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Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Travelers of Avelo Airlines should know the flight cancellation policy before canceling their flights. The understanding of this policy helps them in creating unprecedented plans. They can create plans that can be modified or canceled later. This Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy states all the rules and regulations related to flight cancellations. These rules are for same-day flight cancellation and a risk-free period of 24 hours, too.

Travelers can cancel their traveling plans according to these rules. They can access the website and the mobile app and connect with customer care while following this policy. This policy also states that if travelers face any trouble while canceling their flights, they can contact the customer care of Avelo Airlines anytime.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Avelo Airlines?

The flight cancellation policy of Avelo Airlines is a comprehensive policy that depicts the essential instructions that passengers need to follow while canceling their flights. These instructions are about cancellation fees, refunds, flight delays by Avelo Airlines, and ways to cancel flights. Travelers can also reschedule their flights as their need arises.

The exact departure date and within 24 hours of the booking are also allowed under this policy. According to it, travelers can cancel both their outbound and inbound flights. If they make cancellations outside the risk-free period of 24 hours, they have to pay its cost. It depends on their ticket conditions if they cancel their flights for free. For cancellations, they have to ensure they can cancel flights until 15 minutes before departure. They cannot cancel their flights after these 15 minutes.

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Fees

The calculation of Avelo Airlines cancellation fees depends upon the time left for the departure. This fee will vary if the cancellation is requested 15 minutes before departure. Nevertheless, whenever travelers cancel their Avelo flights, they will be intimidated by this cancellation fee. They will learn about it during the booking and cancellation process. As they retrieve their itineraries on the website or the app and see the option of 'cancel booking' beneath it, the screen will display the cancellation, taxes, and other service charges applied by Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Avelo Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy states that travelers can reverse their bookings for free if they change their minds. They do not have to pay any cancellation fees for it. Their flights should be canceled within 24 hours of booking to avoid any payment. Even if their tickets are refundable and non-refundable, they may receive a complete refund of their entire booking amount.

During this period, they can cancel their flights and modify their bookings. Their flight booking modifications are also accessible during this risk-free period of 24 hours. After modifying their bookings, they will receive refunds of their remaining balance in the original form of payment. Travelers will receive refunds in the same payment form they used while booking their flights.

Avelo Airlines Refund Policy

Avelo Airlines refunds are subject to the ticket conditions. The non-refundable ones cannot be refunded after cancellation from the end of passengers. Some of these tickets are refunded as Avelo Travel Funds. These Avelo Funds can be used for booking another flight in the future. If this flight costs less than the originally booked one, the remaining funds will be restored to the Avelo Fund Account of the travelers. These Avelo funds are valid for 1 year, which starts from the original booking date. Travelers will receive these funds within 7 to 10 business days. They will be eligible for these funds in the following cases:

● Flights cancelled or delayed by Avelo Airlines

● Travellers canceling their flights within 24 hours of booking

● Other reasons stated by Avelo Airlines

Travelers can also receive refunds in the original form of payment under exceptional cases. They should contact the customer care of Avelo Airlines to know about refunds and create requests for them.

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation On Same Day

Travelers of Avelo Airlines sometimes do not need to travel any longer on the last day of their flight booking. In this situation, Avelo Airlines allows them to cancel their flight on this day, i.e., the same day of departure. They can cancel both their one-way and round trips on the departure date. If they are canceling their round trips, then they should cancel both flights before the first one’s departure. For canceling their flights on the same day, travelers should be aware that the window for cancellation is open until 15 minutes before departure. They cannot cancel their flights after these 15 minutes. Avelo Airlines will also impose a particular cost, which will be intimated to the passengers at the cancellations. Refunds of their original amount will depend upon their ticket conditions and eligibility.

Avelo Airlines Online Cancellation Process

Avelo Airlines provides all online modes of flight cancellations. Every traveler of Avelo Airlines can access these modes. These modes can be used through devices such as laptops and mobile phones. They can modify or cancel their domestic and international routes through these devices. All the online modes are available on these devices.

These online modes enable travelers to open their bookings quickly and cancel their domestic and international one-way and round-trip ways. They can even upgrade flights, dates, routes, and times of their bookings.

Travelers do not only cancel flights online but also pay fees for them and confirm cancellations. They can also apply for refunds online and receive them as Travel Funds. These online modes are:

Official website of Avelo Airlines:

The official website of Avelo Airlines displays multiple ways to start the flight cancellation process. When they open the Avelo Airlines website, travelers can see tabs for ‘manage trips’ and ‘My Account.’ They can choose any of these tabs. If they select the ‘manage trips’ tab, they can see two options: ‘manage your trips’ and ‘cancel your flight.’ According to their convenience, they can choose between these options and proceed with flight cancellations.

As they land on the following web pages, they must enter their booking information, such as confirmation number and last name. This information is required to retrieve itineraries and select flights that are to be canceled.

Instead of the ‘manage trips’ tab, travelers can log into their Avelo user accounts by clicking on ‘My Account.’ Signing into the user accounts enables travelers to choose the other services Avelo Airlines provides besides flight cancellations.

Otherwise, travelers can visit the FAQ/Help Center on the website if they face any issues.

Going through any of these options, travelers can easily cancel either one flight or both the outbound and inbound flights any day before departure. They have to pay fees after canceling their flights.

Avelo Airlines Mobile App:

Besides the website, the Avelo Airlines mobile app is another accessible online mode for flight cancellations. This mode can be used in the following ways:

● Download and launch the Avelo Airlines mobile app

● Tap the ‘change/cancel flight’ or ‘my account’ options on the home screen. Travelers can also tap on the menu and see the options of ‘change/cancel’ and ‘my account’ to start the process of flight cancellation

● After selecting from the above options, enter the confirmation number and last name to open itineraries

● Tap on ‘view/edit’ buttons and confirm flight cancellations

● View the breakdown of the cancellation amount and proceed with the payments

Avelo Airlines offline cancellation process

Travelers can contact the customer care service of Avelo Airlines if they need help to cancel their flights online. Avelo Airlines enables them to contact this service through phone calls, SMS, and social media. The contact details of this service are available on the website and the mobile app. This service can be contacted in the following ways:

Customer Care Contact Number:+1-800-315-2771


Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin

However, changes to only unused portions of the ticket will be made. For this service, passengers must pay a small sum of $20. After paying the total change fees, passengers will receive an email.

Avelo Airlines Flight Cancellation At The Airport

If canceling flights through phone call or email is not possible, travelers can also visit the local airport office of Avelo Airlines to cancel flights. They should ensure that they reach the airport office 15 minutes before the departure of their flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I change my flight, will I get reimbursed?

A. Avelo Airlines initiates refunds as Travel Funds after you cancel your flight. Your Avelo account will reflect these funds within 7-10 business days. You will receive refunds in a different form of payment. In exceptional cases, you can get refunds in this form only after calling customer care at (346) 616-9500. If you receive these refunds as Travel Funds, you can use them to book another flight.

Q. What is the cancellation fee for Avelo Airlines?

A. The cancellation fee of Avelo Airlines is calculated according to various factors. You will be able to know the fees at the time of cancellation. Other than these fees, Avelo Airlines will apply taxes and other surcharges. No service fee will be applied if you cancel your flight online. If you cancel it through customer care, you must pay the service of USD 20.

Q. Does Avelo have free cancellations?

A. When you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, Avelo Airlines offers complimentary flight changes. After this period, Avelo Airlines will apply fees for it. Your flight can also get canceled for free from the end of Avelo Airlines. You will receive refunds of the entire booking amount after your flight gets delayed or canceled.

Q. Does Avelo have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

A. Avelo Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy, which allows travelers to cancel their Avelo flights for free. If they want to save money, they can cancel their flights until the end of 24 hours of the booking. They will also get refunds even if their tickets are non-refundable in the original form of payment. They should ensure that their flights get canceled at least 7 days before departure.

Q. How do I cancel my Avelo reservation?

A. You can cancel your flight through the Avelo Airlines website, Avelo mobile app, and voice call to the customer care service of Avelo Airlines.

Q. Why can't I cancel my Avelo flight?

A. You might be unable to cancel your flight because you are canceling it 15 minutes before departure. Avelo Airlines allows flight cancellations until 15 minutes before departure.

Q. What happens if an Avelo flight gets Cancelled?

A. If Avelo cancels your flight, you can either rebook another flight or get a refund of the entire booking amount.

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