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Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy

Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy

Delta Airlines customers always prefer to fly with the airline as they enjoy various benefits of changing flights with Delta Airlines. This is because of a reliable flight change policy. This Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy enables them to change flights whenever they want. It allows them to use either online and offline modes to make modifications in their bookings. Through these modes, they can view other options of available flights. The Delta flight change gives them the assurance that they will be able to buy readily available flights that match their schedules. Its rules, terms and conditions enable them to safely and frequently reschedule their flights.

These customers of Delta Airlines can make flight changes through their devices as per their convenience. It is because Delta Airlines facilitates with Delta website, its mobile app, and using chat assistants to change flight dates and add and remove other features of Delta Airlines in their bookings. Through these modes, they also have the facility of rebooking flights until 1 hour before their departure. They cannot make any flight changes beyond this period. In case passengers miss their flights because of the airline, then it will look into arranging alternate flights.

What are the rules and guidelines to change Delta Airlines flight?

The Delta Airlines flight change policy mentions that passengers can change, cancel or reschedule their flights and get rewards for it. Its flight change system includes rebooking a new flight through online and offline modes. These online and offline modes can be the website of Delta Airlines, the mobile app and Delta Airlines customer care.

But Delta Airlines levies some rules and conditions for a successful flight rescheduling. These terms and conditions are-

1. Passengers can rebook their flights for free. However, they can be exempted from paying the change fee in the following conditions:

● Flights booked 60 days before the departure- Delta Airlines flights should be booked at least 60 days before its departure for free flight changes.

● Waiver of fees for all North America flights- - Except the basic economy fare, passengers having a booking with all the other fares do not need to pay any change fees even after the 24-hour booking period exceeds. This rule applies to all Domestic and International flights originating from North America to other international destinations.

● Waiver of fees for international flight passengers- Delta Airlines passengers with flights booked from Canada, India, Europe and the Caribbean do not need to pay flight change fees.

3. Payment of fare differences- Delta Airlines passengers need to pay the fare difference if their flights cost higher than their original flights. In case the new flight costs low, then the remaining balance will be credited to their Delta Airlines account as eCredits.

4. Use of eCredits- The eCredit balance of passengers can be used for 1 year from the date of issuance. This balance cannot be used after 1 year. They can use this balance for rebooking their flights or availing of any other facility.

5. Change of tickets with a third-party agency- Customers need to pay additional charges if they have booked tickets through a third-party travel agency and again want to make changes through it.

Delta Change Flight Within 24-Hours Policy

Delta Airlines allows free flight changes within 24 hours of purchase. To be eligible for free flight changes, flights should be booked for at least 7 days before the departure. If any alternate flight is not available, then they can cancel their flights and get a refund of their bookings. This policy is applicable on all Delta flight fares including the basic economy one.

Other fares may or may not include free flight changes after the 24 hours of the booking. It depends upon the international and domestic routes. However, it has been a long time since Delta Airlines has allowed free flight changes on most of its routes, whether domestic or international.

Delta Flight Change Fee

To make travelling easier, Delta Airlines has waived off change fees for certain domestic and international routes. The change fee rules of Delta Airlines are:

Flight Change fee for Delta Airlines Travel Classes:

● Passengers who have booked tickets with main cabin for flights from the United States, Caribbean, India and Europe do not need to pay the change fees.

● The comfort plus passengers travelling from the United States Canada and Europe can change their flights without paying an additional cost.

● Only passengers travelling from the US and Canada flights in the First Class cabin do not need to pay the change fees.

● All these rules apply to refundable tickets

Change fees for Delta non-refundable tickets

● With a non-refundable ticket, you can change your flight when you pay a change fee of $0-$400, depending on your travel route, plus the price difference. As a reminder, Basic Economy tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable but in many instances, it can be edited.

● The Basic Economy tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable. However passengers holding this ticket can change their flights and book another flights for free within 24 hours of booking.

International flights originating within North, South and Central America-

● United States Canada and the Caribbean- No change fees for main cabin and above tickets. Basic economy tickets are not changeable for this route.

● Mexico-Passengers having their flights originating in Mexico in main cabin and above tickets need to pay change and cancellation fees of $200.

● Central America- Passengers of flights originating in Central America to the U.S, Canada, Puerto Rico with the main cabin and above tickets have to pay the change and cancel fees of $99. Those of the other destinations in the world have to pay a fee of $200 for changes and cancellation.

● South America- Passengers of flights scheduled from South America have to pay the change and cancel fee of $200.

Tickets Originating Outside of North, South & Central America & the Caribbean

● Delta flight change and cancel fee for tickets outside the North, South and Central America will be $0 to $400.

Delta Same-Day Flight Change

Delta allows passengers to make flight changes on the day of departure. Passengers can make changes under this facility within 24 hours of the date of departure. In some instances, they do not have to pay an additional fee for postponing or preponing a flight on the same-day of the departure. In the other instances they have to pay some amount.

However, customers have to pay $75 for the same-day flight change in Delta Airlines. This fee does not apply to the members of Delta Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Medallion. Passengers of all the fares have to pay this fee for their same-day flight changes. Those of basic economy fares cannot change their flights under any condition. Delta Airlines allow same-day changes for only domestic flights. Delta does not facilitate same-day flight changes for international travellers.

Within 24 hours of the flight's original departure time, Delta lets you make same-day ticket adjustments. Delta Airlines Same-Day Flight Changes are subject to seat availability and can only be made under conditions:

● Same-day flight changes can be done for the same travel class and route

● This facility applies to Main Cabin and above classes

● To flights within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

● Online during check-in or through the Fly Delta mobile app (subject to availability).

Passengers cannot make same day changes under certain exceptions. These are:

● Basic Economy fares

● International routes

● Origin/destination cities or same-city airports (JFK to LGA)

Same-Day Standby Upgrades:

Passengers can use the feature of Delta same-day standby to reserve their seats in another flight. They have to pay a fee for it and seats are subject to space availability. This option is only available for same-day flight changes. At the time of raising a flight change request, they can select this option for a standby seat on a new flight for free. They will not lose their seats reserved in their original flight.

This same-day standby feature is available only for flights from North America. Some of the cities in North America are exempted from the same-day standby fees. Thus, passengers of Delta’s North America’s flights can secure their original seats until their seats in the next flight gets clear.

Delta Change Name On Ticekt

Delta understands that passengers often need to correct name errors on their booking. They can face issues during the security checking for any mismatch of their names with photo identity proof. That is why Delta has allowed its customers to correct minor mistakes in their names. They are allowed to-

● Make spelling corrections in their last name and first

● Add middle name

● Change last name in case of marriage and divorce

● Correct the order of first and last names

Such minor changes can be made without paying any fees for it through Delta’s website, Fly Delta mobile app, or Delta customer services. Replacing the original name in Delta flight bookings with another passenger’s name is not permissible by Delta Airlines.

Delta Refundable Flights Tickets

Passengers with refundable tickets can change their tickets up to 24 hours before the date of departure. They do not have to pay any change fees for it. Getting a new flight under refundable tickets would depend upon its availability. The price of tickets for it can increase. According to the latest calculation of its new flight fare, passengers have to pay for the fare difference between the new flight and their original flight. Changing a flight with a refundable ticket can be done by going to the ‘My Trips’ portal. In this portal, they can access their upcoming trips to select and pay for the available flight.

Delta Airlines Online Flight Change Process

Delta Airlines change flights via online modes is one of the easiest ways that passengers can use. Online changes can be made by them only when they book tickets using the same online modes. They can use the Delta Airlines website, the mobile app and chat assistant to book and rebook their flights. . Otherwise, they can only contact their travel agents if they have booked Delta Airlines from them for changing their flights.

Delta Airlines Website:

The process of changing flights on Delta website involves-

● Opening the official website of Delta Airlines at

● Click on the ‘My Trips’ option

● Selecting the preference from the given option-confirmation number, credit/debit card number and Ticket number

● Entering the chosen number, first name and last name and proceeding

● Clicking on the ‘Find My Trip’ to select the flight that needs to be changed

● After selecting the flight, clicking on ‘Modify Flight’

● Following the prompts to book new flight

● Checking flight details of the available flights

● Selecting the suitable flight and making payments for it

Fly Delta Mobile App:

Through the Fly Delta mobile app by Delta Airlines, passengers can change their flights in the following ways-

● Downloading Fly Delta and learn about its terms and conditions

● Logging in to the Fly Delta account or ‘continue as a guest’

● If continuing as a guest, tapping on the three lines on left corner

● Selecting ‘My Trips’ from the menu

● On the ‘Find my trips’ page, selecting the preferences from the options- confirmation number, credit/debit card number and ticket number

● Entering the number, first name and last name

● Follow the prompts to complete flight rebooking

If any issue occurs during flight change processing on the app, then passengers can tap on the three dots on the upper-right corner of the ‘Find My Trips’ screen and click on ‘Contact Us’

Passengers will be receiving their new flight rebooking confirmation from Delta Airlines on their email. If they do more things online, Delta Airlines will reward them with more amenities for making flight changes, its date and time of departure and arrival and departure routes. Moreover, they might have to pay an additional amount if they rebook their flights through third-party travel agencies. Therefore, passengers are advised to prefer online modes of modifying their bookings.

Delta Airlines Offline Flight Change Process

Delta Airlines passengers can also use offline channels to make flight changes. Following are the offline ways:

Delta Airlines customer care:

Delta Airline has provided its customer care number on its website. Passengers can also find it on the ‘Fly Delta’ mobile app. They can also find the Delta Airlines customer care number directly here +1-800-315-2771. The ‘help centre’ page of the website also mentions contact numbers for different regions. Just click on the ‘help’ button on the website’s homepage. On the following ‘help centre’ page, scroll down to the ‘additional assistance’ section. The contact details can be found under this section.

At the Airport:

If passengers need to change their flights in a hurry and cannot use online options, then they can visit the airport and speak to Delta Airlines representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do you have to change a flight with Delta?

A. Delta allows you to change your flight within 24 hours of booking. You have to make sure that you can change flight, departure date and time, arrival destinations at least an hour before your departure. For changes within 24 hours of the departure, select the alternative available flight that matches your schedule and confirm the flight by using the Same-day change feature either on the Delta website or on the Fly Delta app.

Q. How easily can Delta change my flight?

A. Delta Airlines flights are easy to change and can be done within a few minutes. The online process of changing them is easily accessible and quickly leads users to confirming the changes. You can use both the website and the mobile app to smoothly glide through the process. Besides the online options, you can also contact Delta customer support via phone call or text for a faster way of flight changes. Regardless of any of these modes, you have to pay change fees if you are travelling from routes for which Delta incurs rebooking charges. It has waived off change fees for certain regions. Hence, you do not have to pay change fees if you are travelling to and from any of these regions.

Q. What does Delta refundable mean?

A. Delta refundable ticket means that you are eligible for a refund after your flight cancellation. It is because you have purchased a refundable ticket to reach your destination through Delta Airlines. Upon cancellation of this refundable ticket, you will receive a refund from Delta in your original form of payment. You still have to pay the cancellation fees. But you can avoid paying cancellation fee and get full refund if you are cancelling your Delta flight within 24 hours of booking.

Q. What is the cancellation charge for Delta?

A. Passengers of Delta basic economy fare are not allowed to change their flights. They can change it for free within 24 hours of booking. Those of the main cabin and other fares have to pay the cancellation fee of $99 to $199. These cancellation fees depend upon the domestic and international routes.

Q. How do I check the status of my eCredits?

A. You can check the balance and expiration date of your eCredit by visiting and entering the required details, such as your eCredit number.

Q. Does Delta accept refunds?

A. Delta accepts the refund request of customers after verifying their eligibility. If this airline has delayed their flights, then Delta will arrange for the alternate flight or refund their money. Passengers who have purchased refundable tickets will get refunds upon cancellation. Delta will credit their refunds to their original bank account within 7-10 business days.

Q. Can I change the name on a Delta airline ticket?

A. You can change your name on your Delta Airline ticket. You are only allowed to make name changes on account of marriage or divorce. For verification, you have to provide your legal documents and confirm changes.

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