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Qantas Flight Change Policy

Qantas Flight Change Policy

Qantas flight change policy has been crafted to offer great leniency to passengers during flight changes. Because of this policy, changing flights in Qantas Airways has always been a convenient experience. It is because Qantas allows its customers to change flights through any of the mediums it offers.

Passengers can make such changes in their bookings through mediums such as calls at Qantas customer care, Qantas local airport office, SMS, Email and Qantas website and its mobile app. If they have booked flight tickets with other third-party travel agencies, then they can also get their flight changes through this medium too. In other words, Qantas Airways offers multiple ways of changing flights.

The Qantas change policy not only allows flight changes through these mediums. It also allows no-show flight changes, same day changes by using them. Qantas initiates refunds and reimbursements too if it finds customers eligible for it.

Qantas can also be responsible for cancelling or delaying flights. In this scenario, it tries to recover the losses caused to passengers. If passengers are facing any trouble with making flight changes after cancellation, then they are free to contact Qantas. Qantas will refund the booking amount or look for hotel accommodations in case there is no alternate Qantas flight available

Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy Highlights

Qantas Airways mentions these rules and conditions in its flight change policy:

● Change fees on Qantas Airlines varies according to fare types. Qantas Airlines fare types indicate whether passengers are eligible for flight changes. Whether they have to pay flight change fees or not, it depends upon their residential region, travel class and fare types.

● In addition to change fees, Qantas Airways applies service fees for changing flights through telephone, Email, SMS, Qantas offices or Qantas Airport locations.

● Passengers will have to pay fare differences if the new flight costs higher than the original flight

● Qantas flights can be booked for multiple passengers in 1 booking. If any changes are made in this booking, then it will apply to all the passengers.

● If changes need to be made for 1 passenger in a booking, then his booking should be separated and rebooked with a new booking reference number. Changes for this passenger can be made after separation

● Economy Saver- $53 Flight rebooking should be done from the same source from where its original booking was done

● Flights booked through third party agencies can be changed via this source only. Passengers need to contact these agencies to make changes to it.

● Flights can be cancelled by Qantas. Qantas team informs passengers about their reservations with new flights. They will need to confirm changes by going to the ‘manage booking’ section of the website or mobile app. These flights arranged by Qantas might not suit their travel plans. In such cases, passengers have the freedom of selecting a new flight that matches their plans.

Qantas Flight Change Fee

Passengers can change their flight by paying some amount or without paying any fees. In many cases, Qantas does not impose change fees. For instance, passengers of frequent flyer programs do not have to pay change fees. However, they have to pay the fare difference and service fee if applicable. For the entire process of changing flights, they have to pay the total amount for the these things:

● Change fees

● Fare difference

● Service fee

● Payment fees for rebooking made using credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, Paypal in Australia

Passengers have to pay the total amount of flight changes based on these factors. Talking about the change fees, its eligibility is defined by::

1. Refundable or non-refundable tickets

2. Travel Classes and its fare types:

● Economy Class-Sale, Flex and Saver

● Premium Economy Class- Premium Economy, Flex and Saver

● Business- Business Flex, Sale and Saver

3. Departure and arrival routes on which passengers will travel

Qantas Airways applies different change fees according to departure and arrival countries in which the airline operates. Some of the change fees assigned for the international routes are mentioned here. Passengers will get an idea of the fees they have to pay for making flight changes.

Flights from Africa to:

1. Australia-

● Economy Saver- $53

● Economy Sale- $107

● Economy Flex- No change fee but service fee will be applied

● Premium Economy Sale- $107

● Premium Economy Saver- $53

● Premium Economy Flex- No change fee but service fee will be applied

● Business Flex- No change fees but service charges will be applied

● Business Sale- $215

● Business Saver-$107

2. Canada-

● Economy Flex-No change fees but service fee will apply

● Economy Sale- $107

● Economy saver-$53

● Premium Economy Flex- No change fees but service fee will apply

● Premium Economy Saver-$53

● Premium Economy Sale- $107

● Business Flex- No change fees but service fee will be applied

● Business sale- $215

● Business Saver- $107

From USA to-

1. New Zealand-

● Economy Flex- No change fees but service fees will apply

● Economy Saver- $53

● Economy Sale-$107

● Premium Economy Flex-No change fees but service fees will apply

● Premium Economy Saver- $53

● Premium Economy Sale-$107

2. Australia-

● Same fees as New Zealand will applied to all travel classes and fare types of Qantas Airlines

Thus, Qantas change fees for all regions ranges between $53 to $215

Service fees for making flight changes in Qantas Airways:

● Domestic flights of Australia booked through Qantas contact centres- AUD 10

● Domestic flights of Australia booked through Qantas Airport locations- AUD 45

● Australia Trans-Tasman-AUD 45

● Australian International- AUD 77

● New Zealand Trans-Tasman flights booked through Qantas contact centres- NZD 10

● New Zealand Trans-Tasman flights- NZD 45

● New Zealand International 77

Qantas Airlines No-Show Flight Change Policy

Qantas Airways, under its no-show policy, allows passengers to rebook if they miss their flights. If passengers fail to reach the airport until the flight’s departure, then they have the opportunity of rebooking another flight. They have to pay a certain amount of fee for it. Like the change fees, no-show fees also apply for such flight changes. This fee also varies according to departure and arrival countries. It varies between $200 to $300.

How To Change Qantas Flight?

Passengers can change their Qantas flight through any of the mediums they feel comfortable with. They can either use offline or online mediums of changing their flights. Qantas provides a streamlined website and mobile app through which users can easily change their flights. These sources also enable them to make other edits in their itineraries such as date, time and route changes, add and remove add-on, reserving a preferred seat, reserving seats for infants, and much more.

These edits can also be done through offline mediums such as local Airport offices, third-party agencies, Qantas customer care on the call, SMS and Email. Passengers can also contact Qantas Airways on social media. They have to pay the above-mentioned service fee in addition to change fees for changing flights through these mediums.

Qantas Airways Flight Change Online

Qantas flight change online process enables users to view their upcoming trips and pay for rebooking. This process allows them to change their flights anytime from their comfort zones rather than taking pains in visiting the airport local office.

Qantas Airways Website:

Passengers can use the website of Qantas Airways in the following ways:

● Opening the website of Qantas Airways

● Clicking on ‘manage booking’ on the homepage

● Providing confirmation code and last name on the ‘manage booking’ page to retrieve their itineraries

● Accessing the upcoming trips and clicking on ‘edit itinerary’

● Clicking on ‘change’

● Reviewing the list of alternate available flights, its details such as date, time, available travel class, change fees, fare difference and availability.

● Adding and removing other passenger details

● Making final payments for the next flight and confirming the changes

● Receiving change confirmation on the email

Qantas Airways Mobile App

Qantas Airways mobile app is another easy and quick way of making flight changes. This app performs all the functions of the website. It enables passengers to view flight status, book flights, hotels and travel insurance. They can even earn Qantas points through shopping, using the marketplace and applying for credit cards on Qantas mobile app. Passengers can change their flights through the app in the following ways:

● Tapping on ‘trips’ option on the app’s homescreen

● On the trips screen, add upcoming trips by tapping the ‘add upcoming trips’ button. Passengers can also tap on the ‘plus’ icon on trips screen to add the upcoming trips

● Providing confirmation code and last name to retrieve the current trip

● Reviewing trips and following prompts to make flight changes

● Reading details of the alternate available flights and selecting the suitable one from them

● Making payments to confirm the changes.

Passengers can also read about fare details and change fees inclusion on the mobile app too.

Qantas Airways Flight Change Offline

Passengers can use the following offline mediums to change their flights:

Via Phone call:

Qantas Airways passengers can get in touch with the airline if they are not sure about making flight changes through online mediums. They can connect with Qantas representatives at the local office. The contact numbers of local offices can be found on the website. Passengers can visit the Qantas website and click on ‘Manage booking’. On the ‘change flight’ page, they have to scroll down and find the option of ‘Qantas office’. They will be able to connect with their local Qantas office by clicking on this option. The following page after clicking on this option will display numbers of local offices available in all the countries in which Qantas Airways operates.

Visiting the local airport office:

Passengers often need to change their flights at the airport in emergencies. At such times, they wish to reach the airport and make changes therein. To enable flight changes immediately on the same date of the departure, Qantas Airways allows them to visit its local airport office and speak with customer representatives. These representatives will be able to change their flights immediately.

Via Email

Qantas Airways representatives are also responsive to the email. Customers can write their flight change request on the email address. They will be able to confirm flight changes immediately.

Qantas Change Flight Policy Within 24 Hours?

Qantas website has not provided any information related to flight changes within 24 hours. Still it mentions flight cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. It determines the following rules related to flight changes:

● Qantas Frequent Flyer members can cancel their flights for free within 24 hours of purchase

● The cancellation of flights should be done for Australian cities only

● Flight should be scheduled at least 30 days before the date of departure

24-hour flight cancellation is not available for:

● International flight

● Booking made through third party program

● Flights booked by using flight credits

● Passengers who want to separate their bookings from their partners

● Bookings that include the facility of unaccompanied minor cannot be cancelled

● Flights that were previously rebooked

What is Qantas Airways Schedule Change Policy?

Qantas Airways sometimes needs to reschedule its flights because of unavoidable circumstances. This schedule change forces passengers to rebook their flights. They can arrange for the alternate flight without paying any additional amount. The highlights of this Qantas Airlines flight change policy includes:

● The new flight should be available on the same departure date of the original flight

● New flights should be booked on the same travel class

● If flight reschedule leads to misconnection with the connecting flight, passengers need to rebook another connecting flight

● During the rebooking, passengers should ensure that the connecting flight belongs to the same airline

● The connecting flight should also be booked in the same booking class as the original one

● Passengers need to book the lower class if the same one is not available on the new connecting flight

Qantas Airways Same Day Flight Change

Passengers of all the international and domestic Qantas flights can make changes in their bookings on the same day of the departure. This rule is applicable to the flights of all the departure and arrival countries. They have to ensure that changes should be made before the time of departure. They have to pay the same amount of change fees as mentioned in their fare conditions. The type of fares with which they purchased tickets indicate whether they are eligible for same-day flight change fee or not.

Moreover, for making same-day flight changes, passengers should ensure that their flights must be booked for the same arrival and departure cities. Besides, passengers can also rectify errors in their names and even the date, time or cities of departure. Qantas Airways allows these flight changes on the same date of the departure too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change my flight booking to a Qantas flight?

A. You can change your Qantas flight anytime before your date of departure. Flight bookings can be made by using the various online and offline mediums. For you to make flight change easily and without any issues, Qantas Airlines runs a streamlined website and mobile app. These are the online mediums of flight changes. Passengers can access these mediums through any device such as laptops, mobile, PCs and tablets.

Q. Can I change my Qantas flight within 24 hours?

A. Qantas Airlines does not ensure free flight changes within 24 hours of booking. However, it indicates that passengers can change or cancel their flight right after initiating bookings. However, they have to pay a certain amount of change fees, fare difference and service fees for making changes.

Q. How long does it take to get a refund from Qantas?

A. Qantas Airways takes at least 15 business days for processing refunds. This process can also take longer than expected due to major disruptions and global events. Your eligibility for refunds depends upon the type of flight tickets you have purchased. You will not be able to get refunds on your non-refundable tickets. You will be eligible for refunds if Qantas cancels your flight, irrespective of refundable or non-refundable tickets.

Q. Why does Qantas cancel flights?

A. Qantas Airways can cancel your flights anytime. Any unavoidable circumstance such as bad weather, bird-strike or air traffic can lead to flight cancellations. Under such circumstances, your Qantas flight can get cancelled. However, it will initiate compensation for your loss. This airline will notify you about the new flight arranged. You have to access the website’s ‘manage booking’ section to accept this alternate flight arranged by Qantas. If you are on the midway of your journey and Qantas cancelled your connecting flight, then it will arrange hotel accommodation for you. It will also give you the choice of selecting flights and hotels on your own. If none of these options can be fulfilled for compensation, then the airline will refund your money. You will get refunds in your original bank account within 15 business days.

Q. What happens if I need to change my flight after I've purchased a lounge access pass?

A. Changing your flight will not affect your lounge access. However, availability of lounges in your next booking is subject to the seating capacity. You will also be able to retain your lounge access if you book your flight for the same departure date and routes. In other words, access to the airport lounge remains unchanged if you book your flight for the same departure date and the airport. Therefore, make sure that you do not change your departure date, time and routes for the lounge access.

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