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Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy

The flight change policy of Copa Airlines makes it one of the largest US carriers. This is an exhaustive policy that guides customers on ways to change flights. Through this Copa Airlines flight change policy, they can follow this procedure without any troubleshooting. Travellers can easily change their flights and modify other booking details. Copa Airlines customer care always remains available if any troubleshoot arises. That is why Copa Airlines holds great popularity among the travellers.

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy-Terms and Conditions

Copa Airlines mentions everything that passengers need to know about changing flights in its flight change policy. Its policy includes the rules and regulations applied to changing a flight. These rules and regulations apply to same-day changes and within 24 hours of booking changes too. They are:

● Travellers can purchase only the tickets purchased with Copa Airlines.

● Copa Airlines does not allow any kind of modification in group reservations

● Copa Airlines allows changes to only those tickets that were purchased using credit or debit cards, check and instalments. Tickets purchased through miles cannot be changed

● Travellers can make changes in their bookings as many times as they want before 48 hours of booking. After these hours, they can make changes for only one time

● The availability of flight determines whether a passenger can rebook another flight or not

● A passenger can rebook his tickets only within specific timeframes

● Copa Airlines enables travellers to change their flights’ date, time and route of departure. They can also make corrections in their name

● All travellers looking for flight changes also have to pay its total cost. The total cost of changing a flight includes change fees, fare difference between the original and new flights and taxes imposed

● Change fees on Copa Airlines are different for every type of fare

● The difference of fares between the new flight and the original flight might be lower. In this case, Copa Airlines will refund the remaining balance as travel credits

● Taxes paid earlier during the original booking will not be refunded after the new booking

● Change in one part of the itinerary could result in the change of fare type. Thus, this change in fare type applies to all the other parts of the itinerary. This change could be for the better benefits

● Passengers will receive their travel credits on their email address

● The travel credits can be used for future travelling and any additional services of Copa Airlines

● Travel credits have their own rules and conditions framed by Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines Ticket Name Change Policy

Copa Airlines recommends that travellers should provide the correct name on their tickets. Wrong or misspelt names can create hassles during their boarding processes. To avoid it, they should ensure that their names are spelt correctly. It should match with the valid identity proof issued by the government. Name fields on a flight ticket cannot be completed with nicknames or pet names.

Whereas, errors in names can occur sometimes. Copa Airlines gives the opportunity of correcting it. It does not allow complete changing of names. Only minor corrections such as a wrong letter can be changed. For such corrections, travellers need to create a name correction request. They can apply for this request through the Name Correction Request Form. Travellers can easily get this form on the website.

To get to form, users can click on the ‘information’ tab on the website. In the search that appears after clicking this tap, they can enter the query-name change. After finding this query, users can read information related to name changes. They will be able to find the name change request form on the page where this information was given.

After filling up this form, travellers must ensure that the corrected name must match with that on their passports. Travel agencies will charge fees for name correction if they had booked their tickets earlier.

Copa Airlines Flight Change Fee

Flight, date, time, route and name changes with Copa Airlines can be done. Fees for changing all these parts of an itinerary differs according to fare rules. Copa Airlines offers several fares for each traveller. Travellers can choose any of these fares through which they can travel. These fares are namely:


● Basic- Booking modifications allowed but for a fee

● Classic-Free booking modifications are allowed only for once if requested 8 days or more before departure. Fees will apply after this one-time change

● Full- Free booking modifications are allowed


● Promo-Free booking modifications are allowed only for once. It can be done 8 or more days before departure. Travellers have to pay change fees after changing their flights for once

● Full- Free flight changes are allowed

Copa Airlines Flight Change Fee Rules

● Modifications of bookings can lead to a splitting of tickets between different airlines. If this split occurs, conditions of the most restrictive fare type will be applied to the entire reservation

● Fare differences can apply in case the new fare costs more than the original fare

● Travellers have to pay the change fee if they fail to board their flights

Copa Airlines Cost To Change Flight

Travellers need to change their flights, dates of departure and arrival , origin and destination cities. The Copa Airlines total cost to change flight and all of these segments of reservation depends upon the following factors:

● Change fees that is applied to the purchased fare type

● Application of fare difference between the original and the new flight

● All the new taxes applied along with the new tickets

● Service fees for changing through channels other than the website

Travellers need to pay this total cost for modifying their itineraries. Copa Airlines accepts these payments in the form of Credit Cards such Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Diners Club, Discover, UATP and Uplift.

Copa Airlines Change Seats

Seats will need to be selected again after completing the ticket change. Travellers might have already purchased your seat in the original booking. They can still purchase that seat in the new flights. The type of seat that they want to select can only be purchased if it is available

Travellers might have already reserved their seats in their original flight bookings. They may need to select their seats again in their new flights. If they want to reserve their seats again, they should check its availability.

After ensuring its availability, they can proceed with seat selection. Copa Airlines allows them to select and make changes to their seating arrangement according to its ability and seat types. They can change their seats through the ‘My Trips’ tab on the homepage or during their check-in.

Travellers can also contact the Copa Airlines customer care. They can request to change for a regular seat or buy an advanced seat. Travellers need to ensure that they are requesting a long time before their departure, as seat availability varies according to it.

Copa Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Copa Airlines same day flight change is also one of the most flexible policies. It is because travellers are able to change their flights on the same-day of the departure for free. All of the fare types, except the Basic Economy one does not allow same-day changes.

All these benefits come under Copa Airlines Same-Day Change-Fly Early. This plan of Copa Airlines allows travellers to reschedule their flights to a more convenient time. They can change the time of their flights on the same date of the departure. These changes are done free of charge. Rules will be applied with this feature:

● Travellers can request for same-day changes only at the airports.

● Copa Airlines flights should be rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to same day of the departure

● Routes should not be changed for same-day flight changes. Origin and departure cities must remain the same

● Same-day flight changes apply only to Copa Airlines. It does not apply to other airlines

Copa Airline Refund Policy

Copa Airline Refund Policy states that travellers will get their refunds within the specified time. For processing refunds, this policy applies certain rules that make them eligible for getting refunds. Travellers will be able to request refunds according to the rules of their countries. They can apply for refunds if their tickets allow.

Fully Refundable Fares:

Travellers will get complete refunds if their tickets are refundable. They will receive refunds in the original form of payment that was used during the original booking. Requests for these refunds can be applied by using the online Refund Request Form. This form is available on the airlines’ website.

After verifying all the relevant details, the Copa Airlines team will process it within 8 weeks. The time of processing depends upon the billing cycle of banking institutions in which travellers hold their accounts. Copa Airlines will process refunding within this period in case the payment was made through the card. If the payment was made through cash, then it will process refunds immediately. For check payments, it will process refunds within 10 business days.

Non Refundable Fares:

Copa Airlines does not allow refunds for non-refundable fares. Instead, it will retain the booking amount as travel credits after its modification or cancellation. Travellers can retain this credit until its validity. The validity of this credit is one year from the original date of purchase. These credits are non-transferrable and only the original ticket holder should use.

Whereas, in rare cases, travellers with non-refundable tickets can also receive refunds in the original form of payment. In cases such as a flight delay by 4 hours, travellers will be able to get full refunds.

If the request is created for the death of the original ticket holder, any family member must write a letter to the airline. This letter should include the family member’s name and relationship with the deceased ticket holder. These family members can be spouses, children and parents. In cases of illness, refund will apply according to the fare rule.

Copa Airlines can reject a refund request due to the following:

● Expired ticket validity

● Requests for reimbursements raised outside the country of residence of travellers without providing any valid identity proof

Copa Airlines flight change 24 hours

Copa Airlines flight change 24 hour policy differs from other airlines. Other airlines allow modification of itineraries within 24 hours of its booking and purchasing. Whereas, Copa Airlines enables changes or cancellations of flights within 48 hours of booking. During this period, travellers can change their flights for free.

All fare types of Copa Airlines include this benefit. Fares of basic economy holders can also apply for free changes in their bookings. They will also get full refunds whether their tickets are refundable or non-refundable.

Regarding the same-day flight change, Copa Airlines allows travellers to change their flights at least 24 hours prior to their departure. Until this period, they can change the time of their flights for the same date of their departure. They cannot make such changes after this period. Certain fees apply for modifying a booking for the date of departure.

How to Change Copa Airlines Flight, Date, Time and Route?

Customers of Copa Airlines will be able to change their flights after accessing their itineraries. For editing it, they can access it through the website of Copa Airlines. Customers can follow these steps to view and edit itineraries through the website:

Step 1: Click on the ‘My Trips’ tab on the website’s homepage

Step 2: Enter the reservation number or e-ticket number and last name

Step 3: After accessing the upcoming trips, click on the ‘change itinerary’ option

Step 4: Select the new desired date and time

Step 5: Review the cost of changes that include change fee, fare differences and taxes that apply according to the fare rules

Copa Airlines Change Flight Online

Copa Airlines enables travellers to modify their itineraries through the website and the mobile app. These online platforms offer different ways to access itineraries and edit them. Those different ways are:

Official website of Copa Airlines:

Other than the ‘My Trips’ option mentioned above, travellers can also login into their Copa Airlines account. They have to login through their email address and password to proceed with making changes in their itineraries. If they are unable to find options to change their flights, then they can also click on the ‘information’ tab to view the steps related to it and follow them.

Copa Airlines Mobile App:

Copa Airlines Mobile App also includes multiple ways to rebook flights and other parts of an itinerary. Tapping on the ‘my trips’ icon on the homescreen and redirecting users to the ‘my trips’ page is one way. They can add their itineraries by tapping on the ‘plus’ sign.

The other way is tapping on the ‘add a trip’ icon. Users enter their reservation code and last name after tapping this icon. They will retrieve their itineraries in this way. Login is also another way to access their bookings and make desired changes in it.

Copa Airlines Change Flight Offline

Copa Airlines change flight offline includes contacting the customer care executives. Travellers, sometimes, need to contact them to resolve issues related to online processes of changing their flights. To speak with these executives, they can chose the following options:

Via Phone Call:

The customer care contact numbers of Copa Airlines are given on the website. Users can contact them during the hours mentioned on it. These contact numbers are given according to its regions. Customers can either call via the web or through normal calls. Customers can only contact Copa Airlines via phone calls. It does not support contacting through SMS or Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is my unused ticket valid for?

A. Your Copa Airlines ticket will remain valid for 1 year. Customers can use this ticket to rebook another flight or purchase any other travelling requirement. The validity of this ticket starts from the date it was purchased. Your ticket mentions the start date of its validity.

Q. How to reschedule copa airlines flight?

A. Copa Airlines enables its customers to reschedule their flights through various online and offline options. The online options include retrieving itineraries for rescheduling on the website and the mobile app. Whereas, offline ones include contacting customer care executives and rescheduling their flights through them.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for Copa airlines?

A. You can cancel Copa Airlines flights anytime via the website or contacting customer care. If you cancel your Copa Airlines flight within 48 hours of booking, you will get a complete refund. The cancellation of your Copa Airlines flight within 48 hours is refundable irrespective of your ticket being refundable and non-refundable. During these hours, you can even cancel your reservation for free.

Q. What happens if copa cancels my flight?

A. Copa Airlines can cancel and delay your flight anytime before its departure. If the delay happens from this time, you can either accept the next available flight suggested by the airline or apply for refunds. You will be able to get your refund amount within 8 weeks if the original payment was through card. If this payment was made through cash, you will be able to get the refund within 8 days of business.

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