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British Airways Flight Change Policy

British Airways Flight Change Policy

For processing successful rebooking of flights, travellers should know about British Airways Flight Change Policy. This policy is significant as it covers all the instructions related to flight booking changes with British Airways. That is why it is necessary to observe this policy before taking any further action.

The travellers will be able to know about offline and online procedures enumerated by British Airways for flight changes. They will also be informed about how to change flight dates, time, routes and other amenities. This policy of changing flights with British Airways enables them to modify other segments of bookings such as hotel accommodation and holiday packages. They can even change and rent another car for airport transfers and amend other services

Passengers enjoy all such benefits that British Airways privileges. Along with these privileges, the policy also specifies conditions that they need to adhere to. They cannot proceed with flight changes unless they know and adhere to these rules and conditions.

British Airways Flight Change Policy and Rebooking Options

The flight change policy of British Airways lays down certain rules, guidelines and rebooking options for customers. Customers can read these guidelines on the website as well as the mobile app. It is important for them to know these guidelines to avoid any obstacles during flight change processes. These are:

● Amendments made in flights apply to that particular flight segment of the booking. It will not affect any other segment.

● Changes can be made by contact contact centre of British Airways

● Along with flight fee changes, passengers have to pay the fare difference also. This amendment fee is non-refundable. It cannot be refunded if passengers want to cancel their bookings later

● Residents of the UK and EEA are allowed to make name changes for a fee and any additional charges supplied by the airline. These charges will be suggested by the airline on the call

● Passengers residing outside UK and EEA are not allowed to make name changes

● Passengers should be satisfied with conditions applied for name changes. Any change in name depends upon them satisfying these conditions.

● British Airways will determine amendment charges on the basis of the country of departure, currency used by passengers at the time of booking, and any special condition attached to the flight booking. Passengers will be advised their eligibility to make flight changes by phone or online during the process of booking

● No refunds will be made for any part of the booking used after flight departures

● British Airways will calculate charges of flight changes from the date of receiving the requests for modification

● British Airways rarely changes flights of passengers. If due to reasons that this airline perceives to be significant, it will compensate for all the losses that passengers faced. This airline will accept all the choices made by passengers to receive compensation.

British Airways Flight Change Fee

Fees of flight changes in British Airways depend upon various factors such as fare conditions, duration of flight and international and domestic routes of flights. Higher fare types such business and first class fares collect more flight change fees than the lower classes. Besides the change fees, passengers of British Airways will also be paying service fees, fare difference of a new ticket and any other overhead charges applied by this airline.

For both domestic and international flights, the flight change fees range between $25 and $125. Along with these change fees, a calculator on the website informs passengers about total service fees that is applicable in their region. For example, for the UK region, the service fees is-

● Service fees for online flight changes: No fees

● Service fees for changes via call: 30 GBP

● Service fees for changes via airport ticket office: 40 gbp

With these service fees, passengers will be informed about their British Airways Flight Change Fees at the time of booking. They will also get to know about it after making an alternate flight selection.

Moreover, British Airways announced a new change fee structure for economy class fare. The economy class fare of British Airways is meant for short-haul flights. Following is the fee structure of economy class fare:

● Economy Basic- Economic basic fare includes change fees, along with fare difference and service fees

● Economy Plus-The total cost of changing flights in the economy plus cabin include change fees, fare difference and service fees

● Economy Plus Flex- The economy plus flex passengers do not have to pay change fees. But they have to pay fare difference and service fees.

How to Change a Flight on British Airways

British Airways does not currently enable online flight changes. Passengers need to contact the customer care of British Airways to carry on with the flight changes. Many times passengers change their flights online. If they want to change their flights online, then they have to access their upcoming trips. They can retrieve their upcoming trips by visiting the ‘manage booking’ section on the website. Other options such as British Airways mobile app and local airport office can also be considered for changing flights. Passengers have to pay service fees if they choose the options of local airport office and customer care calls.

Currently, British Airways does not allow online flight changes. It is accepting flight requests via call. Passengers will be informed about their change fees thereafter.

British Airways Flight Change Online

British Airways flight change online process includes managing bookings on the website or the mobile app, accessing the current bookings and selecting the changes to be made. These bookings involve various segments such as flight tickets, holiday package, car rental and hotel accommodations. Passengers need to select their desired segments in which they have to make changes. They select the segment of change flight for rescheduling their flights.

These changes include selection of alternate flights, rerouting, postponing flight dates and timings. After selecting and changing any of these parts of flight tickets, they can make online payments and confirm the changes. This process of flight change can be done on British Airways website and its mobile app.

British Airways Website:

The website of British Airways provides multiple options of accessing current bookings and managing them.

Manage- One of the options is clicking on the manage tab on the website’s homepage. Users see this option on the British Airways website at After opening this website, they click on ‘manage’ to open the ‘manage booking’ page. On the following ‘manage booking’ page, they retrieve their bookings by providing their booking reference number and last name of passengers.

Log in- - The other website option of changing flights is logging into British Airways account. The British Airways account covers a range of services and benefits offered by the airline. Users of their accounts can upgrade or disable any service of British Airways that seems insignificant to them. Services of changing flights and amendments in holiday packages can also be accessed through this account. Users having this British Airways account with their registered ID and password can login anytime to rebook another flight. They have to click on ‘login’ on the top right corner of the website’s homepage. After clicking on this button, they can access their account by entering their email ID and password. They will be able to see their active trips and proceed with its editing.

British Airways Mobile App:

Besides the website, British Airways mobile app is another simple and straightforward online channel for managing flight bookings. Users of this app manage to change their bookings within a few minutes. In such a short time, they even pay for their selected flights from their credit and debit cards and mobile wallets. Similar to the website, they will receive confirmation code after making final payments.

To initiate the flight changing process, users either have to tap on ‘find a booking’’ on the app’s homescreen or login into their British Airways account to view and edit their upcoming trips.

FAQs on the website:

If users need to know details related to flight change processes, then they can find their queries in the FAQ section of the website. This section of the website also redirects users to find their bookings through their booking reference numbers and last name.

British Airways Flight Change Offline

British Airways flight change offline process consists of speaking to customer care executives via connecting channels such as telephone or email. Travellers speak about their issues related to flight changes with these executives. These executives look into their issues and resolve them in no time. They assist them in steps to change flights with British Airways online. If these travellers do not want to use online modes, then they can suggest alternate available flights, ask for payment details and confirm changes. Following are the channels through which they speak with British Airways customer care:

British Airways Change Flight Telephone Number:

Customers can find British Airways flight change telephone numbers on the airline’s website. On this platform, they can point to the ‘Help’ tab. Under this Help menu, they have to click on ‘contacts and FAQs’. The following page will be of ‘Help and Contacts’. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page will display the contacts option of British Airways. Users have to select their countries and look for numbers specified for it.


Emailing the British Airways team is another useful way of resolving flight related issues. All troubles related to flight changes and bookings can be addressed through this channel in a clear manner. Customers can find British Airways Email addresses on its website. They have to select ‘contacts and FAQs’ under the Help menu on the homepage. On the following ‘Help’ page, they can find the ‘email’ option while scrolling down to the bottom of the page. The website will provide them a form which they have to fill up to get response from customer care executives on their email.

Customers convey their issues in their own words and get their flights rescheduled through emails. While composing such emails, they mention their booking reference numbers and other details related to their purpose.

Visit To Local Airport Office:

A visit to the local airport office would enable customers of British Airways to rebook their flights as quickly as possible. Visiting the airport office can also give a chance of changing flights at low-cost. The customer help of British Airways can either omit change fees or exempt customers from paying any surcharge. They can also get their flights at an earlier time of the day without paying any additional amount. Thus, visiting their airport office of British Airways holds more perks than drawbacks.

British Airways Flight Change Same-Day

British Airways allows passengers to reschedule their flights on the same day of the departure. Passengers of all the travel classes can rebook their flights to the earlier or later hours of the day of departure. They can use this service of British Airways until 1 hour before their departure. The British Airways Flight Change Same-Day fees will be determined according to various factors. Factors include origin and departure routes, international or domestic flights as well as service fees. All of them determine the total cost of changing a British Airways flight.

Fare conditions also indicate whether passengers have to pay a same-day change fee or not. For instance, British Airways has recently mentioned that change fees shall remain zero for flights booked with economy plus and economy flex fares. Only the economy fare passengers have to pay their same-day flight change fee.

Despite determining the change fee, certain conditions disable passengers from changing their flights on the day of the departure. These conditions are:

● Same-day flight changes should be made for the same origin and departure cities.

● British Airways will not entertain any flight change request after 1 hour before the departure time

● This airline is currently not accepting flight change requests for round trips. Only outbound flights can be rebooked. Flights for the return trip cannot be changed

● Same-day flight changes are allowed for non-stop flights only. Flights for multiple cities cannot be changed

British Airways Change Flight Within 24 Hours

Sometimes, passengers need to reconsider their travelling plans even after they confirm their bookings. Reconsidering their travelling plans means rescheduling their flights. British Airways permits them free flight changes if they wish to do so within 24 hours of booking. Within this window, passengers can change their plans without paying any change fee and service fee. They only have to pay the fare difference if their new flight costs higher than the original one. British Airways will not impose any flight change restriction on them during this period. All refundable and non-refundable ticket holders are free to change their flights within 24 hours of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does British Airways allow flight changes ?

A. You can change your flight with British Airways as many times as you want. You have to pay fees for everytime that you make changes. This change fee will be applied per ticket. In other words, for every ticket that you change, British Airways will impose change fees. In addition to paying the change fee, you also have to pay service fee as well as the fare difference. To make changes in the flight segment of your booking, you have to login into your British Airways account and update your upcoming trip. You can access your account through the British Airways website and the mobile app. If you do not wish to use online options of changing flights, you can call or email the customer care of British Airways.

Q. Can I change my ticket for free on British Airways ?

A. British Airways opens a 24-hour grace period for rescheduling flights without paying a fee. It means, passengers can change their flights within 24 hours of booking for free. If they wish to change after this period, then they have to pay change fees which varies as per domestic and international flight

Q. Can I change a BA flight within 24 hours of booking ?

A. You can change your British Airways flight within 24 hours of booking. Rebooking during this period is free. Whether you have bought a refundable or non-refundable ticket, you can make changes within this period without paying any money for it. You can even cancel your flight within this period. British Airways will not impose any change fee for it. You will also get a refund of the money that you paid for the booking. However, you will not be able to make any cancellation for free after 24 hours of booking. You have to cancel the fee if you have to cancel your flight after this period. British Airways will also impose a fee of about $125 for changing flights after 24 hours of booking.

Q. How long does a BA flight refund take ?

A. The time it takes for a British Airways (BA) flight refund to be processed can vary depending on several factors, including the payment method used, the reason for the refund, and the volume of refund requests. Generally, BA strives to process refunds as quickly as possible, but it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for the refund to be credited back to the original payment method. It's advisable to check the status of your refund through the BA website or contact their customer service for more precise information about your specific refund request.

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