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Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Spirit Flight Change Policy offers greater flexibility to its customers. It enables passengers to change their flights in case of emergencies too. Spirit Airlines allows them to change their flights on the same-day of the departure. They can even reschedule their flights until one hour before their departure. Such benefits of flight changes in Spirit Airlines make customers fly with this airline more often. Besides flight changes, they can get refunds if they are forced to rebook their flights due to flight delays by Spirit Airlines. They can access Spirit Airline through both online and offline ways for this re-booking.

Thus, Spirit Airlines understands that travelling plans change often. That is why the airline includes almost all the benefits and privileges of changing flights. Because of this flight change policy, Spirit Airlines has become the most popular airline among its customers. They prefer to travel with Spirit Airlines more often. Let's check out the policy further.

Does Spirit Airlines allow Flight Change?

Yes. Spirit Airlines allows passengers to change, cancel or reschedule their flights under its flight change policy. This airline enables them to rebook a new flight through online and offline modes such as the website, the mobile app and customer care of Spirit Airlines. They have to pay a certain amount of change fee along with the fare difference. There are many conditions due to which passengers can change their flights for free. It exempts you from the change fee in the following conditions-

● Modification of flights that are booked within 24 hours of purchase for 7 days before the date of departure. Passengers will also get a refund in their original form of payment if they cancel their tickets within this period

● Flights booked at least 60 days before its departure can be changed for free

● Passengers holding a booking with Flight Flex fare can reschedule another flight for free 24 hours before their time of departure. This Flight Flex fare allows passengers to modify their itinerary for only one time.

● Changing of flights 24 hours before the time of departure can be done through a travel agency. Alternatively, passengers can visit ‘extras’ on the website of Spirit Airlines

● Passengers can rebook their new Spirit Airlines flights for free if the airlines delays it by 2 hours

● Passengers with a ‘Bundle It’ ticket can also make changes at least 24 hours before departure.

● Passengers can make these changes up to an hour before the scheduled departure

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee

The process of modifying bookings will be least expensive and quickest when done online through the website and the mobile app. On the website of Spirit Airlines, passengers can visit ‘My Trips’, enter their confirmation code and last name to make changes in their flights, departure and arrival dates, destination of their trip and much more. The online process on this website is the easiest, quickest and highly affordable.

Besides the above-mentioned online modes, passengers can also change their flights through to a Guest Service Agent at their airports or the Guest Contact Center. The modification charges for it will be high because it costs the airline their time and resources. In other words, passengers will be paying less if they make flight changes through online modes. On the other hand, they will be paying more for making changes contacting customer care at the airport.

Period before the departure Change Fees Amount
0-6 days from departure $110
7-30 days from the date of departure $99
31-59 days from departure $69
60 plus days from departure Free

Spirit Airlines levies $50 for modification of group bookings. Besides these charges, passengers have to look after the fare difference also. For them, the total flight change expenditure includes fare difference if the flight costs higher than the original flight.

However, if it costs lower than the original flight, then Spirit Airlines will reward them with the remaining balance as the Future Travel Credit. Passengers can use this credit within 60 days for purchasing another ticket.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Rules

● Spirit Airlines can change your flight due to some irregularities such as a schedule change, omission of a stop, flight cancellation or missed connection. In such cases, it compensates with options such as getting a flight rebooked at no extra charge. You will also be able to get a refund of your ticket if Spirit Airlines cancels your flight.

● Under the Spirit Airlines Flight Schedule Change Policy, this airline can also delay your flight by 2 hours from your time of departure. You have the option to rebook your flight for free in case of this delay

● Make sure that your new flight for the same departure and arrival airports while rebooking it due to the flight delay

● The rebooking for this new flight should also be booked for the same date ranges authorize by Spirit Airlines.

● Spirit Airlines will not reimburse you in most cases for rebooking a flight on a different carrier

● You have to pay a change fee for your Spirit Airlines flight, if you want to rebook another flight.

● In addition to this change, Spirit Airlines will also charge with the fare difference. You have to pay this fare difference if your new flight is costing higher than your previous flight. Whereas, if the condition is vice-versa, then your remaining will be refunded to you as a reservation credit

● Other non-refundable service charges will be deducted in such a case.

● You can go through the process of Spirit Airlines flight change at least 1 hour before your departure time

● If you use your credit card to book your Spirit Airlines flight, there will be greater coverage.

● You will be responsible for paying government taxes and any difference in fees when you change your Spirit Airlines reservation.

● Should a death occur within your family, you are eligible for a fee-free Spirit flight change. Make sure the supporting paperwork you give for your cancellation is valid.

Spirit Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Passengers of Spirit Airlines can change the time of their flights on the departure. They can change it to an earlier or later time on the day of the departure. Ability to change flights on the same-day is subject to the availability of the alternate flight. Passengers will be able to rebook another flight when it is available on the same date of the departure. Otherwise, they have to rebook it for another day. For this same-day facility, they have to pay USD 99, plus, the government charges and the fare difference. They can choose the option of standby without paying any extra charges if next flights do not have any seats left.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Online

Spirit Airlines enables access to its flight change process through all laptops and mobiles. It implies that passengers can book flights at their convenience. In other words, they have the option of using the website of Spirit Airlines from anywhere and anytime either through laptops, tablets, PCs or mobile phones. The process of modifying their bookings can be done by following the Methods to Spirit Airlines Flight Change illustrated below-

Website of Spirit Airlines:

Step 1- Open the Spirit Airlines website

Step 2- Click on the ‘My Trips’ menu on the website’s homepage

Step 3- Passengers can choose from the given two options for the sign-in- login with your email address and password and finding your trips by entering confirmation code and last name. If passengers have lost their confirmation code, then they click on ‘where do I find my confirmation code’ for its retrieval.

Step 4- Select your flights on the reservation summary page after the retrieval of trips

Step 5- Click on ‘change itinerary’

Step 6- Check the fares of alternate available flights and other details of it from the given list. Passengers can also decide their next flight by checking the schedule and refundable and non-refundable status. However, Spirit Airlines offers only non-refundable tickets. So, Choose a suitable flight and complete the entire booking and payment process

Step 7- Confirm the changes

Step 8- Make payment of the changes

Step 9- Passengers will receive their flight change confirmation in their email inbox

Spirit Airlines Mobile App:

Another quick and easy way to access Spirit Airlines flight change process is the mobile app. Rebooking process on this app is similar to the website. The main difference in both of these versions would be the faster way of accessing. It means passengers only have to launch the app after downloading on their Android or IOS devices and start itinerary changes. They can rebook Spirit Airlines flights on the mobile app through the steps given below:

Step 1- Tap on the ’My Trips’ option on the app’s home screen.

Step 2- Provide the confirmation code and last name to retrieve trips. Customers can also login to their Spirit Airlines’ account to view and manage their trips.

Step 3- Follow the prompts given to change Spirit Airlines flight

Step 4- Check the available flight details such as fare type, charges and travel classes if they want to upgrade it.

Step 5- Select a suitable flight.

Step 6- Pay for the flights changes and confirm re-bookings

Contact Spirit Airlines via live chat-

Passengers can also resolve their issue through live chat. This option is one of the best ways of booking modifications. They can contact customer service agents anytime and get responses immediately. Live agents of Spirit Airlines can be accessed in the following steps-

Step 1- Open the website of Spirit Airlines.

Step 2- Scroll down to the ‘contact us’ page.

Step 3- Click on the ‘chat now’ icon on the lower-right corner.

Step 4- Type your queries related to the flight changes.

Step 5- The live agent will guide you on how to proceed with your re-bookings.

Spirit Airlines provides its passengers with $10 per one way voucher as a benefit of making reservation cancellations online. Passengers can apply for this voucher for their future travelling if the value of the reservation is less than the cancellation charge.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Offline

Many of the passengers prefer to change their flights through offline modes such as phone call, SMS and visiting the airport. The online processing of flight changes may not be accessible to them. Therefore, customer agents of Spirit Airlines are available on all the offline modes. Following are the details for connecting with them:

Spirit Airlines Customer Care:

Customers can contact representatives of Spirit Airlines for all the issues related re-bookings, booking and its modifications. They can inquire about the next available flight such as its base fare and time, availability of another flight on the same date of departure and so on. They can contact Spirit Airlines on this number-(+1-844-933-2065).

Moreover, The airline has specified contact for all the countries in which it operates. Customers can choose their countries and view these Spirit Airlines contact details. They can also find the Spirit Airlines helpline number easily available on Google search.

SMS and Whatsapp:

Besides the phone call to Spirit Airlines customer care executives, passengers can also connect with them on SMS and WhatsApp. If they want to connect with Spirit Airlines on WhatsApp, they can text their queries on this number- +1-800-315-2771. Whereas, if they prefer SMS, then they text Spirit Airlines on this number-48763. To change their flights and acquire details regarding it, they can send messages on the given numbers and customer care executives will connect immediately. Thus, the customer care of Spirit Airlines is highly responsive and makes every effort in resolving passenger queries.

Direct Messaging:

Passengers can also connect with the representatives of Spirit Airlines on social media. They can raise their requests regarding flight changes on direct messaging features of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Guest Service Agent at the Airport:

There are times when flights need to be changed in any urgency. In such scenarios, changing flights immediately at the airport can be useful. Passengers can also get a chance of changing their flights for free, irrespective of their flight booking period and conditions if they are at the airport.

Thus, Spirit Airlines provides easy and streamlined flight changing processes for its passengers. Besides flights, customers can also change other facilities such as hotels, cars, cruises, booking another seat, adding a meal, getting internet connectivity and much more. This flight booking change applies to both individual as well as group bookings.

To make such changes, customers can contact Spirit Airlines customer care, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, chat assistants and social media. They can even click on ‘my trips’ option on the mobile app and the website and proceed towards making the above-mentioned changes in their Spirit Airlines website.

In short, Spirit Airlines crafts a complete and simple flight change policy for its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change my flight schedule on Spirit Airlines?

A. Spirit Airlines provides different means for you to change and reschedule your flights. Following are those means-

● Clicking on the ‘My Trips’ tab on the website of Spirit Airlines and its mobile app. Then, entering your name and confirmation number to view your bookings and proceeding with the steps to change or cancel a flight.

● Chat with live agents on the chat bot.

● Texting SMS at 48763 and using WhatsApp at +1-800-315-2771.

● Direct messaging Spirit Airlines agents on social media.

Q. Can you change flights on Spirit without a fee?

A. Yes, you can change your flight without paying any fees. Spirits Airlines will give a 24 hour period within 24 hours of booking for changing their reservations without being charged a fee. This no change-fee within 24 hours of booking policy applies to all types of fares by Spirit Airlines. It also applies when the ticket is purchased at least 7 days before the date of departure. Moreover, if you are changing your flight 60 days before your departure, then you do not have to pay any fee.

Q. Can you ask to change flights with Spirit?

A. If you would like to rebook another flight, you can ask the officials of Spirit Airlines for support. They will assist in taking further steps to reschedule other flights. You can ask them at the airport. This option of contacting a Guest Travel Agent at the airport can be costlier than the online process. Still you can choose it in case of any urgency. Otherwise, you can visit the ‘my trips’ section on the website and complete your flight changing process.

Q. Does Spirit allow same day flight change?

A. According to the Spirit Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy, you can reschedule another flight for the same day of the departure. Spirit Airlines has come up with this policy because indefinite travel plans are a part of every passenger's itinerary. In such a case, instead of cancelling your flights, you can change your flight’s time and day 1 hour before the time of departure.

Q. Do I lose my money if I cancel a flight Spirit?

A. According to the flight cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines, you can cancel your flight and be eligible for a full refund. This eligibility is possible only when you are cancelling your flight within 24 hours of booking.

Q. How to get Spirit flight changed for free?

A. Changes and cancellations made by you 60 days or more before your trip are free. Spirit Airlines allows its guests to make changes to their reservation by visiting My Trips, entering their name and confirmation number, then proceeding with the steps to change or cancel a flight.

Q. What is Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit?

A. Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit is a travel credit deposited in your account. This travel credit can be used by you for future travelling. You can access this travel credit by using your 6-digit alphanumeric code. Buy fares, seats, bags, vacation packages and taxes through this travel credit. Spirit Airlines will reward this travel credit after rebooking a new flight. You will only get this edit if the new flag are costs lower than the original one. For purchasing purposes, you can redeem this Reservation Credit before its 60 days of expiry. This redemption can be done through the website or by phone. It cannot be done on the mobile app. For details, refer to the section on this page titled Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit.

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