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Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

Singapore Airlines customers often reconsider their travel plans. It is because Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy enables them to modify their bookings anytime according to their plans. This policy provides them the amenity of editing several segments of bookings. These segments include the editing of flight dates, routes, time, travel classes, seats and cabins. Travellers can modify these segments according to the rules speculated by Singapore Airlines flight change policy.

Customers need to adhere to these rules and regulations. Adherence to it enables them to board their flights peacefully. It prevents them from any hassle during the security check-in. Besides this safety, they can change and pay for new flight bookings in a safe and secure manner.

Thus, this policy of flight change states clear instructions regarding rebooking a flight with Singapore Airlines. Let’s see what are the flight change instructions inscribed in this policy.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Terms and Conditions

Singapore Airlines Flight Change: Terms and Conditions are important to follow. These conditions enable travellers to check-in and board their flights smoothly. It guides with protocols that they need to follow to avoid any trouble during the flight boarding. They find these conditions flexible and easy to understand.

● Singapore Airlines fares: Flight change allowance with Singapore Airlines are subject to fare types. Every fare of Singapore Airlines does include flight change service. Travellers need to check their fare details before booking and rebooking their flights. They can check these details either on the website or with customer care

● Booking segments that can be changed: If fare conditions allow, passengers can edit these booking segments- routes, dates, flights, seats, cabin and travel class. All of these bookings segments can be edited either through user accounts of travellers or the ‘manage booking’ section

● Same channels: Travellers should ensure that they are modifying their bookings by using the same source that they used while purchasing it. If they have booked through direct sources such as or the mobile, then they have to use these channels for changes.

● Rebooking with third party agencies: Travellers who earlier booked their flights with third-party travel agencies should contact them directly for rebooking

● Change fees: Singapore Airlines mentions that change fees varies according to the changes made, routes, fare difference, service fees and other surcharges

● Travel validity: Singapore Airlines flight tickets are valid for 1 year. Travellers must ensure that they complete their travel within 1 year from the date of ticket purchase. The validity of your rebooked ticket will start from the date it was booked. The original booking date will not be reconsidered as valid

● Transfer of extra add-ons: Add-ons such as seat selection and extra baggage that were purchased during the original booking will be transferred to the new flight booking. These add-ons will be transferred when travellers are only changing their flights. If they are changing their destinations, then Singapore Airlines will refund all the purchased add-ons. They can re-purchase these add-ons for their new bookings-

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Fee

Singapore Airlines change fee varies according to the type of fare booked. Singapore Airlines fare types determine the change fee at the time of rebooking. Passengers will also be able to know about the difference in fares, service charges when re-booking from Singapore Airlines customer service or local airport office. The payment provider will also charge their own service fee when making payment for rebooking another flight. Since fare types define change fees and other surcharges, let's see which of them allow flight changes:

LiteValue StandardFlexi
Economy Flight change is not allowedFlight change is allowed but a change fee is appliedCharges are applied for flight changesFree flight changes for one time
Premium EconomyChange are allowed with change fees-Changes are allowed with change feesFree flight changes for one time
BusinessChargeable flight changes-Chargeable flight changesFree flight changes for one time
First Class Free flight changes for one time

Thus, Singapore Airlines tries its best to offer the lowest fare possible for rebooking. It offers the lowest priced fare on the channels through which tickets were originally booked. The availability of lowest fares depend upon the travel dates, class and flights.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Within 24 Hours

Travellers can process Singapore Airlines Flight Change Within 24 Hours of purchase. Changing flights during this period does not include any cost. That means travellers can change their flights anytime within these 24 hours of purchase for free. If their flights are booked for at least 7 days before their departure, then they will be able to change their flights within 24 hours. They can use their websites or contact Singapore Airlines customer care to change their flights.

During this grace period of 24 hours, they can also cancel their flights for free. Singapore Airlines will initiate their refunds after cancellation. They will receive refunds irrespective of their fare categories.

After this period, flight change permission and its fees will depend upon the fare types. Refunds for cancellation will also be initiated after assessing the eligibility of travellers.

How to Change Singapore Airlines Flight ?

Travellers can change Singapore Airlines flight by using its online and offline channels. They can use the website, mobile app and customer care of Singapore Airlines. Travellers can also find options to change Singapore Airlines flight dates, time, routes through the help centre of the website and mobile app. These options are:

Manage Booking: Travellers can change their flights through the ‘manage booking’ option on the website. They can find this option on the homepage of Singapore Airlines website. After clicking on the ‘manage booking’ tab, they have to provide their booking reference numbers and last name to retrieve their current trips. They can also retrieve their trips by providing e-ticket numbers.

Singapore Airlines User Account:

Registered customers can change their bookings through their Singapore Airlines account. From this account, they can view their booking details and edit the desired part of it. Login through social media accounts such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn is another option to create and view an account on Singapore Airlines. Even KrisFly/PPS Club and HighFlyer members can login through their respective email addresses and passwords.

Singapore Airlines offers them to login into their accounts either through its website or its mobile app. By accessing this account, customers can edit several segments of bookings such as availing lounge access, purchase of add-ons and reserving seats

Chat Assistants:

Chat assistants respond quickly to any customer query. Customers can type their issues in the chatbot and they will suggest solutions to resolve them. They can open the chatbot box on the website and discuss their issues.

Singapore Airlines Customer Care:

Singapore airlines customer care is another option to get flights rebooked. Travellers can share their ticket details to the customer care executive and select the alternate available flights. They will receive new flight booking confirmation through email-

Singapore Airlines Customer Care:

Customer care of Singapore Airlines is also the option that travellers can use to rebook their flights. They have to share their booking details with customer care personnel and select the next available flight. This personnel will confirm their bookings and share it on their emails.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Online

Travellers can access the online portals of Singapore Airlines through any of the devices. They can use laptops, PCs and even mobile phones. Through these online portals, travellers can change their flights, reschedule another flight, change routes and dates. Singapore Airlines does not allow them to make same-day changes. Besides, they make quick payments through their saved credit and debit cards and mobile wallets. These online portals consist of the pieces of information required by travellers. They can get to know about all the policies of Singapore Airlines.

Following are the online portals they can access:

● Singapore Airlines at Retrieving bookings through ‘manage booking’ portals and update the desired changes

● Singapore Airlines mobile app- Tapping on ‘My Trips’ to add the upcoming trips and edit its desired segment

● Chat assistants- Contacting chat assistants on the website

● FAQs- Search for flight change options through the FAQ sections

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Offline

Singapore Airlines travellers can resolve their flight change issues through its customer care. The executives of this customer care service are highly efficient for answering traveller queries. These executives are available for them all the time. They listen to customer queries and try their best to resolve the most complicated ones. Regarding managing booking, they will provide every significant piece of information for it. Besides the information, they can book and rebook their flights after fetching traveller details. Travellers can contact them through:

Phone call: The contact details of Singapore Airlines can be found on the website’s help us page. Travellers can select their region to view contact details for it

Email: Travellers can also compose their issues in their email and send it at the email address of Singapore Airlines. They can find email address on the website

Social Media:Singapore Airlines executives are also responsive on the social media handles. Travellers can contact them on these handles such as Facebook and Twitter

How to make Singapore Airlines Flight Change Date, Time and Destination ?

Can Singapore travellers change their flight dates, time and destinations ? They can change these segments of bookings with or without paying a change fee. They can follow these steps for changing these segments:

Travel Date:

● Accessing the ‘manage booking’ section, retrieving bookings and following prompts to change date on the website and mobile app of Singapore Airlines

● Calling the travel agent through which the tickets were originally booked

● Raising flight date change request at local airport office of Singapore Airlines

Flight time and Destination:

● Using the assistance request form

● Contacting third-party travel agencies to request changes in flight time and destination

● Visiting the local airport office and requesting for the rebooking of new destination

After changing the flight date, travellers can transfer their additional baggage, and selected seats to the new destination. The additional deals can also be refunded. Whereas, after changing flight destinations, they will get refunds of all the add-ons they had purchased while booking the original date. These add-ons can be purchased later and for another booking. Travellers can contact the local airport office to re-purchase these add-ons.

What if Singapore Airlines changes my flight ?

Singapore Airlines also changes and cancels flights due to unavoidable situations. These situations could be bad weather. It can also delay flights due to reasons such as air traffic. To recover your loss, Singapore Airlines compensates in the following ways:

● Suggests travellers the next available flights

● Rebook the alternate available flight even if the cost of new flight is higher than the original flight.

● Singapore Airlines can also arrange for local transportation for cancelled or delayed flights

● Refund the entire booking amount after assessing the eligibility of travellers

Singapore Airlines Refund Policy

Singapore Airlines initiates refunds for different reasons. These reasons should be significant and qualify for refunds. It could refund back the originally paid amount due to flight cancellation or delays, rebooking and cancelling within 24 hours of booking and much more. Following are the rules for refunds established by Singapore Airlines Refund Policy:

● Passengers shall receive partial refunds for cancellation of optional services

● Travellers will receive refunds if they cancel their non-refundable tickets

● Singapore Airlines will refund the booking amount if rebooking or cancellation is done within 24 hours of booking.

● Those who had booked flights with non-refundable tickets will also receive refunds during the 24 hour grace period

● Singapore Airlines will process refunds within seven business days credit and debit cards are used for payments

● It will take twenty business days to process refund requests for purchases done with cash and cheque

● If any bag is lost, Singapore Airlines will refund the extra baggage fees

● Singapore Airlines will entertain refund requests after receiving a complete application form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change my flight date on the Singapore airline ?

A. You can change your flight dates with Singapore Airlines. The website, mobile app and customer care of Singapore Airlines enables you to change your flight dates. You can use these portals to access your bookings. Your fare type will determine if you can change your flight date for free or have to pay a cost for it. After changing your flight dates, the previously booked add-ons such as excess baggage and preferred will get transferred to the new booking. Your additional deals will also get refunded after rescheduling your flight

Q. How much does it cost to change flights with Singapore Airlines?

A. Singapore Airlines flight change fees vary according to fare categories. Some fares allow flight change, whereas, other fares do not. Some of them charge a certain fee while others allow you to change your flight for free. Along with this fee, you also have to pay fare difference, service fees for changing flights through customer care or local airport office. If your new flight is higher than the original flight, then you have to pay the fare difference even if the flight change is for free. You also do not have to pay any change fees if you are making changes within 24 hours of purchase.

Q. How long does Singapore Airlines take to refund ?

A. Singapore Airlines refunds your original booking amount to your bank account. It will refund in the form of payment that you had used earlier to pay for your flight booking with Singapore Airlines. If you had made payment in the form of credit or debit card, then Singapore Airlines will refund it in the card only. Your amount will be credited to you within 7 business days. If you had made payment with a cheque, then it will take 20 business days to refund your money in the form of a cheque.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund from Singapore Airlines ?

A. Yes. Singapore Airlines refunds your booking amount if it verifies your reasons for refund. These reasons could be cancellation of your booking after 24 hours of its purchase or change of flight. Regarding the case of flight change, if your new flight costs lower than the previous flight then you will get a refund of the remaining balance. Singapore Airlines will refund it after 24 hours of booking if you hold a refundable ticket. You will not stand eligible for refund if you hold a non-refundable ticket. You can only be eligible if you cancel or change your non-refundable ticket within 24 hours of purchase.

Q.Does Singapore Airlines have a 24 hour cancellation policy ?

A. Singapore Airlines has a 24 hours cancellation policy. According to this policy, your ticket should be booked at least seven days before your departure. If this is the case, then you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. The airline will refund your booking payment irrespective of refundable or non-refundable ticket. If you have booked your flight with a non-refundable ticket, then you will not get a refund upon cancellation after this period.

Q. How to check if my ticket is confirmed or not in Singapore Airlines ?

A. To check the confirmation of your Singapore Airlines tickets, you can visit the website of Singapore Airlines and click on ‘your booking’ option. Enter your details on the ‘manage booking page and check your booking confirmation. You may enter your SQ Booking Reference number, which is a code comprising 6 letters and numbers.

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