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United Airlines, popularly known as United is one of the foremost American airlines which has its base in Chicago, Illinois. The Airline is one among the founding members of the Star Alliance as well as regional service of this airline is conducted by independent carriers under the brand name, which is known to be as United Express. In 2012, United and Continental together their flight operations after which the brand Continental is debarred from the aviation industry. Being one of the founding members of Star Alliance, It outreaches its services to 193 different countries with other 28 members of the particular alliance.

The United Airline flights are well connected to many important destinations worldwide such as Chicago, Houston, New York, New Delhi, London, Manchester, Rome, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid and many other top destinations. United Airlines has a high-quality domestic and international network with well advanced code share agreements with Aeromar, Aer Lingus, Azul, Cape Air, Edelweiss Air, Euro wings, German wings, Air Dolomiti, Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air.

United Airlines operates an extensive range of flights, ranging from domestic flights contained by the USA, but also flies to destinations around the world comprising North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Guam, Tokyo, Washington and many others.

Destinations & Hub Airports

Passengers can travel around the globe to any of their preferred destination with United flights as they can travel to anywhere in the world due to its good connectivity with multiple cities. Currently, United Airlines connects approximately more than 215 destinations comprising 120 international destinations and still counting. United Airlines (UA) can proudly say that they have one of the world's optimum extensive flight route networks along with key USA hubs in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newark/New York, Houston and Washington, D.C.

As of December 2018, United Airlines (UA) announced 11 original flight routes from its headquarter Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. commencing from June 2019 below United's new summer service, flights to all admired and popular summer vacation destinations will commence, and you can fly off to any of these cities ranging from California, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, Florida and Nova Scotia anytime as you wish. Fleet Size

Economy Class Facilities

Passengers of American Airlines will acquire complimentary soft drinks and snacks, free carry-on baggage and free of charge entertainment; almost everything you’ll need to relax in comfort for your flight. Passengers who have chosen the superior fare will also be able to select their seat at the point of booking, rather than waiting till check-in.

United airlines currently boasts a fleet of 779 planes which include the Airbus A319-100 ,Airbus A320- 200, Airbus A350-900 ,Boeing 737-700 ,Boeing 737-800,Boeing 737-900ER ,Boeing 737 MAX 9, Boeing 737 MAX 10 Boeing 757-200 ,Boeing 757-300, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 767-400ER, Boeing 777-200 ,Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9 ,Boeing 787-10.

United Airlines: Classes of Travel

United Airlines Economy Class

The cheapest and most vital of all classes is the essential economy class that come with merely some limitations. The passengers are allowed to carry one personal item that can fit beneath your seat. The passengers are offered with delicious food and beverages in the flight. In-flight entertainment is also provided which comprises of Wi-Fi so that passengers are can stay associated with the world at point of time while traveling. You can save money of your United Airlines flights using United Airline deals.

United Airlines Premium Economy Class

The premium economy class of United Airlines comes with momentous benefits. The seats are appealing as well as comfortable, and also offer extra legroom to the passengers. You have an ample display of food and beverages to select from. A complimentary 3 course meal is offered to passengers on flights longer than 12 hours. In-flight entertainment is accessible so that you don’t feel apathetic or bored during the entire journey.

United Airlines First Class

Buying a first class ticket will give you an implausible service from the time you are the airport, the boarding and checking out at the meticulous destination airport. You are given a prioritized check in, boarding and facilities connected to boarding. The seats are very comforting and contented, you get supplementary headroom and legroom with perfectly padded seat cushions for back support. Book your First Class United Airlines reservations from our website.

You won’t feel worn out a bit at any point of time even after a long flight. In flight entertainment is offered in the United Airlines are aligned with 15 inch screens pre-installed in the flights to take pleasure in and your favorite movies, and music. Wi-Fi is available which can be bought while being

United Airlines Business Class

The benefits of business class are abundant, from prioritized check in when you arrive at the destination airport to boarding on priority and checking out. You don’t have to be concerned about your devices running out of juice In the middle of something. A team of prominent chefs are assigned the task to prepare your preferred food which will be enjoyable and exquisite. Beverages are obtainable starting from a good range of soft drinks, tea, juices to a variety of beer, wine and other spirits.

Services & Amenities in United Airlines

Entertainment/United Private Screening

United Airlines is willing to inform its passengers that it has introduced new seatback monitors just to entertain you. This service offers you the chance to stream Hollywood Blockbusters, TV shows, music videos from VEVO playlists. Watch the show on your private electronic device or throughout a seatback monitor depending on the flight.

Wi-Fi Service

The airline knows how important it is for you to stay connected via online. So, United Airlines has started onboard Wi-Fi subscriptions for its passengers to make use. Purchase to take pleasure in the internet services provided by the United Airlines for next one month or a year on their flights equipped with Wi-Fi.


Get the advantages of a fine-dining experience as a United Airlines business class traveler. Their in-flight menus are well thought-out by well-known chefs worldwide. Relish your five-course meals while you are well advanced in United Polaris business class.

Baggage Policy

Carry On Luggage

Travelers can bring on board one full-sized carry-on luggage along with one personal article. If you are an economy class passenger of United Airlines, then you are allowed to take only your personal item such as a shoulder bag, laptop bag etc. But if you are a Premier member or primary cardholder of Mileage Plus credit card or Star Alliance Gold member, then you can take pleasure in some recreational over the baggage rules.

Dimensions for a carry-on bag utmost 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), inclusive of handles and wheels.

Dimensions for your private article, like a shoulder bag, backpack, wallet, laptop bag or other small items, 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm).

Checked-In Baggage

Two standard sized bags are allowed for United Airlines passengers. But economy class passengers have to pay assured amount of the fees.

Dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeter (length + height + weight).

Maximum Weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

United Airlines offers its passengers online check-in 24 hours before departure.

Airport Check-In

For domestic flights, passengers devoid of any checked baggage must check in at smallest amount 30 minutes earlier than departure.

For domestic flights, passengers with checked baggage must check in at least 45 minutes earlier than departure.

For international flights, passengers must check in at least 60 minutes earlier than departure.

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