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About Florida

Millions of visitors from all over the world visit Florida every year, and for good reason — it's got it all. Theme parks, a number of beaches, resorts and hotels, and Florida's breathtaking surroundings make travel an easy and ideal escape. The Orlando city is a tourist Mecca with Disneyworld, Universal Studios and the Sea World. The Everglades and Florida Keys are both wonderful areas to visit in Florida. With a mix of deep-south traditions in places like Boca Raton and hip urban culture in cities like Miami, Florida is giving everyone something urban to discover. Whether you want a beachside spa day or a wild airboat ride in the Everglades, Florida has something for everybody. Our Florida Travel Guide will help you find the break you deserve.

Major Attractions

1. Everglades National Park: Established in 1947, after pushing environmentalists tried to persuade the government that the area was just something extraordinary, Everglades is the second largest national park in the country, smaller than Yellowstone. It contains 1,5 million acres of subtropical marshes and swamps. The river here rises from Lake Okeechobee and provides a prefect ecosystem for animals such as otters, tortoises, crocodiles and even panthers. The wet ecosystem in the park makes it ideal for wildlife watching boat trips.

2. Walt Disney World: Fun rides like the famous Space Mountain make it thrilling for parents as kids get a chance to see all of their favorite Disney characters. The intriguing (and free) Fastpass Plus system lets tourists skip the queues on certain trips that can be picked up 30 days in advance.

3.Universal Studios: Frequently known as Universal Orlando, the park offers a wide range of rides and events inspired by the films created by Universal. With a wide range of attractions for all levels of adventure, the park hosts a wide variety of live entertainment, shopping and dining.

4. Kennedy Space Center: The 140,000-acre Kennedy Space Center was home to two of the longest space shuttle flights in American history. Guests are given the chance to save their legs by riding a shuttle around the massive complex and viewing various displays and shows at the Kennedy Space Visitor Centre.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time is from November to April, with the largest inflow during the snowbird season in January and February. With theme park views, though, summer is also a high season to travel to Florida. Many of the southerners migrate to the coastal regions of the Panhandle and the Keys during the spring break and again in the summer to escape moisture. The ideal time for a break or a trip to Florida is September and October and April and May. The weather is more comfortable and there is a minimum volume of tourist traffic.


1.Florida has far more toll roads and bridges than just about any other area of the Union.

2.The highest peak in Florida is just 345 feet above sea level. Britton Hill is in Florida's Panhandle. The highest point on Florida's peninsula is the Sugarloaf Mountain near Clermont at 312 ft.

3. The Florida Everglades is the one place on the planet where crocodiles and alligators live together.

4. Florida’s largest river, the St. Johns River, is one of only a few large rivers flowing from the south to the north.

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