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Latam Airlines Flight Change Policy

Latam Airlines Flight Change Policy

Travelers booking a flight with Latam Airlines should know its flight change policy. Their plans frequently change. Because of their unpredictable plans, they must read their flight change policy before confirming their bookings. They can find all the details related to this policy in this guide. This guide lays down all the information regarding Latam Flight Change Policy.

It covers flight change fees, fare conditions, 24-hour rebooking, cancellation windows, procedures to apply for refunds, and modifications to any booking. Travelers will learn different online and offline options for changing flights, dates, routes, and name corrections. This guide also states specific rules and conditions that they need to follow.

Thus, Latam Airlines Flight Change Policy provides complete support to travelers in their traveling plan changes. Due to this policy, they can change their flights right before departure or a few days before it. It enables them to make these changes by using different platforms.

What is Latam flight change policy?

Latam Airlines' flight change policy is a comprehensive guide for travelers. This guide enlightens travelers about flight-changing rules and regulations that Latam Airlines follows. The airline also encourages them to follow these rules and regulations for a peaceful journey. Every traveler needs to read Latam Airlines rules before booking a flight. They can later consider changing their travel plans freely. These rules and conditions are:

⦁ Travelers can change their flights only after they have paid their change fees.

⦁ The flight change fees on Latam Airlines vary according to fare types, the timing of the requested changes, and international and domestic routes.

⦁ Along with change fees, travelers must pay the fare difference even if they have a fee waiver plan with Latam Airlines.

⦁ Flight change timings are different for international and domestic flights. Travelers of Latam Airlines domestic flights can change it within 1 hour of the departure. On the other hand, Latam Airlines allows the booking modifications of international flights 1 hour and 40 minutes before departure.

⦁ Latam Airlines can also exempt travelers from paying change fees. It exempts them if they request flight changes within 24 hours of booking.

⦁ Latam Airlines can cancel, delay, or reschedule its flights. In these cases, travelers can select a new flight without paying any price for it. They should ensure that the new flight should belong to the same class. It should also travel to the same destination as the original flight.

⦁ Travelers should book their new flights within the validity period of 12 months from the date their original flight was booked.

⦁ Latam Airlines allows travelers to change their outbound, return, or both flights only for once.

Travelers cannot change their tickets due to the following conditions:

⦁ They have already checked in their flights. For any modifications after it, travelers need to contact Latam Airlines directly.

⦁ Bookings include special services such as unaccompanied minors, medical assistance, and in-cabin pet service.

⦁ They booked group tickets with Latam Airlines.

⦁ Flights booked for multiple cities

⦁ They are changing their flights for a route other than the originally booked.

Latam Airlines Ticket Name Change

Latam Airlines Ticket Name Change policy defines allowances and rules related to changing or correcting a name on a flight ticket booking. This policy allows travelers to change or correct their names printed on their tickets. It recommends that travelers should ensure that their names are correct. Wrong or misspelled names can stop them from boarding their flights. Following types of name corrections they can make on their Latam Airlines flight:

⦁ Spelling mistakes in the first, middle, or last name

⦁ Wrong order of names written on the ticket

⦁ Omission of first name

⦁ Omission of last name

⦁ First and last name duplicity

⦁ Legal name change

⦁ Wrong addition of prefixes and suffixes

⦁ Transfer of name to another passenger

Steps to Change Name In Latam Airlines

Latam Airlines allows travelers to change their names online and offline. In any of the modes they use, they must provide their legal documents for verification. They also have to change fees and other costs applied to the correction of names. The steps to change or correct their names through the online and offline modes are:


Step 1: Open the website of Latam Airlines at and click on the ‘ticket change’ option

Step 2: Enter the booking confirmation code and last name to retrieve booking details.

Step 3: Click on the tickets that need to be modified

Step 4: Click on the name field to be corrected

Step 5: Enter the correct name and proceed with the payment of the applied fees for this correction


Travelers can also correct or change their names over the phone. This option also enables them to make all kinds of corrections to their names. Travelers have to speak with customer care executives of Latam Airlines over the phone call. They will assist travelers in changing and correcting their name, ask for its validity, and proceed with the payment.

Latam Flight Change Fee

Latam Airline`s Flight Change Fees depend upon fare types and routes with which travelers have booked their tickets. They can check this fee at the time of booking. The website of Latam Airlines shows flight change information along with a list of the available flights. They can view this information while checking this list before confirming the booking. Change fee details are displayed in their booking receipt.

Besides change fees, all fares include the payment of fare difference. Even the top or flex fares include this condition. Travelers must pay the fare difference between the old and the new flights regardless of their fare types.

However, they are exempted from paying change fees and fare differences if Latam Airlines cancels or delays their flights. In this case, they shall receive a complete refund or rebook an alternative flight for free. Despite this benefit, travelers need to know the following fare structure of Latam Airlines:

Domestic routes within Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru: Economy Class

Promo: No flight changes allowed

Basic: Changes allowed before departure and for a fee

Light: Changes allowed for a fee and before departure

Plus: Changes allowed before and after the departure for a fee

Domestic routes within Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru: Premium Economy Class

⦁ Plus, Flight changes are allowed before and after departure for a change fee

⦁ Top: Free changes allowed after and before the departure dates

Domestic routes within Brazil: Economy

⦁ Flight changes are allowed before and after departure for a fee in Light, Plus, and Top fares.

⦁ Flight changes are allowed before and after departure for a fee in the Premium Economy Plus fare. Whereas flight changes in Premium Economy Top fares are free.

Change Fees for domestic routes within:

⦁ Peru- USD 16

⦁ Ecuador- USD15

⦁ Brazil- USD 60

⦁ Columbia- USD 25

⦁ Chile- 40

Change Fees for International Routes:

⦁ Countries that fall between South America and the United States: USD 200

⦁ The countries of South America: USD 75

⦁ Other foreign countries: USD 150

All travelers must pay these fees irrespective of their fare types while changing any part of an itinerary. However, Latam Airlines Pass members holding the status of Black Signature, Black, and Platinum do not need to pay any change fees. These members and all the other travelers only have to pay the fare difference.

Latam Same Day Flight Change

Latam Airlines lets its passengers change their flight time on the departure date. In other words, they can reschedule their flights on the same departure date. Latam Airlines provides this ability to meet the convenience of travelers. This facility enables them to reschedule their flights for earlier or later times of the day.

For successful Latam Same Day Flight Change, they must keep the date, origin, and destination the same. They should keep all the parts of their itineraries the same. This same-day flight change is also subject to the availability of seats on the new flight. Before proceeding with same-day flight changes, travelers should check that seats are available on the next flight.

This service of Latam Airlines enables travelers to change their flights 24 hours before departure. They can use this service through the Latam website or its mobile app. This airline applies certain conditions for changing a flight on the same date as the departure.

⦁ This service is available only for flights booked with Latam Airlines. It is not available for flights with other airlines.

⦁ Travelers of all kinds of reservations can request same-day flight changes.

⦁ Fare conditions applied to the original booking will remain the same for the new booking.

⦁ Change fees for the same departure date apply to tickets for both adults and children. Children below the age of 2 years can enjoy this service for free.

⦁ Travelers must keep their connecting flights the same with new non-stop flights.

⦁ Travelers can change their flights only one time.

Cost of Latam Same Day Flight Change:

Passengers looking to change their flights on the same day of departure need to pay the following fees:

⦁ Domestic flights within Brazil: USD 20

⦁ Domestic flights within Chile: USD 22

⦁ Domestic flights within Colombia: USD 12

⦁ Domestic flights within Ecuador: USD 15

⦁ Domestic flights within Peru: USD 30

⦁ All other international flights: USD 75

The service as mentioned above charges cannot be refunded under any circumstance. It can only be refunded if Latam Airlines cancels or delays flights for specific reasons. Those reasons could be operational, security or services, extraordinary circumstances, and other unavoidable situations. These situations can force Latam Airlines to cancel or delay flights. In these cases, travelers can request a refund through LATAM’s Contact Center.

Latam Airlines Flight Change 24 Hours

Latam Airlines flight change within 24 hours policy differs according to travelers. It defines that travelers in the United States can cancel or change their flights within 24 hours of purchase. They do not have to pay any change or cancellation fees and receive a full refund. To be able to cancel their flights within this period, they should ensure that flights are booked at least 7 days before departure. After ensuring this condition, they can cancel their flights within 24 hours and get a full refund of the original amount of their tickets.

On the other hand, travelers belonging to Chile can change their flights within 48 hours of booking. This facility is for tickets booked for destinations only within Chile. They can change their flights within this period if they have purchased tickets 7 days before departure or within 7 days for flights booked 180 days before departure. After ensuring this condition, they can change their flights within 48 hours of booking.

Latam Airlines Change Flight Procedure

Travelers of Latam Airlines can change their flight tickets through online and offline channels. These options include the Latam Airlines website, mobile, customer care service, local airport office, or other third-party travel agencies. These options can only be used if they have booked their original ticket from the same source.

For example, if they have booked their flights online, they can change through this source only. For tickets booked through travel agents, travelers must request to change their flights through these agents.

Travelers can also contact Latam Airlines directly in case of extraordinary situations such as:

● If their flights are departing within 48 hours and they want to change their itineraries during this period

● Flights booked with average fares and not any other promotional fare

● Flight only operated by Latam Airlines or other ones that are included in its system

● Their tickets do not include any ground service program

Accessing any of these sources allows travelers to change their flights before departure. These sources suggest alternate available flights and flight dates, times, and routes.

Latam Airlines Flight Change Online

Latam Airlines flight change online options are available for all travelers. It enables travelers to use online platforms to modify their domestic and international routes.

Travelers can directly access their flight bookings through these platforms. These platforms allow them to modify flights and other parts of their itineraries. Using these platforms, they can retrieve their itineraries and upgrade flight dates, times, routes, and names.

Through Latam Airlines online platforms, travelers can confirm changes by selecting alternate options and paying through their preferred payment modes. These online platforms are:

Official website of Latam Airlines:

Latam Airlines is one of the most convenient online platforms where travelers can modify their itineraries. They can use this platform by clicking the ‘Manage my Trips’ option under the ‘My Trips’ menu. Travelers can see this option on the website’s homepage. The ‘manage my trips’ option redirects them to the ‘search your trip’ page. They can enter their order number, reservation code, and last name to retrieve their bookings.

After retrieving their bookings, they have options such as upgrading tickets, choosing meals, selecting seats, and paying for these changes.

To make changes in their itineraries, travelers can also log in through their email addresses and review their accounts. Having an account on Latam Airlines enables travelers to purchase and book services such as:

● Same-day flight changes

● Checking flight status

● Gain lounge access

● Upgrade other optional services.

Mobile App of Latam Airlines:

Travelers can also access their booking modification services through the mobile app of Latam Airlines. They can request the same services as the website through this mobile app.

Latam Airlines Flight Change Offline

Offline flight rebooking options of Latam Airlines include changing flights by speaking with Latam Airlines customer care services. The executives of this customer service are trained well to resolve customer queries quickly. They speak with travelers through:

● Phone call: Latam Airlines travelers can contact +1-800-315-2771 to connect with customer care executives. They can also find the other numbers on the website of Latam Airlines or Latam Trade

● Email: Latam Airlines executives are also responsive to email. Travelers can write emails to them and communicate their issues related to flight changes transparently. They can find the email addresses of Latam Airlines on the website

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you change your flight to Latam ?

A. You can change your flight on Latam. This airline allows changing flights at least 48 hours before departure. You can only change your flight after this period. Under certain circumstances, you can change your flight after these hours. You need to contact Latam customer care experts to raise your request for it. Latam Airlines also allows you to change your flight for free if you request it within 24 hours of departure.

Q. How much does it cost to cancel a flight to Latam ?

A. Travellers of Latam Airlines can cancel their flights for free within 24 hours of booking. After this period, certain fare types of Latam Airlines support flight cancellation fees, and other types do not. To know the flight cancellation cost, you need to check it in your itineraries. Latam Airlines informs you about cancellation fees in your booking details.

Q. Are Latam airline tickets refundable ?

A. Latam Airlines tickets are refundable under certain conditions. You can receive your refunds for your non-refundable ticket too. Latam Airlines will transfer full refunds if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase. You will be able to receive refunds even if your ticket is non-refundable. Latam Airlines also compensates with refunds if it cancels, delays, or reschedules your flights. To compensate for your loss, it will suggest you either reschedule your flight or apply for refunds.

Q. How long do Latam refunds take ?

A. Latam Airlines will refund your ticket to the original form of payment within 7 business days. It will transfer your money to the payment method you used during your flight booking. For the region of Brazil, you will get it within 7 standard days. This refund will be reflected in your account as per the timing of the bank.

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