departure. They will have to pay USD 119 for it. For the rest of the time, it allows flight cancellation for the below-mentioned charges. These charges vary according to the time when they are canceling it. The flight cancellation fee structure of Spirit Airlines is as follows:

● 0-6 days from the date of departure: USD 119

● 7-30 days from the date of departure: USD 99

● 31-59 days from the date of departure: USD 69

● 60 plus days from the date of departure: Free

Spirit Airlines can apply more cancellation fees for some international flights. Travelers can check their cancellation charges in their Spirit Airlines account or through the ‘my trips’ page. These charges will be reflected in their itineraries as soon as they confirm their bookings.

In some cases, Spirit Airlines exempts travelers from paying any cancellation fees. Those cases are:

● Death of relatives

● Passport got stolen

● Government orders

● Illness

● Military or court orders

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Online

Spirit Airlines provides many ways to cancel flights online. Travelers can cancel their flights when they retrieve their itineraries using the provided online modes. When using these modes, they must provide details such as booking reference numbers and last names to retrieve their itineraries.

After retrieving their itineraries, they must raise cancellation requests and pay fees for them. This process of flight cancellation can only be done through online channels. These platforms operated by Spirit Airlines indicate that travelers should check the flight cancellation fees before confirming their bookings. In this way, they can decide when to book their flights. Travelers will be able to receive the confirmation of their flight cancellation in their email. The online platforms through which they can cancel their flights are:

Official website of Spirit Airlines:

The website of Spirit Airlines enables travelers to cancel their flights quickly and safely. Following are the steps they can take to cancel their flights:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines

Step 2: Click on the ‘My Trips’ tab on the homepage. The homepage will also display the ‘sign in’ tab.

Step 3: If users choose the login option, they must provide their email address and password. On the other hand, if they select the ‘my trip’ option, they must provide their booking reference number and last name.

Step 4: After providing their details, they can see their itineraries. They have to select the trip and click on the cancel button.

Step 5: Make payment for the applicable change fees and other taxes by using the preferred payment method

Spirit Airlines Mobile App:

The mobile app of Spirit Airlines is also another easy online platform for the cancellation of flights. This platform also provides multiple options for users to retrieve their itineraries and cancel their flights. It again provides options of ‘my trips’ and ‘login’ for viewing their itineraries. To cancel flights by using these options on the mobile app, users have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and open the mobile app of Spirit Airlines

Step 2: Users can see the 'my trips' option on the home screen. They will also see the login option at the bottom of the homescreen

Step 3: If they choose the 'my trip's option, they must provide their last name and confirmation code. However, after choosing the login option, they must provide their email address and password to retrieve their itineraries.

Step 4: After retrieving their itineraries, they can review them and tap the cancel button to discontinue the trip.

Step 5: Confirm the cancellation with the preferred payment method

Live Chat:

Spirit Airlines has a live chat option on the website. This is another feasible online platform to cancel a flight. Users can access this live chat option by clicking the 'contact us' option on the homepage. On Spirit Airlines website's 'contact' page, they can access this live chat to communicate their flight cancellation issue with live assistants. These assistants are available for 24 hours every day. That means users can get all responses to their queries whenever they contact them.

These assistants will even help travelers cancel their flights and raise refund requests. Travelers only have to type their queries in the chat field, and the chat assistant will provide direct links for flight cancellation. These links will redirect travelers to the 'manage booking' page. This live chat will enable them to contact Spirit Airlines customer care executives via phone for further assistance.

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Offline

Spirit Airlines flight cancellations offline ways involve speaking with Spirit Airlines customer care executives. Travelers connect with the customer care of this airline through these ways and get their flights canceled. They have to share their ticket details with the Spirit Airlines customer care executives. These executives retrieve their flight tickets and take further action. Travelers can connect with these executives through the following:

Text Message: Instead of speaking over the phone, travelers can also speak with Spirit Airlines experts via text message on 48763 or through WhatsApp text on 855-728-3555

Local Airport Office: Travellers of Spirit Airlines can also visit the local visit office to discuss flight cancellation. They have to make sure that they reach the office before their flights depart.

Third-party Travel Agency: Travellers should get their flights canceled from the source through which they booked their flights. If they have booked their flights through a third-party travel agency, they can contact this agency for further flight cancellation.

What is the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?

The refund policy of Spirit Airlines is one of the most flexible policies. This policy relaxes passengers from wasting their money on flight cancellation to a large extent. According to it, Spirit Airlines can initiate partial or full refunds. These refunds depend upon the conditions set for refunding their amounts. Those conditions are as follows:

● Spirit Airlines will not initiate any refund if tickets are booked from other unauthorized portals

● Travellers will receive full refunds if they cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking. They will also get refunds for their non-refundable tickets too

● To cancel their flights and get refunds within 24 hours, they should check that the departure date is 7 days ahead of the time of booking

● Travellers will save USD 10 extra for canceling their flights through the website

● Spirit Airlines will take 7 business days to process refunds if the booking was earlier done through credit cards. Otherwise, it will take 20 business days for other modes

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Phone Number

Spirit Airlines travelers can contact customer care over the phone by dialing +1-800-315-2771. The customer care executives will be available on this number for 24 hours daily. After calling this number, they must listen to the automatic prompts and press the number for flight reservations and cancellations. A customer care executive will get connected to their calls, and then travelers can discuss their issues related to flight cancellation on Spirit Airlines. These executives will help them cancel their itineraries and proceed with the payment transactions to pay the cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Flight Delays and Cancellations

Spirit Airlines can cancel or delay flights from its end, too. It can be due to bad weather, security concerns, or technical failure. Due to this cancellation, travelers can get complete compensation for their losses. They will either get refunds of their booking amount or, reschedule another flight for free or get hotel accommodation.

Spirit Airlines will rebook another flight for travelers due to sudden delays and cancellations. It will only be able to book if alternate flights are available. There might be chances that alternate flights are not available. In this case, travelers can book another flight within 7 days of their original flight’s departure.

Spirit Airlines also accommodates travelers if their connecting flight gets delayed and they must stay overnight in the layover city. It can only accommodate if the reason for this compensation is mechanical or staffing issues. For any other issues, travelers must arrange for accommodation independently.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Weather

The compensation for Spirit Airlines flight cancellations due to bad weather differs from the others. If it cancels flights due to bad weather, it compensates in the following ways:

● Upon cancellation, Spirit Airlines will not deduct any amount as a cancellation fee

● Spirit Airlines will offer available seats on the next flight that is scheduled on the same departure date and time

● Travellers can cancel their flights and rebook another one without paying any extra amount

How to rebook a Spirit Flight?

Travelers can rebook another flight through any of the online and offline ways. To rebook another flight, they must go through the same process used earlier to book the original one. The offline and online ways of rebooking another flight are:

● Official website and mobile app of Spirit Airlines: Rebooking a flight through the option of ‘my trips’ or the Spirit Airlines account. Travelers need to retrieve their itineraries in the first place. After retrieving their itineraries, they can add another flight and pay for the fares applied to it.

● Live chat: Travellers of Spirit Airlines can communicate with chat assistants to arrange an alternate flight

● Direct Messaging on Social Media: Travellers of Spirit Airlines can communicate with chat assistants to arrange an alternate flight

● Direct Messaging on Social Media:Travellers can also contact Spirit Airlines experts who are present on social media handles. These experts will guide them through the process of rebooking another flight

● Text Messaging on SMS and Whatsapp: Rebooking of flight with Spirit Airlines is also available on SMS and Whatsapp contact number

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the 24-hour flight cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines?

A. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours or less from the date of booking, then you will be eligible for a full refund. You will receive a refund in the original form of payment. You can cancel your flight within this period if it is booked 7 days before its departure.

Q. Can I get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

A. You can get a full refund according to the conditions specified by Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines will refund the remaining balance after deducting the cancellation or change charges as reservation credit. Travelers will get this remaining amount if they are not entitled to a refund.

Q. How much does Spirit charge for changing flights?

A. Spirit Airlines levies cancellation fees according to when travelers cancel their flights. It charges USD 199 for canceling flights between 0 to 6 days of departure. Travelers can cancel their Spirit Airlines flight 1 hour before the departure date. They must pay USD 199 for canceling their flights within this period. On the other hand, it enables travelers to cancel their flights for free. They can cancel their flights at least 60 days before departure if they do not want to pay extra fees.

Q. Does Spirit Airline have a phone number?

A. Yes, Spirit Airlines has contact numbers for both phone calls and text messages. Users can dial 855-728-3555 to speak with customer care executives of Spirit Airlines. They can also text this number through WhatsApp and SMS and communicate any issues related to Spirit Airlines flights. The customer care of Spirit Airlines is highly responsive and resolves issues as quickly as possible. It listens to all the complaints the users make and takes action accordingly.

Q. Does Spirit rebook missed flights?

A. Spirit Airlines enables travelers to rebook their flights in case they miss it. Travelers have to pay a certain amount for it. The refunds for their missed flights depend upon the eligibility of travelers. If Spirit Airlines finds them eligible, they will receive refunds within 7 or 20 days.

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