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Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France change policy allows travellers to easily change their flights. It is because this policy guides them on the process of changing their flights through various sources that the airline offers. They not only get to know about the process, but also the way Air France’s flight changing system works through this policy.

This policy simplifies the system of flight changing in Air France. Due to this simplicity, travellers can change their flights anytime at their convenience. They can use either the website, the mobile app or customer care of Air France. If any issue arises related to it, they can call Air France customer care whenever they want. Air France ensures that its customer service is available for them 24/7. Flight changes can be done through all of these sources by paying a minimal to no amount of money.

In many cases, passengers are exempted from paying flight change fees. Their fare types determine whether they are eligible for change fees or not. They also do not have to pay change fees if Air France cancels their flights too. In the latter case, AIr France will compensate for the loss of their passengers. This airline suggests the alternate available and they will be asked to select from their end. If Air France cannot arrange for the alternate flight, then it will initiate refunds to their original bank account.

Thus, Air France mentions such benefits of flight changes in its Air France Flight Change Policy. Let’s see the entire the policy of flight changes in detail below-

About the Air France Flight Change Policy Rules

Many times, circumstances force passengers to frequently change their travel plans. They still hesitate to change their flights because they might end up wasting their money. This possibility stops them from changing their plans and rescheduling their flights.

Air France clears them off from any of such troubles. It ensures that they do not have to spend a great sum of money for the sake of changing their flights. They can change their flights without any hesitation because Air France does not impose heavy fees. This benefit applies to all domestic and international flights of Air France. Similar to it, Air France flight change policy also determines more such benefits to its passengers. These benefits also come along with certain rules that passengers need to follow:

● Air France passengers have to pay a fraction of fare if their new flight costs higher than the original flight

● If passengers want to change their flights for free, then they have to rebook it within 24 hours of booking.

● Air France will apply fees for changing flights after the 24 hours of booking

● The passengers are allowed to make the change in date, time, itinerary, meals and seats for free if the changes are made within the free span.

● The flight changes should be done from the same source of booking. Bookings made on the Air France website should be changed through it only. Air France will not entertain request for change of flights on the website if booked through a travel agent

● Air France will refund the remaining balance if the cost of new flight is lower than the original one

● If passengers have booked flights for their round trip, they can change their flights for one-way. Air France will impose change fee for this change only and not for the entire round trip

● Travellers should ensure that they are making changes for the same origin and destination cities

● Changes of destinations depend upon the Air France ticket purchased. Passengers can check their destination change option while booking their tickets

● Travellers shall make all the flight changes at least 72 to 24 hours before the departure of the flight. These changes should be done in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle

● If passengers have booked flights with non-changeable tickets, then the airline will not be able to help them in any modifications

Air France 24 hours Flight Change Policy

The 24 hour flight change policy of Air France gives the opportunity to travellers to change flights for free. It provides them with the period of making all kinds of booking modifications within 24 hours of reservation. Within this period, they do not have to pay any extra cost for modifications. The rules and regulations for modifications within this period are:

● This policy allows passengers to modify their bookings within 24 hours of purchase

● They can make changes in their bookings without paying any change fees. They only have to pay the fare difference

● This policy of 24-hour change is included in types of Air France fares, irrespective of being refundable or non-refundable.

● The non-refundable tickets do not include free flight changes within this period of purchase. Under certain exceptions, passengers can change their flights within the specified time if they have non-refundable tickets.

● Bookings made with Flying Blue award miles or through any travel agency cannot be eligible for flight changes for free within the specified time

● All partner flights of Air France such as KLM and Delta Airlines do not permit passengers to make free flight changes within 24 hours of booking

Air France Same Day Flight Change Policy

Air France same-day flight policy ensures that customers are able to adjust their travelling dates and time according to the changes in their plans. They are able to make flight changes on the day of the departure. This policy enables them to rebook their flights for an earlier or later time of the day. However, Air France defines certain same-day flight change rules for them:

● The facility of same-day flight change is applicable to all domestic and international flights of Air France and its partner airlines.

● The availability of alternate flights is subject to their availability.

● Passengers with Air France Flex fare or a higher fare class are allowed to change their bookings on the same day of the departure. Those with lower fare classes such as basic economy cannot make same-day flight changes

● Same-day change service fees differ according to the fare class and the availability of seats on the new flight

● Requests to make same-day changes can be raised 3 hours before the scheduled departure. No requests from passengers after this time will be entertained by Air France

● Origin and destination of the Air France flight should remain the same for this facility

● If a seat is not available on the requested flight, passengers may be placed on standby for the next available flight.

● The same day change fee is non-refundable, even if the passenger cancels the new flight or does not show up for the new flight.

Air France Name Change Policy

Name correction is one of the most requested changes that passengers make. Passengers often make minor mistakes in their names either because of hurry or any other uncontrollable situation. In such a scenario, Air France allows them to make changes in a streamlined manner. Following are the rules related to it:

● According to the Air France flight Name Change Policy, changing the entire name on a flight ticket would not be possible. This can lead to change in identity. That is why Air France does not allow the entire name change

● If passengers have made spelling errors in their names, they can contact Air France customer care to correct it. A service fee can be applied if such errors are rectified through customer care calls.

● Correction of name spellings should be done at least 72 hours before the departure of the flight. Passengers will be paying a change fee for rectifying it after the given free time period. That means they rectify their names for free within 24 hours of flight bookings.

Air France Flight Date Change

Air France allows passengers to change their travelling dates and time. They can also change their origin and departure destinations. These changes can be made via the ‘my bookings’ page on the website or through the mobile app. Customers can also contact Air France customer care service if they are in need to change their flight dates through this mode.

Air France Change Fees

The passengers have to pay some amount as the fees if the changes are not made as per the Air France change flight policy. The changes fees structure of Air France is:

● Passengers have to pay $20 for making changes at the airport or the city ticket office

● Rebooking Air France tickets through third party agencies will incur the cost of $50

● Passengers who have got their tickets insured can make flight changes anytime without paying any penalty for it

● The change fee significantly depends on the destination, the type of fare, and, most importantly, the time of change made in the tickets.

● If passengers need to change their flights, its total amount of fees depends upon the services they include

● Air France charges change fees on bookings made with non-refundable fares

● On the other hand, refundable tickets are often flexible. Bookings made with refundable tickets have to pay reduced to zero fees for flight changes

● Passengers will also get relaxation from the change fee if they are rescheduling their flights due to the significant events such as the death of a family member.

How To Change Air France Flight?

Air France includes offline and online ways of changing flights. Passengers can choose any of these ways with which they are comfortable. They can use the website, the mobile app, visit the airport or contact customer care services for making successful changes. If they have any issues regarding the process of changing flights, then they can contact Air France customer care services through phone call, SMS text and email.

Air France Change Flight Online

One of the easiest ways of making flight changes is through the internet. Air France website and mobile app have proved to be one of the most convenient ways of making flight changes. Passengers can use this website and app through any of the devices they have from their comfort zones.

Air France Flight via Official Website:

Managing bookings on Air France website can be done in the following ways-

● Opening the website of Air France at ‘’.

● Clicking on ‘my bookings’ heading on the homepage.

● After coming to the ‘my bookings page, users can create their accounts with an email address and password to access the upcoming trips. Users can also login with their email and password if they already have their accounts. Another option is clicking on the ‘login with my booking reference’ to open Air France account and start modifying bookings.

● Clicking on the upcoming trips in the bookings and reservation sections

● Users need to choose the flight that they have to change and click on ‘modify’ or ‘change flight’ option

● Checking the alternate available flight, its date, time and destination to make sure of the decision of changing flights. Users will also be able to review the change fee. If you have a non-refundable ticket, you may have to pay a change fee to make the change. If so, provide your payment details and complete the payment process.

Alter Flight Via Mobile App:

Besides the website, Air France change policy also covers the use of the mobile app for changing a flight. This policy ensures that users can quickly access the Air France mobile app to modify their upcoming trips. Besides flight changes, users can also use the app for other purposes such as checking flight status, booking a new seat or a meal, upgrading travel classes. Overall, the app allows users to perform all those activities that they do on the website. Thus, the Air France mobile app is as powerful as the website.

Users can use the app for rebooking their flights in following ways:

● Logging in, signing up or continuing as guests to view the app’s content

● Taping on ‘bookings’ to proceed

● Choosing between the current trips and past trips

● For upgrading the upcoming trip, tap on the current trip

● Tapping on ‘connect’ to proceed

● On the following home screen, users are required to enter their email or flying blue number to access the trip. They can also tap on ‘Log in with your password instead’ given at the bottom of the home screen

● After logging in, users will see their eligibility to change their flights.

● If they find themselves eligible, they will need to follow the prompts to select a new date, flight and time. They will also be confirming any additional fees or fare difference

● Confirming the changes and then proceeding to make payment for any changes

● Finally, reviewing the updated itinerary to make sure that all the details are correct

Air France Flight Change Offline

Besides the onlines, users can also choose the offline ways of changing Air France website. The offline options are:

Make Changes On Flight Via Customer Service:

Users often face issues in changing their flights. In many cases, they are not able to use the above mentioned online modes of changing their flights. Calling customer care of Air France via phone or connecting to it via text messages become useful tools. Passengers can find out the details of these tools on the website of Air France and by visiting the ‘contact us’ page. They can retrieve the contact details of the airline specified for their countries from this page.

The contact page of the website also displays the option of connecting through Whatsapp and Facebook Messengers. If a phone call is not required, then passengers can text to customer care representatives on these messengers. They will receive immediate help from this team.

Modify Your Booking At The Airport:

In case any help with changing flights is required in person, passengers can visit the customer service counter at the airport. They need to reach the respective Air France counter to reschedule their flights. Before reaching the counters, passengers need to ensure that they carry their documents related to the trip. The Air France agent might need to verify their details through these documents.

Request To Change Flight Ticket Via Travel Agent:

Air France specifies that passengers should change their flights from the same source as that of their flight bookings. In such a case, those who have booked their flights through travel agents need to contact them for making flight changes. These agents might require booking reference numbers and other details for a successful flight change process. That is why passengers need to make sure that they have all relevant documents.

In all of these modes, passengers need to pay the fare difference as well as change fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you change flights on Air France?

A. Yes. Air France lets you change your flight either for a cost or for free. It has crafted a comprehensive flight change policy that covers all of the sections related to its flight changes. You can make changes in your flight according to the rules specified in this policy

Q. Can I change my flight to a different date?

A. Besides flight changes, you can change your Air France flight date and time. You need to contact its customer care or visit its website or mobile app to perform the flight date changes.

Q. How do I contact Air France customer service?

A. Air France operates a responsive customer care team that answers customer queries in no time. Customers can contact this responsive team anytime through phone call, SMS or text messengers. They can find its contact details on the ‘contact us’ page and select their region to view contact numbers.

Q. When to book Air France flights?

A. The best time for booking Air France international flights is between 2 to 8 months before your date of departure. You will be able to negotiate more during this time. In case of domestic flights, you can book your flight 4 to 8 weeks in advance.

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