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Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Customers of Lufthansa Airlines stay loyal to it because of its reliable flight change policy. This Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change offers them numerous options of changing their flights. It guarantees them with finding the readily available flight according to their situation. They are given the freedom to reschedule their flights often under this flight change policy.

Whenever the need arises, they can make flight changes through their devices. These passengers of Lufthansa Airlines have the facility of changing their flights through Lufthansa website, its mobile app, use chat assistants to change flights and make other changes in bookings. Through these modes, they also have the facility of rebooking flights until 1 hour before their departure. They cannot make any flight changes beyond this period. In case passengers miss their flights because of the airline, then it will look into arranging alternate flights.

Let’s understand the Lufthansa Airlines flight change policy.

Lufthansa Change Flight

Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to change their flights by paying a change fee and fare difference according to its Lufthansa flight change. Depending on the time of booking and types of fares purchased by passengers, they also sometimes do not need to pay any money for their Lufthansa Airlines flight changes.

According to this policy, the airline makes sure that their customers can change their flights according to their convenience. They can also rebook their flights at least 24 hours before their departure.

This Lufthansa flight change system implies that the airline has a flexible flight change policy that enables passengers to change their flights anytime according to their convenience. All of the international and domestic passengers can reschedule their flights.

Thus, Lufthansa Airlines holds a flexible flight change policy that empowers the airline to manage flight rescheduling of passengers under any circumstances.

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Rules

Passengers can change their flights, departure and arrival airports, cancel flights, change dates and time as per their convenience but Lufthansa Airlines imposes certain conditions:

● This airline allows its customers to change flights only before their departure time. It will not entertain any flight change requests after their departure

● Customers of Lufthansa Airlines can change their flights until 1 hour before their departure. They cannot make any changes beyond this period

● Lufthansa Airlines will compensate for flight delays under all conditions. It will either initiate refunds to its customers’ accounts or reschedule their flights.

● Free flight changes cannot be done if the period of booking exceeds 24 hours

● Passengers cannot make flight changes online if they have booked through travel agents. However, they can make changes in their flights online only if their tickets were booked through the website, the mobile app or the customer service of Lufthansa Airlines

● For such third-party bookings, passengers can contact the travel agency through which they booked their tickets

● Passengers cannot change their flights to that of another airline. They have to rebook another flight with Lufthansa airlines only

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Fee

Flight change facility and its change fee depends upon the fare types with which passengers have booked their tickets. Upgrading to travel classes at the time of flight changing process also determines the total cost of rescheduling.

However, passengers do not have to pay a huge sum to change their flights and book new ones. Lufthansa Airlines changing flights only costs a small sum. Many times, passengers are also exempted from paying the change fee.

Moreover, change in routes can also increase the difference in fares of the old and new flights. Passengers have to pay this fare difference along with the change fee and other surcharges.

Following is the fee structure of Lufthansa Airlines flight change for routes originating from the US-

Economy Fare-

● Economy Saver- Not permitted

● Economy Basic- USD 300

● Economy Basic Plus 1- USD 300

● Economy Flex 2- Free

Premium Economy Fare-

● Premium Economy Basic- USD 300

● Premium Economy Basic Plus 1- USD 300

● Premium Economy Flex- Free

Business Class Fare-

● Business Basic- USD 450

● Business Basic Plus 2-USD 450

● Business Flex-Free

First Class Fare-

● First Basic- USD 450

● First Basic Plus 2- USD 750

● First Flex- Free

Except the economy basic saver fare, passengers of all the fare types are allowed to change their flights. They have to pay the above-mentioned fees for it which starts from the range of 300. Lufthansa Airlines waives this fee when passengers change their flights within 24 hours of booking for at least 7 days before the departure.

Reward of Reservation Change Fee:

Lufthansa enables you to recharge your number of Miles points from the refund received for the unused portion of tickets. You can use this refund amount for up to 1 year from the date of booking. Through this reward of reservation fee, passengers are only allowed to make changes to their date and time of flight bookings. They are not allowed to make changes in their routes. Passengers are not even allowed to transfer, sell and auction their rewards to any other third party.

Lufthansa Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Lufthansa Airlines understands that many times customers need to change their flight on the same day of the departure only. Customers can require their flights to be rescheduled for earlier time. Any circumstance can force them to postpone or propone their flights for the same-day.

To meet their requirements, Lufthansa Airlines permits them to rebook another flight for the earlier time of the day. Passengers can make these changes until 1 hour before their departure time.

The alternate flight that was booked in place of the earlier flight should be booked for the same route. Passengers cannot book their flights for different departure and arrival cities. Once they have gone through their check-in process, passengers cannot change their flights to the earlier available one.

Lufthansa Airlines does not allow same-day flight change facilities for the long-haul flights and every passenger has to pay the change fee and the fare difference amount according to terms and conditions of Lufthansa Airlines. Those passengers who hold the booking with Flex category of basic, premium and business classes do not need to pay any change fee for the same-day of their departure.

Passengers are also exempted from the same-day change fees if they are modifying their bookings within 24 hours of purchase.

Lufthansa Name Change

Passengers of Lufthansa Airlines cannot make major changes to their names. They have to provide valid reasons for changing their names such as marriage or divorce. After providing the proof, they can change their last name or first name. In other conditions, they can only make minor errors such as name correction.

Those who have miles point can easily change their names or personal information through the ‘manage booking’ page on the website. Documents are required to complete the process.

Passengers can alter their personal information by connecting with Lufthansa Customer Service only.

To make name changes through the website, follow these steps-

● Visiting the website of Lufthansa.

● Logging into the Lufthansa account and filling in all the respective credentials.

● There are two ways of logging into the Lufthansa account- Lufthansa Id and Miles & More.

● After opening the account, click on your booking name

● Scroll down and select “Edit”, and make all the desirable changes.

● In the end, click on “Save Changes to finalize name changes Passengers also have to submit their proofs in between their name changing process to confirm the booking and embark on a hassle-free journey.

Does Lufthansa Airlines Allow Flight Date Change?

Customers can use various ways of Lufthansa Airlines Change Flight Date. They have both online and offline ways to reschedule their flight days. They can make online changes only if their tickets were booked through the website, the mobile app and customer service of Lufthansa Airlines. Otherwise, they can only contact their travel agents if they have booked Lufthansa Airlines from them for changing their flights. .

Lufthansa Airline offers its passengers numerous facilities when they make any modifications in their booking online. This is not possible in the offline process of flight change. Apart from the online options, passengers can also speak to a Lufthansa Airlines customer care member at the airport’s helpdesk. They can also resolve their issues related to flight change date on the SMS as well as the social media.

Thus, passengers can make flight changes in the following online and offline ways-

Lufthansa Change Flights Via Online Mode:

The online modes to change Lufthansa Airlines are website, mobile app and chat assistants.

Steps to Change Lufthansa Airlines Flight via Official Website

● Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines at

● Place the pointer on ‘My Bookings’ given on the homepage

● Under the ‘My Bookings’ menu, click on manage booking

● Passengers can also click on the ‘My bookings’ option given below the booking form as they scroll down the page.

● Enter the first name, last name, and confirmation code

● Click on ‘Find Booking’ to find bookings

● Click on the current booking and then follow the prompts

● After selecting trips, check the next available flight

● Click on the suitable flight and proceed towards payment

● Make payments through any of the payment mode confirm the new flight

● Passengers will receive their confirmation related to the rebooking of flight on their email.

Steps to Change Lufthansa Airlines Flight via mobile app:

Through the mobile app, passenger can go through following process Lufthansa Airlines flight change:

● Download the app and agree to the terms and conditions of the app

● Tap on ‘Add booking/check-in’ option on the ‘my flights’ home Screen

● Passengers can also Login or register to find trips and make modifications

● After tapping on one of these options, enter the first name, last name and booking reference number on the ‘Add Booking’ home Screen.

● Tap on ‘Continue’ to follow the prompts

Lufthansa Flight Date Change Via the Chat Assistants:

Online chat assistants are another faster way of resolving issues related to Lufthansa Airline flight changes. These assistants will resolve user queries in no-time and passengers get responses from them immediately. Among all the issues, they will resolve the flight change issue too.

Passengers will be informed about the next available flight, their eligibility status for refund, their eligibility for rebooking flights, period of changing flights and much more. They will have all the answers to the passenger queries. Passengers can find chat assistants through the given-below ways:

● Go to the website of Lufthansa Airlines

● Click on ‘Help’ on the top right corner of the homepage

● On the ‘Need Help’ page, click on the chatbot at right lower corner of the homepage

● Select the option of ‘I want to rebook my flight’ to move further in the chat These chat assistants are also available on Lufthansa’s mobile app too. It can be found at the message icon on the top right corner of the home screen by tapping it and opening the chatbot to start addressing customer issues. Passengers will also receive immediate responses on the app too.

Lufthansa Change Flights Via Offline Mode:

In case passengers cannot access the online modes of flight changes, they have the other option of using offline modes too. They can connect with Lufthansa Airlines and speak to its customer care executives at any time and from anywhere. The offline options of modifying bookings are:

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change via Helpline Number:

The helpline numbers of Lufthansa Airline are given on the website. Passengers can find them through the following ways:

● Open the website of Lufthansa Airlines

● Click on the ‘Help’ button given on the homepage of the website

● Select the issue for which users want to talk to the Lufthansa customer care executives

● After selecting the issue, the page will lead the to the contact page. Scroll down the page to the ‘call us’ button and click on it

● Select the country for which users want the contact details.

Lufthansa Flight Change at Airport Kiosk:

If passengers need to change their flights in a hurry and cannot process it online, then they also have the option of changing it at the airport kiosk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Lufthansa’s change fee like?

A. The cost of flight change on Lufthansa Airlines depends upon the fare type. If your fare type allows, then you can change your flight. The change fees also vary according to the fares. In Lufthansa Airlines it ranges from USD 300-750 per passenger for flights from the United States. In addition to change fees, you also have to pay the difference if your new flight is costlier than the old one. The total cost of changing flights also depends upon the time of flight change request.

Q. Does Lufthansa have free flight changes?

A. Yes Lufthansa Airlines includes changing flight for free. But this is available after meeting certain criteria. You have to rebook your flight free of charge to an alternative flight to the same destination and within the same travel class. You can change your destination and your travel class.

Q. Can you change flights on Lufthansa?

A. You can change flights on Lufthansa Airlines. Changing flights can be done through online and offline modes such as the website, the mobile app, the customer service, airport kiosk and chat assistant. Through these modes, you can also make other changes in your bookings such as advance seat reservation, rebook or cancel a flight, request special meals.

Q. Can I change my Lufthansa flight to less than 24 hours?

A. If you have made a reservation through Lufthansa's online booking platforms such as, then you can cancel or change it without penalty up to 24 hours after its booking. Your booking should be made seven days or more prior to the flight's departure.

Q. What is included in Lufthansa Economy Basic?

A. the Economy Basic fare of Lufthansa Airlines includes a checked baggage and allowance for flight changes. This fare is non-refundable. This fare for international flights includes meals, beverages, and in-flight entertainment. These tickets feature flexibility, baggage allowance and eligibility for flight changes and refund ability.

Q. What happens if you miss a Lufthansa flight?

A. Lufthansa: Compensation for delayed flight & cancellation... According to the conditions of Lufthansa missed flight policy, if you missed your flight because of the airlines, then they will provide a new flight for free if necessary. If you have missed your flight then you may need to book another one.

Q. What happens when a flight is cancelled by Lufthansa?

A. Lufthansa will proactively rebook you automatically and free of charge on an alternative flight to the same destination and in the same travel class. It is possible that Lufthansa won't be able to proactively rebook you on a different flight in some circumstances. In that scenario, you have the option to choose for yourself.

Does Lufthansa have a layover policy?

A. Lufthansa Airlines have separate layover policies for European and International flights. For European flights, Lufthansa allows passengers to layover for up to 24 hours without paying an additional charge. For intercontinental flights, Lufthansa permits the layover time of up to 12 hours before an additional charge.

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