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EL AL Flight Change Policy

EL AL Flight Change Policy

EL AL understands that customers change their travel plans and hence look for the options of changing flights. That is why this airline enables them to modify their bookings. According to the EL AL flight change, EL AL allows its customers to adjust their flight departure dates and times. Along with it, they can change flight routes and, on the whole, rebook another flight if they cannot travel on their original one. Hence, through EL AL flight Change Policy, customers are able to adjust their bookings according to their travelling plans.

This flexible and reliable EL AL flight change policy makes this airline a preferred choice for travelling among its passengers. Passengers choose to travel with this airline because of the easy and simplified flight change policy.

That is why it enables them to manage their bookings once they book their flights. In their booking management, they can change their flights and select another flight according to their schedule. Other than this change, passengers can make spelling corrections in their names, use the same-day and standby features of EL AL and much more.

Making changes in flight bookings with EL AL has become feasible and uncomplicated. All these results are because of a well-crafted flight change policy of EL AL. Due to this policy, EL AL customers can easily change their departure dates, origin and destination cities and all the other sections in their itinerary.

Modifying tickets with EL AL is easy and hassle-free. According to the flight change policy of EL AL, passengers can easily modify their flight dates. Today, being headquartered in the centre of Israel, EL AL is able to offer greater connectivity to more than 50 nations across the world.

EL AL Flight Change Rules and Regulations

EL AL provides great benefit for modifying bookings under its flight change policy. Despite the benefits of this policy, EL AL applies certain rules and conditions that passengers need to adhere to for safe and relaxed travelling. These rules and regulations are not strict. They are created to avoid any trouble to passengers during the checking processes on the day of departure. Yet they are easy to follow. EL AL recommends passengers that it is better to abide by these rules. Following are those rules and regulations:

● Booking Modes- Passengers should book their EL Al flights exclusively through the EL AL website, its customer care or its mobile app. They can make booking changes in the future through any of these sources. These sources allow them to create EL AL user accounts and freely edit or modify bookings without any hindrance.

● Routes- To rebook an alternate flight, passengers should book their original flights for a non-stop route only. El AL will not entertain any flight change requests for any route that has stoppages. This rule applies to codeshare flights too

● Name Changes- EL AL passengers cannot change their names on their bookings. They can correct any error in the spelling of their names but cannot make any other changes. Only on account of valid reasons such as divorce or marriage can they change their name.

● Date and Time Changes- They are allowed to make changes in date, time and destination of their journey

● EL AL fares- EL AL includes the feature of changeable flights in all of its economy, premium and business travel classes. However, the changes should be done for the same class. For example, a business class ticket cannot be changed to an economy class ticket. This implies that it is not possible to change the original flight ticket to a flight ticket of a lower value

● Contacting EL AL Service Centres for Enquiries- The cancellation and change options shown on the website are not the only options. Passengers can always contact the Service Center for further inquiries regarding the additional change or cancellation options. They will be informed more about terms and conditions, the applicable laws, and other features of flight changes

● Purchase with Credit Card Voucher- The original flight ticket must have been purchased by credit card/credit voucher. Online changes to award tickets or tickets only bought with points (excluding airport charges) are not permitted

● Purchase of Benefits- EL AL does not permit its customers to change those bookings on which benefits such as an additional seat or a baggage have been purchased

● Flights Booked With Any Coupon- EL AL tickets booked with a coupon cannot be changed

● Deadline Of Flight Changes- Changes in EL AL flight bookings can be done up to two hours prior to departure of the outbound flight. No changes can be made to the return flight after the departure of the outbound flight.

● Selecting A Seat- Cancellation of the original flight includes the cancellation of the seat purchased with. With the new selection of flights, seats should be selected accordingly. In the same way, if a meal was ordered on the original booking, it will be cancelled too. Passengers will be required to order a new meal.

EL AL Change Flight Fee

EL AL flight change policy mentions that EL AL will charge change fees every time its passengers want to change their flights. Along with the fare fees, they also have to pay for the difference of cost between the new flight and the original flight. Following are the change fee rules by EL AL-

The EL Al Flight Change Fees excluding the new fare difference and its rules are:

● Passengers need to pay a change fee of $50 per passenger and $15 for their infants for scheduling another flight

● In addition to paying the change fees, passengers will be paying the difference between the original and the new price.

● This flight change fee of EL AL airlines applies to all domestic and international flights

● The flight change by El AL depends upon the types of fares such as Lite, Classic and Flex. In some tickets, EL AL waives off flight change fees. In other tickets, passengers are obliged to pay the change fee.

● Overall, passengers do not need to pay any additional fee if they are making flight changes within 24 hours of booking

● For any queries related to the change fees, customers can call EL AL customer care and get immediate responses to their questions

EL AL Online Flight Change Process

EL AL flight changes through online modes are one of the easiest ways that the airline provides. Passengers can use these online modes only when they have booked tickets through any of the online modes. They can use EL AL website and the EL AL mobile app to find another flight and make successful flight changes. Otherwise, they can only contact their travel agents if they have booked EL AL Airlines from them for changing their flights. The procedure for making flight changes online are as follows:

Official website of EL AL

Users can visit the official website of EL AL at They can manage their bookings on this website in the following ways:

● ‘Manage your booking’ page- Visit the ‘Manage Your Booking’ page on the EL AL website

● Providing details- Finding the upcoming trip by entering confirmation number and last name

● Flight change button- Clicking on “flight change/help” on top of the manage booking section. If users are eligible for the flight change service, then they have the option to continue by clicking on the “flight change” button.

● Select the desired changes- On the flight change page, selecting the flights that users want to change. If they want to change the flight date or destination, they can select the desired date/destination on this screen

● Click on ‘find me a flight’ button- Clicking on “find me a flight’ button to view the available flights

● Choose a flight- Choosing a flight according to the available date and travel classes. The options of flights that appear depend upon the originally purchased ticket

● Continue the process- Continuing the process with paying change fees and confirmation

EL AL Mobile App

EL AL mobile app involves the similar procedure of flight changes as that of the website. This can be easily downloaded from Google Play as well as the IOS App Store. After downloading the app, the process of EL AL flight changes is as follows:

● Tap to open the EL AL app

● The app shows the options of logging into the existing accounts, creating a new EL AL account or continuing as a guest to use the app for booking modifications. It allows users to choose any of the options.

● After choosing the above-mentioned options, they can tap on the ‘trips’ button to complete their purpose of flight changes

● Upon tapping on the ‘trips’ button, users have to enter their booking confirmation and last name to view their ‘manage booking screen’

● In this screen, they have to follow the flight changes prompts, read the details of the alternate available flights, choose the most suitable flight for them and pay for it

● Passengers will receive the confirmation of the newly rebooked EL AL flight in their email

EL AL Offline Flight Change Process

EL AL passengers can also use offline channels to make flight changes. Following are the offline ways:

EL AL Customer Service

In most of the cases, customer care services resolve those flight issues that cannot be done online. In its flight change policy too, EL AL has the availability of customer care for 24 hours every day. Dialling it will help them get the following information related to the flight changes-

● Information related to the EL AL airlines change flight procedure

● Insight into the cost of changing an EL AL flight and ways to save time and money in the flight changes

● Guide to upgrade seats, request new meal preferences, and much more.

EL AL Flight Change Via Email

EL AL provides another convenient way for passengers to change their flight dates if they want to avoid the online process. They can raise their flight change request through the email at This process includes writing to the EL AL team for requesting the date change.

Flight change via Live Chat Assistants

EL AL customers can also chat live with customer care representatives for a faster resolution of change flight issues.

To access this service, passengers can visit the website of EL AL and look into the ‘help’ section. They can mention all of their concerns in this chat bot.

The customer care executive in this chat bot will respond immediately. This immediate response makes chatbot the fastest way of communicating with the support team.

EL AL Same Day Flight Change

Travellers can change their plans at the last moment. It can happen due to unavoidable circumstances. To get flight amidst such a situation, EL AL allows them to arrange for an alternate flight on the same day of the departure. They can rebook their flights for the earlier or later time of the day, depending upon their needs. This same-day rebooking can be done until two hours before their departure. So, they have to make sure that they are rescheduling their EL AL flights 2 hours before their departure. Once the outbound flight has departed, the airline will not allow changes to the return flight.

EL AL Change Flight Within 24 Hours

Changing your EL AL ticket within 24 hours of booking might be a beneficial option, allowing you to be more flexible with your flight booking. This policy is extremely advantageous for travellers who made a mistake when purchasing their LL trip and need to change their flight within 24 hours.

EL AL allows its passengers to change their flights for free within 24 hours of the booking. The change within this period applies to all types of EL AL fares. After this period, they are bound to pay for their new flights and differences, irrespective of their travel class or fare.

Here is the option to change your EL AL flights within 24 hours, you need to follow these steps.

1. Visit El Al official website

2. By Phone Call at +1-800-315-2771

3. Through the Customer Care Service

4. Third Party Travel Agency

To use this option, you must successfully change your EL AL booking within 24 hours.

EL AL Refund Policy

Flight changes cannot always happen due to the customers replanning their schedules. It can also be done on the part of EL AL airline too. This airline can cancel or delay scheduled flights of its passengers because of any valid reason. The reason could be failing to operate as per the schedule and not able to stop at any stopover or destination. It can also cause passengers to miss their connecting flight. If EL AL Cancels or Delays flights because of these reasons, then passengers can choose to take one of the following actions:

● Make a choice of taking the next available flight at no additional cost

● Extend the validity of tickets for later travelling

● Fly later at the same destination before the validity of their tickets end. This can be done without paying any fee. If the next flight is cheaper, then they will get a refund of the remaining balance

● Request a full refund and cancel to fly with EL AL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does El Al charge change fees ?

A. Yes. EL AL charges change fees on its selected fare types. Passengers of some of its fare types can cancel their fees without paying an additional amount. El Al, like many airlines, has historically charged change fees for modifications to flight bookings. The specific fees can vary depending on factors such as the fare type, ticket conditions, and timing of the change request. However, airline policies are subject to change, so it's important to consult El Al's official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on change fees.

Q. Does EL AL have a 14 day cancellation policy ?

A. Flight cancellation can be done within 14 days of the booking on EL AL. It can be done by a travel agent or EL AL representative only, depending on where you purchased your ticket. These changes within 14 days are subject to the Consumer Protection Law of Israel. Flight ticket changes should be changed from the same source where you have purchased your ticket.

Q. Are EL AL vouchers transferable ?

A. The EL AL credit vouchers are transferable. Customers can transfer it to anyone of their choice. These credit vouchers include refund of the remaining balance including airport taxes and other ancillary service as purchased. Therefore, customers have a right to transfer their voucher to their friends and relatives.

Q. How long does it take to get a refund from EL AL ?

A. EL AL makes sure that its customers receive their rightful refunds. It will make refunds for purchases made with cash, check or other forms of payment. This airline will activate your refund within 20 business days of the opening of your request for refund.

Q. How do I reach EL AL by phone ?

A. Many times, the information that you were looking for does not exist on the website. In such a case, contacting the EL AL customer care would be much better. You will be able to more quickly retrieve the information that you wanted. To contact customer care of EL AL, you can dial this toll free number for Israel- +1-800-315-2771, for the US toll-free number +1-800-315-2771. You can contact EL AL on WhatsApp with this number +1-800-315-2771. Make sure to call at least 48 hours before the departure date of the flight.

Q. How to modify EL AL tickets ?

A. Your EL AL tickets can be modified through the EL AL website, its mobile app, email and through customer care services. You need to book your ticket through the website or the mobile app to manage bookings on the same source. On the website of EL AL, click on ‘my trips’ button to access your upcoming trips and start making modifications in it.

Q. How many times can I modify my EL AL bookings ?

A. You can modify your bookings as many times as you want. But you have to pay for these modifications each time. So, be careful in making modifications to avoid wasting your money. The ability to modify EL AL bookings multiple times depends on the fare type and ticket conditions. Generally, passengers can make several modifications, but each change is subject to applicable fees and fare rules. Passengers should review their ticket's terms and conditions and consult El Al's official website or contact their customer service for the most current and precise information regarding the number of allowed booking modifications.

Q. Does EL AL have an app ?

A. Yes, EL AL airlines operates a mobile app for easy access. You can download the app on either of your Android or IOS devices. This app is full of features related to flight bookings and its modifications. You can fill in your travelling details and book your flight within a few minutes. After making a booking. You can immediately manage your bookings on the app. We can say that using EL AL mobile app is much easier and streamlined as its website.

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