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KLM Flight Change Policy

KLM Flight Change Policy

KLM's flight change policy provides complete support to passengers when they have to change their flights. Passengers get guidance in changing flights at the earliest through this policy. This policy assists them to change flights through an online process if they are in a hurry. They can visit the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines website, its mobile app or make a phone call to initiate this process. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, under this policy, allows them to make flight changes for any day or on the same day of the departure.

Thus, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines understands that sometimes its customers need to change their plans because of unavoidable reasons. That is why it helps them to change flights and rebook them without any hassle. This airline explains flight change procedures, fees, same- day rules and seat change processes further.

What is the KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy?

KLM flight change policy lays down rules and regulations on how passengers can change their flights. These rules, laid down in this policy, simplify the process of changing KLM Flights for them. It empowers them to change their flights, its departure dates and destinations anytime and anywhere. Following are some of the key rules and regulations mentioned in KLM's flight change policy -

Modification of departure dates and destinations - According to the KLM Flight Change Policy, passengers can modify their bookings to the new departure dates and destinations and even new seats.

Name correction - The policy does not allow passengers to replace the name of the original passenger with that of another passenger. He can only make corrections in his name and that too up to three characters. KLM airline will not charge any extra fee for name correction.

Change fee and fare difference - Passengers have to pay a change fee and fare difference if they want to book another flight. If the new flight costs higher than the original one, then they have to pay the extra amount applied to it. Otherwise, if it costs lower than the previous one then the remaining balance will be returned to the original form of payment.

KLM fares- This policy of KLM flight change applies to only non-refundable fares

● Criteria for changing flights - Passengers can change their KLM flight dates and destinations only if they have booked it through the website, KLM customer service number, or at the airport helpdesk.

Rescheduling flights - The airline will not apply any change fee or fare difference if passengers want to change the schedule of their flights. They can reschedule and rebook it at least 7 days before the date of departure.

Flight change to another airline - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines does not allow passengers to change their flights to another airlines

KLM travel classes and duration - Passengers can rebook all KLM fares and classes of service. This service also applies to short, medium, and long-haul flights operated by KLM.

Flight changes in group bookings - KLM flight change policy enables customers to change flights of a part of the group through the ‘my trips’ section of the KLM online portal. If they have to change the booking for a group of up to 10 passengers, then they have to contact customer care of KLM.

Bookings via a travel agent - KLM does not allow customers to change their flights when booked through a travel agent. Customers have to first contact the agency and then arrange for flight changes. They can also contact KLM for more information.

KLM Change Booking Policy Within 24 Hours

KLM does not apply flight change fees to its passengers all the time. That means passengers are free to change their flights without any cost if they initiate the process within 24 hours of booking. After this period, they are liable to pay their flight change fee. Otherwise, they only have to pay for their fare difference if their new flight costs higher than the original flight. They would get a refund in case of a lower fare difference.

Moreover, all types of KLM flight fares include a no-change fee for flight changes within 24 hours. However, passengers have to pay a service fee of $35 if they change their flights through any travel agency. The policy also allows customers to make corrections in their names for free within 24 hours of booking.

KLM Airlines Flight Change Fee

Under the KLM Flight Change Policy, passengers have to pay a Klm Flight Change Fee along with the fare difference. The new fare difference would be calculated according to route, travel class and ticket type of the next flight. They will be paying for the difference if the fare of the new flight is higher than the old one. Otherwise, they will receive a voucher for the remaining balance. Coming to the change fee, it will differ according to the following routes-

Travelling within Europe

Light ticket- Passengers can change their flights if their departure is from the following countries-Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, or the United Kingdom. The change fee is EUR 70. Standard ticket- If passengers purchase a standard ticket, then they can change their flights without paying a fee.

Flex ticket - You can change your flight without paying a fee. Please note that an additional fare difference may be applicable.

Travelling between Europe and Africa

Light ticket - The light ticket for travelling between Europe and Africa is only available for economy class. This ticket includes a flight change fee of EUR 200

Standard ticket - No KLM flight change fee for passengers flying between Europe and Africa under this type of ticket, although fare difference will be applicable.

Flex ticket - No flight change fee under this type of ticket too.

Intercontinental Travel

Light ticket - KLM applies the flight change fee of EUR 200 if passengers are travelling from these countries- Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Slovakia, Unless you're moving between the Caribbean, Central or South America, or French overseas territories, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, or the United States.

Standard ticket- This does not include the flight change fee in this ticket. Only the fare difference will be applied.

Flex ticket - This does not include a flight change fee in this type of fare too.

Change fee for extras

Along with flight changes, KLM makes sure that extra options such as special meals or entertainment remain reserved for passengers. To save these add-ons, KLM flights automatically book the same ones for their new flights. They have to pay for the new add- ons if their prices differ from the original ones. They also have the option of cancelling the add-ons if they do not want to pay an additional cost for it. If the new add-ons are cheap, then they will receive a voucher with the remaining value.

KLM Flight delay compensation and automatic rebooking

KLM can be forced to cancel or delay flights of its customers for reasons that are beyond its control. KLM makes every effort to cover up such losses. If the flight gets delayed or cancelled, it will automatically rebook another flight for its passengers. Even the passengers are free to select the flight of their choice in which they want to travel.

However, in case KLM is unable to rebook another flight, then the airline will compensate for their delay and failure to reach their destinations. It has mentioned the following criteria for passengers to be eligible for compensation -

● The arrival time of the flight gets delayed by 3 hours from its actual time

● Passengers travelled to, from or via a European destination

● Flight delay was not caused by natural reasons such as extreme weather, political instability or third-party strikes.

Voucher as Compensation

Passengers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will receive the following vouchers as compensation for their flight cancellations-

Voucher Group A

Distance- 1500 km or less

Price: EUR 350(non-refundable) and EUR 250(cash payment)

Voucher Group B

Distance- 1500 to 3500 km

Value-EUR 500(non-refundable) and EUR 400(cash payment)

Voucher Group C

Distance- More than 3500 km

Value- EUR 800 (non-refundable) and EUR 600(cash payment)

These vouchers can be either non-refundable or can be provided to passengers as cash payment. Passengers can use this voucher to make cash payments on their next flight and do not expect refund in case of any delay, cancellation, rebook, or changes.

KLM Change Seats Online

KLM allows its passengers to reserve their seats at the time of booking. Its passengers can also choose a standard seat before check-in without paying any additional cost. Hence, KLM privileges its passengers to book or change their seats to their preferred ones in advance. Passengers can choose from the following seats that are available for different regions-

Seats of flights within Europe

KLM will provide following seat features in their flights

Features of Standard seat

●Standard recline (9 cm), 76 cm of legroom, and an ergonomic design

Features of Economy Comfort seat

● 5 cm more legroom than the standard seat

● 4-5 cm more recline than the standard seat

● Priority boarding

● In-seat power

Features of Extra legroom seat

● Seats next to the emergency windows

●greater legroom than a regular seat by 15 cm

● Ergonomically designed

● assistance from the cabin staff during any evacuation

Features of Front standard seat

● Seat in the first row behind Economy Comfort Zone

● Standard legroom-76 cm

● Standard recline- 9 cm

Intercontinental flights

Features of Standard seat

● Standard legroom-79 cm

● Standard recline- 12.5 cm

● Personal entertainment system

● In-seat power

Features of Economy Comfort seat

● Provision of pillows and blankets

● Located in front of the aircraft

● 10 cm more legroom than a standard seat

● 4-5 cm more recline than a standard seat

● Personal entertainment system

● In-seat power

Features of Extra legroom seat

● 15 cm greater legroom than a standard seat, seats close to emergency windows, ergonomic design, and assistance from cabin personnel during any evacuation

KLM Change Flight Online

Customers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have various online options to change their flights. They are-

KLM Website - Steps for changing flights on the website are -

Step 1 - Opening the website of KLM

Step 2 - Clicking on the ‘My Trip’ option

Step 3 - After clicking on the ‘My Trip’ options, choose to enter login details, create an account, or provide ticket number, flight number and last name to make changes in the flight

Step 4 - Adding the passengers’ existing booking

Step 5 - Clicking on the option of ‘Flight Change’

Step 6 - Choosing the next available flight and reserving it for the desired departure date

KLM Mobile App

Besides the website, KLM mobile app is also a quick and easy way of changing flights. The following are the steps-

Step 1 - Opening the KLM mobile app on your Android or IOS device

Step 2 - Tapping on the ‘My Trips’ option on the home screen of the app

Step 3 - Entering the ‘booking reference number and last name

Step 4 - Tapping on the ‘flight change’ option. Complete the process thereafter

KLM Social Media Handles

Passengers of KLM Airlines can also change their flights by contacting KLM representatives on social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Messenger. They can find the KLM Whatsapp and Messanger details on the website and the mobile app.

KLM Flight Change Offline

At the Airport

Changing KLM flights at the airport is one of the most reliable offline ways to change flights. passengers can not only change flights through this option but also get crucial and useful information regarding their flight change. They can take advantage of changing flights at the last minute. To ensure successful flight changes at the airport, they can contact KLM customer care representatives stationed at the helpdesk.

KLM Change Flight via Phone

For any assistance regarding flight changes, passengers can contact the customer care of KLM. They can find contact details on the website of KLM or dial-1800 419 3044.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it easy to change flights on KLM ?

A. It is easy to change flights on KLM. KLM allows you to change the date of departure, time and destination of your flight through the website, mobile and app. You can click on the 'My Trip' option and start the flight change process.

Q. How many times can I change my KLM ticket ?

A. You can make modifications to your KLM flight booking at least three times if you have paid for the KLM flexibility service. You will be able to make adjustments within 2 days of your booking for free.

Q. Can I cancel my KLM flight within 24 hours ?

A. If you have changed your mind within 24 hours of booking, then you can cancel your booking without paying a cancellation fee. You will receive refunds after cancellation. However, if your next flight costs higher, then you have to pay the additional charge.

Q. How much is the cancellation fee for KLM ?

A. KLM allows free cancellations of flights within 24 hours of booking. For bookings exceeding 24 hours, passengers have to pay a specific fee between the range of $100 to $400. However, it is advised that you should check out the cost of cancellation in non- refundable tickets to cancel your flight online with KLM.

Q. Will I get a refund if I cancel my KLM flight ?

A. You will get a refund for your flight after its cancellation. KLM will refund your money for the unused part of your trip. However, it will check whether you meet all the eligibility criteria for a full refund. Its processing time will take around 4 weeks but KLM guarantees that you will get a refund.

Q. Does KLM have to refund tickets ?

A. KLM does offer refunds for purchased tickets. The following situations qualify for a refund:

● KLM cancelled your flight

● You could not get an alternative flight

Q. Does KLM have a no-show fee ?

A. KLM does not have a no-show fee but if passengers miss any part of their return flights, then KLM cancels their entire KLM trip. Passengers will not get back their money for this cancellation. If they still want to travel on their original flights, then they have to pay an extra amount

Q. Is the KLM Flex ticket refundable?

A. The KLM Flex ticket is not refundable. However, you can book extra legroom, and change seats, and you do not have to pay for flight change and cancellation fees. You online have to pay for the fare difference if the next flight costs higher than the original one.

Q. Can I get cash refund from KLM ?

A.KLM frequently does not provide cash refunds for non-refundable tickets. An alternative to a refund can be a credit or travel voucher that can be used on upcoming KLM flights. Different refund processes might be necessary depending on the type of fare, the route, and the unique conditions. If you have a refundable ticket or are in an exceptional situation, you might be eligible for a cash refund. It would be best if you chatted with KLM's customer support staff or reviewed their terms and conditions for detailed information on the airline's refund policies. For instance, if your return trip was scheduled for the same day and your flight is delayed for over 90 minutes, KLM entitles you to a cash refund..

Q. Are KLM lounges free ?

A. The KLM lounges usually are not open to all travelers. Premium-class travelers, elite frequent flyers, and holders of particular credit cards or memberships typically have access. While some tourists might get free admission, others would have to pay a price to enter or buy a day pass. Different access rules apply depending on the ticket class, level of loyalty, and airline agreements. The use of the lounge is complimentary when purchasing Standard and Flex tickets. These tickets permit access to Crown Lounges. SkyTeam Elite Plus, Flying Blue Platinum, and Gold members can also access this lounge. They may also invite one guest for no additional charge.

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