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Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways understands that sometimes its customers need to suddenly change their plans. These changes in their plans could be unavoidable and that is why it maintains a relaxing Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy for them. Through this policy, it supports customers in making successful modifications to their currently booked flights.

These modifications can be related to changing to another flight, departure dates and times, and departure and arrival destinations. Customers can make these modifications anytime and from anywhere.

That is to say, if Qatar Airways connects all the countries throughout the world, that means any person sitting in the US can change the departure date of his flight to India. Passengers can make all these changes through any mode such as website, mobile app, chat assistant, phone call or email. They can make these changes without paying any additional cost, as long as their flights are booked within the same calendar year.

Thus, Qatar Airways flight change appears to be the most flexible for them and ensures their hassle-free journey. However, they are not allowed to change their airlines. Qatar Airways does not provide them with any option of changing their flights to the other airline. If passengers are willing to change their flights within 24 hours of the date of departure, then they should contact the Qatar Airways booking department.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy?

Passengers face difficulties in changing their flights. That is why they need to know the policy of flight change in Qatar Airways. Following are the rules laid down under this policy-

● According to the policy, passengers can make changes to their flights if they have to do it a few hours before their departure. Qatar Airways will levy a certain fee for it. It is still recommended that passengers should decide to change their flights in advance to avoid last-minute hassle.

● Qatar Airways allows passengers to make flight changes within 24 hours of booking. After this period, passengers will be paying a certain amount of around $100 to change their flights. The business class members are exempted from paying this change fee

● Passengers of Qatar Airways can change their flight dates through the ‘manage booking’ section of the website. They have to provide their login details or booking reference number and last name to change their flights.

● Passengers can visit the official website to change flight departure dates and times. They can also contact the customer care representatives on the phone call or visit the airport to make changes to the booking

● Qatar Airways passengers can make flight changes until three hours before their departure time. Those passengers who had to cancel their flight do not have to pay any cancellation fee

● Qatar Airways does not allow any passenger to replace his name with that of the other passenger. It only allows name correction such as changes in first name or last name. Passengers can do this without paying any extra charge

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy for Privilege Club Members

Qatar Airways change policy holds that change fees for Privilege Club members will depend upon their membership status. Their membership status will determine if they are eligible to pay the change fee. If their membership does not expire, then they can change their flights without paying a change fee, even if they are changing after 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, they have to pay their change fee if their membership status expires. Following are some of the conditions for changing flights through the Privilege Club card-

● Changing tickets at least 24 hours before departure: Qatar Airways will not apply any change fee for changing flights at least 24 hours before departure for passengers belonging to the Gold or Platinum plan of the Privilege Club. Whereas passengers belonging to Silver of Burgundy plans have to pay USD 25 for their flight change

● Flight changes between 3 to 24 hours before the time of departure: Passengers belonging to the Platinum and Gold plans do not have to pay their change fees for this period. Those belonging to the Burgundy or Silver plan of the Privilege Club, or travelling as a guest of a Platinum or Gold member will have to pay a change fee of USD 100.

● Flight changes within 3 hours of departure: If passengers change their flight tickets within 3 hours of departure, then Qatar Airways will treat it as a no-show and will forfeit all the cash payment.

Qatar Airways Flight Change Fee

According to Qatar Airways flight change policy, passengers changing their tickets within 24 hours of booking do not have to pay any change fee. However, if they are changing their flights after 24 hours, then they have to pay a change fee. This fee typically ranges between USD 60 to USD 100. Qatar Airways also charges a $25 service fee for changing flights through online mode, Qatar Airways customer care or at the airport.

Passengers of the economy class ticket have to pay this change fee while those travelling on the business class ticket do not have to pay for this change fee. These passengers of business class can also make unlimited changes in their departure date or time, in meals and beverages and other amenities. They can make such changes for free.

The only cost they have to pay is the fare difference. They have to pay for the next flight if it costs higher than the original flight. On the other hand, they will receive the remaining balance on their original payment form if the next flight costs lower than the previous one. This rule applies not only to the passengers of the business class but also to the economy class.

Tips to avoid change fee:

● Passengers should be changing their flights on the same ticketed fare and travel class to avoid paying more

● Tickets booked through third-party agencies can be changed only through these parties. However, these parties will charge a nominal fee for any flight changes.

● Rebooking directly through the Qatar Airways website or office will save passengers from paying any additional cost

● Passengers can avoid paying the change fee if their flights get delayed or cancelled by Qatar Airways

● Refund voucher: Passengers can get a refund of their flight if Qatar Airways cancels it. They can receive this refund as a voucher and use them for future travels.

Qatar Airways Flight Change Online

Customers can book and rebook their Qatar Airways flights in various ways. They can either visit the airline’s website, use its mobile app or even call its customer service number for successful changes. The steps to initiate flight changing processes are as follow:

Qatar Airways Website:

Step 1: Opening the website of Qatar Airways

Step 2: Logging into existing Qatar Airways account

Step 3: Clicking on 'Manage Booking' to change flights Clicking on the ‘My Booking’ option

Another way of making changes through website is:

Step 1: Opening the website of Qatar Airways

Step 2: Clicking on the 'Help' option on upper right side of the website

Step 3: Searching for flight changes option. The results of this search will display the option of providing booking reference number and last name to process flight changes

Qatar Airways Mobile App:

Besides the website, Qatar Airways mobile app is also a quick and easy way of changing flights. The following are the steps:

Step 1:Opening the Qatar Airways mobile app on a passenger's Android or IOS device

Step 2:Tapping on the ‘My Trips’ option on the home screen of the app

Step 3: Tapping on the '+' at the upper right corner of the app

Step 4:The following screen will ask passengers to enter their 6-digit booking reference number and last name. Passengers can also enter their E-ticket number instead of entering their booking reference number

Step 5:Clicking on the 'Add trip' to proceed towards changing the flight and completing the changes

Qatar Airways Social Media Platforms:

To reschedule another flight, passengers can also reach out to customer care representatives on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They can get immediate assistance from these representatives for flight changes

Qatar Airways Change Flight Offline

Many times, passengers are not able to make flight changes and rebook due to some valid reasons such as loss of internet connection. In such a case, they can visit the airport or call on the given numbers.

Visiting the airport:

Passengers can change their flight timings by speaking to Qatar Airways representatives at the airport counter. They have to make sure to keep the following details ready:

● Booking reference number

● Flight tickets

● Phone number

● Email address

● Photo-identity proof

After providing these details, the Qatar Airways assistant will inform passengers about the available flights. These passengers will be asked to select the flights they want and pay the change fee for it.

Changing flight via phone call:

If passengers do not want to visit the airport and cannot even make Qatar Airways Flight Change Online , they can contact customer care of Qatar Airways anytime. Following are the numbers for the given region:

● United States: +1 877 777 2827

● Bahrain: 80006190

● United Kingdom: +44 330 912 7415

● Qatar: +974 4144 5555

● New Zealand: +64 9 88 66 229

Passengers should be keeping their flight details ready while connecting the Qatar Airways representative over the phone. These representatives can ask them to inform about their flight number, booking reference number, email address, phone number. They will inform passengers about the next available flight. Passengers have to select the flight from the list they inform and make change fee payment for it. They also have to pay a service fee of $25 for completing their request.

Limitations of Qatar Airways Flight Change

Qatar Airways enables passengers to change their flights but under some limitations. These limitations affect or restrict modifications in the departure schedule. Many Qatar Airways fares do not allow flight changes at all. These limitations are:

● Firstly, passengers can change flights when the fare rules of their ticket permit them. Hence, passengers need to read more information about the economy class, business class and first class of Qatar Airways. Information related to these travel classes can be viewed on the Qatar Airways website

● Secondly, flight changes are possible according to the availability of flights. Qatar Airways will make all the efforts to book find the best possible flight

● Passengers cannot make any modifications in their flights three hours before their departure

● After check-in, passengers cannot make any changes in their flight dates

Qatar Airways has a clear policy for changing flight dates. It covers all fare types and enables passengers to make changes online and offline. These changes are subject to the availability of flights and fare rules even when passengers have to pay for the fare difference and affordable change fee. Despite this condition, passengers can still look for another flight if they can search for it in advance. In this way, they can avoid penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change my flight date in Qatar Airways?

A. Passengers of Qatar Airways passengers can change their flight date by visiting the 'manage booking' section of the official website or even contacting Qatar Airways reservation department. Passengers can place requests on the official site either through the 'help' section or chat assistants.

Q. Can I cancel my Qatar Airways ticket within 24 hours?

A. Yes, Qatar Airways does provide a 24-hour cancellation facility. Its passengers can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking without paying any cancellation fees. This 24 hour cancellation window is open for all fare types including economy, business, and first class.

Q. How can I change my flight date for free in Qatar Airways?

A. You can change your Qatar AIrways flight date and time for free within 24 hours of booking. The best way to change within this given time is to call or send an email. Its representative will ask you to mention your name, date of birth, passport number and nationality. They will not charge you anything extra besides only levying a fee of $25.

Q. Does Qatar give a full refund?

A. Qatar Airways has a refund and cancellation policy of its own. According to this policy, it will give the full refund when passengers meet all the eligibility criteria. This airline offers a full refund as long as your fare conditions allow.

Q. How many times can I change my Qatar flight?

A. Qatar Airways allows you to change flight dates for unlimited times. They can change flight dates if it is booked for less than 5000 miles.

Q. What happens if a flight is Cancelled by Qatar Airways?

A. With any Qatar Airways flight cancellation, you will be offered to select an alternative flight. If this airline fails to do so, then you will get a full refund.

Q. Does Qatar Airways have a cancellation policy?

A. According to Qatar Airways, you can cancel your flight any time. You will have to pay a nominal fee for it if cancelling after 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, you do not have to pay any fee if you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

Q. How long before my Qatar flight can I cancel?

A. You can cancel your flight at least 3 hours before your departure. Your rebooking made after 3 hours prior to departure will be considered as a no-show.

Q. Can I book multiple destinations with stopovers on Qatar Airways?

A. Yes. You can book multiple destinations with stopovers. A stopover enables you to take a break from your journey in one of the cities mentioned by you in your itinerary. Qatar Airways allows you to select a maximum of 6 flights and 4 cities. You have to click on the multi-city option to enable stopover.

Q. Can I request a refund for a booking I have already made?

A. You can request a refund of the booking that you have made already. Fulfilling refund depends upon your fare rules of the current ticket. If you have booked through a third party agency, you can contact its office to process your refund

Q. What is Qatar Airways mobile number?

A. You can find Qatar Airways flight change contact number on its website. You can even dial this number +1-844-933-2065. This number is open 24/7 and toll-free.

Q. How can I request a ticket refund?

A. If you want a refund for your booked ticket, then you can contact the customer service numbers of Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways mentions its contact numbers on the website. You can open the website, click on the ‘Help’ option on the screen, and search for the contact number. This website consists of numbers assigned for all the countries. If you do not want to request a refund on the call, then you can also directly chat with the assistants. Log in to your Qatar Airways account to enable chat assistance and request for your refund. Your request will be fulfilled immediately. However, Qatar Airways processes its refunds within 7- 10 business days.

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