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Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy

Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy

Every airline aims to provide passengers with as convenient a Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy process as possible. These processes take place frequently and they should be done as quickly as possible. It is because any urgency forces passengers to look for the earliest available flight at low prices. They even come up with the urgency of getting flights on the same day of departure. To meet all these requirements, Avelo Airlines makes every effort in curating a seamless flight change policy.

What is Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Avelo airlines change policy allows passengers to change flights anytime while sitting in their comfort zones. They use devices such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones and tablets from this comfort zone to go through the process of flight changes in Avelo Airlines. To complete this process, they access the website and mobile app of Avelo Airlines through these devices. They gather information related to flight changes, follow the processes, look for alternate available flights and make payments on these platforms. These platforms display what Avelo Airlines facilitates under its flight change policy.

This airline facilitates customers with same-day flight changes, a 24-hour open window for free rebooking of flights, waiver of change fees based on fare type and more such benefits.

Besides all these benefits, Avelo Airlines flight change policy has necessary rules and regulations. Passengers need to adhere to these rules to avoid any obstacles during their journey.

Rules and Regulations of Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy

Avelo Airlines applies these rules and conditions when its passengers request a flight change-

● Avelo Airlines will reward passengers with Avelo Travel Funds(ATF) if the price of the alternate flight is less than the cost of the original flight. This reward of ATF is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance. Passengers can use these funds anytime for travelling purposes within this period. They cannot use it beyond its expiry date.

● On the other hand, passengers have to bear the difference in prices if the cost of the new flight is higher than the original flight. They have to pay the total amount of this fare difference and change fees

● Avelo Airlines will not entertain any change request after the date and time of departure.

● Passengers can request adjustments for only the unused portion of their flights

● Passengers should make sure that all the adjustments should be made at least 24 hours before their departure

● The airline allows passengers to change their flights 15 minutes before their departure

● Passengers can change their flights as many times as they want. However, they have to pay the fare difference for each flight changes

Avelo Airlines Flight Change Online

Flight booking changes in Avelo Airlines can be done on the website as well as on the mobile app. The steps to process flight changes online are as follows-

Avelo Airlines Website:

There are many options for changing flights on the website of Avelo Airlines. One of the options is the ‘manage trips’ menu. Passengers can see two ways of proceeding towards flight changes under this ’manage trips’ menu. In this menu, they can either directly enter their confirmation number and last name or click on ‘change flight dates’ under the ‘help with self-service heading.

The other option for changing flights on the website is clicking on the ‘flight change’ strip that is situated on top of the website. Whereas, passengers can also prefer to change their flights by visiting their Avelo Airlines account.

By going through any of these options, they can easily choose any of the alternate flights available. They have to pay for the applicable fare difference and complete their flight- changing process.

Avelo Airlines Mobile App

Other than the website, Avelo Airlines mobile app is also another method of changing flight booking. The following are the steps:

Step 1-Download and launch the mobile app

Step 2-Click on the ‘change/cancel flight’ option on the home screen

Step 3-Enter the confirmation number and last name

Step 4-Tap on the ‘view/edit button

Step 5-Make payments and confirm the changes

Avelo Airlines Flight Change Offline

If passengers are not able to make online flight changes, they can contact customer care executives on phone calls, SMS or social media.

On the Phone Call:

If customers want to change their flights through the Avelo Airlines customer care service, then they can find their contact numbers on the Airline. Their contact is given on the ‘contact us’ page of the website.

Note- Before calling the customer care executives of Avelo Airlines, passengers should make sure that they have kept ready all their flight credentials with them. Executives of this airline will request them to provide reservation numbers and even identity proof numbers. Passengers may also have to inform ticket details such as the flight number. Once the executives locate such details, they will inform their customers about the next available flights and whether they are available for the flight change.

However, changes to only unused portions of the ticket will be done. For this service, passengers have to pay a small sum of $20. After paying the total change fees, passengers will receive an email.

At The Airport:

If changing flights through customer care is not possible, then customers can also visit the airport to make flight changes. Avelo Airlines allows flight changes even 15 minutes after the departure. That means customers can also go through its process in case of any urgency on the same date of departure.

Avelo Airlines Flight Change Fees

Avelo Airlines incurs a certain amount of Avelo Flight Change Fees. Customers have to pay this change fee, along with the fare difference if the new flight costs higher than the original one. If the new flight costs are lower than the original one, then customers have to only pay the fare difference. They also have to pay an additional amount of $20 for making flight changes through Avelo Airlines customer care. However, the following are the change fees plan of Avelo Airlines-

● 0 to 5 days from the date of departure- $250

● 6-13 days from the date of departure- $200

● 14-59 days from the date of departure- $150

● 60 days or more from the date of departure- $75

Avelo Airlines Flight Changes within 24 Hours

Though Avelo Airlines charges change fees for a certain period of flight booking, it also enables flight changes for free in certain instances. For free flight changes, the booking period should not exceed 24 hours. Any changes should be done within this period of booking. In other words, Avelo Airlines enables flight changes free of charge as long as the scheduled departure date is booked at least 168 hours in advance. However, fare differences may apply. With this free flight change benefit, Avelo Airlines levy certain conditions mentioned in its flight change policy-

● Passengers cannot make changes in their group reservations within this 24-hour free booking window

● Avelo Frequent Flyer Miles passengers cannot make changes for free within 24 hours of flight booking

● If flight bookings include certain reservations from other airlines, then changes will be made only in the segments operated by Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Avelo Airlines passengers can change their flights on the same day of departure. They have to pay a certain amount of fees for these same-day flight changes. This same-day flight change service is available for them until 15 minutes before the time of departure. Passengers cannot make any changes after this period and even after the flight departed.

Avelo Airlines Name Correction Policy

Passengers of Avelo Airlines can change their names once for free for minor mistakes in their bookings such as misspellings. Any additional change beyond this one chance of name correction will incur a certain amount. Passengers have to pay a fee of $75 for one change at a time. This fee applies to passengers who have booked tickets directly through the website or customer service. However, if they have to change their names within 3 days of their departure, then they have to pay an additional fee of $50.

Deadline of Name Correction: Avelo Airlines passengers can correct their spelling mistakes in bookings until two hours before their time of departure. They will not be able to make changes beyond this deadline.

Booking Through Third-Party Agencies: Passengers cannot make changes in their bookings if they have booked flight tickets through any third-party travel agency. They can make changes only through the website, the mobile app or a call to Avelo Airlines customer care.

Avelo Airlines Name Change Process

Name changes in the flight tickets of Avelo Airlines can take place through the website, the mobile app and customer service. All of these are easy ways of making name changes. Passengers can make changes in the following steps:

Avelo Airlines Website:

Step 1-Open the website of Avelo Airlines

Step 2-Click on the ‘manage trips’ menu and enter the confirmation number and last name. Passengers can also login into their Avelo Airlines accounts

Step 3-Click on the ‘view/edit button

Step 4-Make necessary changes to the names and follow prompts to enter the correct name and submit the changes

Step 5-Review the changes made and check them with government-issued identity proof.

Step 6-Click on the ‘Save changes button to confirm the new name

Avelo Airlines Mobile App:

Step 1-Launch the mobile app of Avelo Airlines

Step 2-Tap on the ‘my account

Step 3-Sign in with the ‘email address’ and password to enter the account. Passengers can also sign in with their social media accounts such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft

Step 4-Tap on the ‘view/edit button to make changes to name

Step 5-Enter the correct name in the provided field

Step 6-Make payments for the name correction

Step 7-Review and submit the changes made

Through Customer Care Service of Avelo Airlines

Instead of name correction and changes in flight bookings through the website and mobile app, customers can also do so via Avelo Airlines customer care. Following are the ways to make a change:

● Dial the customer care number given on the website or write an email to the Avelo Airlines

● Passengers need to provide reservation numbers, correct name and spelling and reasons for changes

● Follow the instructions of customer care executives

● Confirm the new changes in the name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often does Avelo cancel flights?

A. Avelo has cancelled flights for many events. It does not cancel frequently. However, because of the emergencies, Avelo Airlines forcefully cancels flights as it can endanger human lives. Avelo Airlines cancels flights only for certain valid reasons such as thunderstorms, bird strikes or war. At such times, it decides better not to operate its flights.

Q. Is Avelo Airlines successful?

A. Avelo Airlines is one of the most popular airlines. This airline has rapidly gained exceptional popularity and success within a short period of its introduction. As of 2023, it has carried more than 600,000 passengers in and out of the big airports of the US.

Q. Does Avelo charge for cancellation?

A. No, Avelo Airlines does not charge any flight cancellation fee if you cancel it at least 15 minutes before the departure. You have to pay for cancellations made after this period. If you have cancelled your Avelo flight through its customer care, then you have to pay $20 per seated traveller. After cancellation within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before the departure date, Avelo Airlines will refund your money to the original form of payment.

Q. How do I access Avelo Travel Funds(ATF)?

A.You can access your Avelo Travel Funds in the following ways-

1. Open the website of Avelo AIrlines and click on ‘My Account’ on top of the homepage of the website.

2. log in to your account with your associated email address and password

3. Start your flight booking process. Select flights, seats and while on the ‘Enter traveller details’ page, check if you are logged in

4. After reaching the "Complete Purchase" page, enter the amount that you want to use in Avelo Travel Funds. Avelo Airlines will redeem your upcoming expiring ATF before this new one.

5. Enter your payment details to pay the difference and click on submit. Your details will be confirmed after submitting it.

You can apply for this ATF fund if you are adding an extra bag, reserving another seat or any other facility.

Q. How much is the fee to make changes to your Avelo Airlines flight?

A. For information on flight change fees, check out the ‘Avelo Airlines flight change fee’ section. You will get to know about the change fees that the airline levies. Along with this change fee, passengers are also responsible for any applicable fare difference.

Q. Is there any limit on how many changes any passenger can request?

A. No, you can change your ticket as many times as you want. If the new flight will cost more than your original trip, then you might be required to pay the fare difference.

Q. Is there any time limit on the change request?

A. Yes. Avelo Airlines provides a deadline to change your flight. You can create this request at least 15 minutes before the time of your flight’s departure. It will incur a certain amount of fee. If you are cancelling 72 hours before your departure, then you have to pay $75/ as a change fee plus any fare difference. Avelo Airlines will charge you this fare difference if your new flight costs higher than the original one. If it is the opposite, then you will receive the remaining balance in your original account.

Q. Where does Avelo fly to?

A. Avelo is becoming a giant airline throughout the United States. It has its largest base in Burbank from where it provides non-stop flight services to a range of smaller airports in California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rocky Mountains.

The second most important hub in New Haven, Connecticut operates a network of flights to various destinations such as Florida, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago Midway, Raleigh and Durham. Avelo is also planning to mark its presence in places such as Las Vegas, California and Colorado.

Q. What if Avelo cancels my flight?

A. Avelo makes every effort in covering your loss caused due to its flight cancellation action. Upon cancellation, it will provide you with alternation travel arrangements without charging any additional cost. You have the privilege to accept or reject this airline’s arrangements. If you do not want any alternate arrangements from it, then you have the benefit of obtaining a full refund on the unused section of your ticket.

Q. Tell me about the Avelo Manage Reservation option.

A. Avelo’s Manage Reservation option, known as ‘Manage Trips’ is a useful window for modifying your flight bookings. You can customize your bookings from this window on your own at any time.

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