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Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy

Canceling a flight of Lufthansa Airlines is not a painful task. According to Lufthansa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, travelers can cancel it 24 hours before departure.

Before this time, travelers have ample time to cancel their flights. Besides, travelers do not have to pay heavy costs after canceling their flights. Their flight cancellations are free in most of the cases.

Free flight cancellations are allowed if travelers cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, certain fares, such as flex tickets of economy, premium economy, business, and first travel classes, do not impose cancellation fees.

Thus, this Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy provides excellent flexibility to travelers if they cancel their flights.

How to Cancel Lufthansa Flight Reservation?

Lufthansa Airlines enables travelers to use manifold ways of canceling their flights. It provides them with online and offline modes for booking, canceling, or changing flight reservations. These modes are as follows:

Visit the Lufthansa Airlines Official Website:

Customer Service Phone Number: +1-800-315-2771

The Mobile App: Lufthansa app

Social Media:




Airport Service Desks:

Airport service desks offer passenger support, including check-in, rebooking, baggage assistance, and information services, making air travel more convenient and helping travelers with their needs and inquiries.

Online Modes to cancellation of lufthansa Airlines Flight

Canceling the Lufthansa Airlines flight through the offline mode can be done. The website of Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most convenient modes travelers can use for booking and canceling their flights.

● Travellers can cancel their flights from the website if they had earlier used it for booking

● Travellers can also use the mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines if they have used the website for their flight bookings

● The homepage of the Lufthansa website also displays the icon of live chat

● The live chat option on the website assists travelers in canceling their flights

● Lufthansa customer care executives are available on the live chat for immediate assistance

● Live assistants are also available on the Lufthansa Airlines mobile app

● Travellers can tap on the message icon in the top-right corner to avail of live chat

● Instead of using the live chat, they can tap on the ‘add booking/check-in’ or ‘login’ buttons on the home screen to start their flight cancellation process

● Travellers using the website can click on ‘my bookings’ to start flight cancellation processes

● By choosing any of these options, they can enter their booking reference numbers, first name, and last name to access their itineraries

● Travellers have to choose flights from their itineraries that need to be canceled

● Payment of applicable fees and taxes will be done during this flight cancellation process only

Offline Modes to Cancellation of lufthansa Airlines Flight

Cancelling Lufthansa Airlines flights offline can be done. The customer care service of Lufthansa Airlines is another effective and quick mode of booking and canceling Lufthansa flights.

● Travellers who booked their flights through the customer service of Lufthansa Airlines should use the same mode for canceling them

● The Lufthansa Airlines customer care service is available on the phone call, in the local airport office, and on social media

● If travelers are not able to contact Lufthansa customer service on the phone, then they can reach them on social media

● Lufthansa Airlines representatives are available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

● The contact numbers of Lufthansa Airlines are given on the website

● Travellers can find contact numbers by visiting the ‘help’ section of the website

● The contact numbers are available for all regions in which Lufthansa operates

● The customer care service of Lufthansa Airlines is available for 24 hours and 7 days

Lufthansa Same Day Cancellation

● Lufthansa Airlines does not allow travelers to cancel their flights on the same day of the departure

● Lufthansa Airlines can cancel flights on the same day of departure

● Travellers will receive refunds or compensations from Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Flight Cancellations—Other Conditions

Terms and conditions applied to Lufthansa Airlines are:

● Travellers can claim 100% refunds if they cancel or change their flights within 24 hours of booking

● Lufthansa Airlines will refund the entire amount if it cancels or delays flights

● Rules are different for refundable and non-refundable tickets

● Only refundable tickets can be canceled

● Lufthansa applies reasonable costs on flight cancellations

● Travellers can cancel their Lufthansa Airlines flights until 24 hours before departure

● Travellers have to pay the costs of cancellations after 24 hours of booking their flights

● Lufthansa does not allow flight cancellations after the departure of their flights

● Return flights will automatically get canceled if travelers cancel their outbound flights

● Travellers should use the unused portion of their Lufthansa flight tickets within 365 days of the date of departure

● Lufthansa Airlines allows travelers to rebook another flight for free in case of delays or cancellations of their previous flight

● The cancellation of group bookings would be subject to its conditions

● If non-refundable tickets are cancelled, then the remaining balance wil be issued as travel credits

What Are The Conditions Of Lufthansa Airlines Refund?

Lufthansa Airlines applies certain conditions on refunds after cancellations. These are:

● Refunds on Lufthansa Airlines will be initiated on the unused portions of the ticket

● Travellers qualify for refunds if they cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking

● Refunds will be initiated for the entire amount in case of flight cancellations within 24 hours

● Lufthansa will process full refunds in case of flight delays by more than 5 hours on the date of departure

● Only refundable flight ticket holders will be eligible for full refunds

● Travellers holding non-refundable tickets will not receive refunds as cash

● Non-refundable ticket holders will receive refunds as travel credits

● Lufthansa Airlines will process refunds within 7-10 business days

● As per Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation policy, refunds would be made either to passengers who carry their names on their flight tickets or to the ones who paid for their flight reservations

● Lufthansa will not consider requests for refunds that are made after six months of the expiry of the flight reservations

● Travellers can apply for refunds online through the website and the mobile app

● The refund form is available on the website of Lufthansa Airlines

● Travellers need to contact the third party-traveling agency for refunds if they booked their flights through it

Refund or Compensations for Denied boarding:

● In rare instances, Lufthansa Airlines denies boarding to travelers even if their reservations are confirmed

● Travellers have the right to apply for compensation if they are denied boarding by Lufthansa Airlines

● Travellers will receive compensation if their alternative flights arrive more than 1 hour after the scheduled arrival

Lufthansa airlines Refund Terms

Other refund terms that travelers need to know:

● According to Lufthansa Airlines refund policy, Lufthansa will process refunds within 7 days if tickets are purchased with credit cards

● Tickets purchased through cash will be refunded within 20 business days of Lufthansa Airlines

● Travellers need to fill out the refund form if they want refunds of their booking amount

● All refunds will be processed in the original form of payment

● Travellers will get refunds for the unused portion of their itineraries

Lufthansa 24-Hour Flight Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy of Lufthansa Airlines states that:

● Travellers can cancel their flights for free within 24 hours of booking

● All types of Lufthansa Airlines fares include free flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking

● Holders of refundable and non-refundable tickets will receive refunds after cancellations

● Refunds will be received in the original form of payment and within a few business days

● Travellers can cancel their flights during this risk-free period of 24 hours through the

i) Lufthansa Airlines website

ii) Lufthansa Airlines mobile app

iii) The customer service of Lufthansa Airlines

iv) Local airport office of Lufthansa Airlines

● Travellers need to ensure that their flights are booked at least 7 days before for cancellations within 24 hours of booking

Lufthansa Cancellation Fee

Lufthansa Airlines flight cancellation fees differ according to the conditions of all fares on Lufthansa Airlines. These fees range between USD 300 and USD 750. Lufthansa Airlines fares that include these cancellation and refund fees are:

● The basic fares of economy, premium economy, business class, and first-class do not allow flight cancellations

● The basic plus fare of the economy class includes the flight cancellation fees of USD 300, and that of premium, business, and first-class is USD 500

● The flex fares of economy, premium economy, business, and first class do not include flight cancellation fees

● The cancellation fee for a Lufthansa award ticket is USD 60

● The cancellation fee for a Lufthansa award ticket is USD 60

The non-refundable tickets on Lufthansa Airlines cannot be canceled or refunded. You will be able to cancel it only in rare cases. It can be canceled in case of flight delays or cancellations by Lufthansa Airlines. This cancellation is free of cost. Cancelling your flight on Lufthansa Airlines is also free if done within 24 hours of booking. After this risk-free period, most of your fare will be forfeited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you cancel a Lufthansa flight and get a refund?

A. You can get a refund after canceling your Lufthansa Airlines flight. Your fare conditions determine whether you are eligible for refunds. If your fare conditions allow, you will be entitled to complete refunds. If your fare is non-refundable and you have canceled it, you will receive the remaining balance as travel credits instead of cash.

Q. Does Lufthansa charge for cancellation?

A. Lufthansa Airlines imposes fees for canceling flights. It charges between USD 200 and USD 400 for canceling international and domestic flights. Basic plus fares of economy, premium economy, business, and first classes of Lufthansa Airlines include its flight cancellation fees. The other fares either do not allow flight cancellations or allow free cancellations. However, Lufthansa allows free flight cancellations within 24 hours of booking.

Q. How much does Lufthansa pay for canceled flights?

A. Lufthansa pays for denied over-boarding or canceling flights from its end. It also delays flights due to unavoidable reasons. In case of over-boarding, it compensates at most $675 if the alternate booked flight arrives 1-4 hours late. If this flight arrives more than 4 hours late, then Lufthansa will compensate with $1350.

Q. How long do Lufthansa refunds take?

A. Lufthansa initiates refunds after you cancel your flight. It will refund your entire balance in the original form of payment. You will receive refunds within 7-10 business days if you have booked your flight with your credit card. If you have booked it with cash, you will receive it within 20 business days.

Q. How do I contact Lufthansa for a refund?

A. You can contact Lufthansa Airlines by calling customer care, contacting a live assistant on live chat, visiting the local airport office of Lufthansa Airlines, or reaching the Lufthansa Airlines team on social media. The representatives of Lufthansa Airlines are available on all these modes for 24 hours and 7 days. You can contact them anytime as you get time.

Q. What happens if my flight is canceled due to a strike Lufthansa?

A. Your Lufthansa flight can get canceled due to reasons such as Lufthansa strikes. In these cases, Lufthansa will rebook another flight or refund your entire amount within a few days.

Q. How can I call Lufthansa customer service?

A. You can call Lufthansa Airlines customer service on 1800 102 5838

Q. Does Lufthansa have a chat service?

A. Lufthansa Airlines chat service is available on the website. The chat icon is visible at the bottom of the homepage when you visit the Lufthansa Airlines website.

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