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JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Flight Change Policy is one of the most relaxing policies any airline ever has. Many other airlines hold complicated policies to change, cancel or reschedule their passengers’ flights that never response them, but, JetBlue frames an easy policy for rescheduling and changing its flights.

This is a flexible policy that empowers JetBlue to curb any unavoidable situation. It increases its capability to deal with heavy rainfall, violent tornadoes, jam-packed air traffic or any other emergency landing. Due to it, JetBlue ensures its passengers that their schedule will not get disturbed despite such mishappenings. It makes all the alternate arrangements to prevent passengers from reaching their destinations late.

Thus, JetBlue Flight Change Policy is the one we can rely upon. JetBlue passengers can rebook or change their flight at any time and from anywhere. That is why we say that JetBlue’s flight change policy relaxes its passengers from unnecessary delays and losses.

JetBlue Airways Online Flight Change Procedure

JetBlue includes the facility of changing flights under all categories of fares. Irrespective of their fare categories, passengers can raise their flight cancellation request any time. They have to provide confirmation code or ticket number and last name for successful cancellation. JetBlue will change their flights immediately after raising requests. These changes and cancellations should be done prior to the departure date. The airline humbly suggests that such cancellations cannot be reinstated even due to any valid reason. However, customers can make JetBlue Airways flight change process onlines. The following are the options.

JetBlue Website

Step 1- Visiting the website of JetBlue

Step 2- Clicking on ‘Manage Trips’ option on the homepage

Step 3- Providing ticket confirmation code and last name of passengers

Step 4- Mentioning details such as confirmation number, flight number, date of travel and customer information such as DOB and contact information.

After providing these details, the user account will display the options of 'cancel itinerary' and 'change itinerary'. Users have to click on any of these options. A list of available flights appears if they click on the 'change itinerary' option. They can select any suitable flight from the given list and rebook it either for free or at a cost, depending upon the type of fare.

JetBlue Mobile App

This rescheduling process can also be done through the JetBlue mobile app. It has an easier process than the website. Users have to only open the downloaded app and start this process. It is almost the same in that they have to tap on the ‘manage trip’ option and proceed with their rescheduling.

What is JetBlue Flight Change Process Offline?

Besides online, JetBlue also provides offline options of changing flights such as visiting the airport. This option of changing flights at the airport counters can be one of the quicker and more accessible ways than the online options. If passengers fall short of time, they can visit the nearest airports to rebook their flights. JetBlue website displays ticket counter visiting hours for airports of the following regions-

● United States

● Caribbean

● Canada

● Central America

● Mexico

● South America

● United Kingdom and Europe

Other than visiting the airport, JetBlue customer care representatives will also help customers in changing their flights. These representatives will assist them in rebooking the next possible flight via phone call and email. Customers can find contact details on the website of JetBlue-

● Click on the ‘contact us’ option to connect with customer care representatives on call.

● Users can also find the details of the email option besides the ‘contact us’ one.

This is another way of cancelling and rescheduling flights by contacting JetBlue either through email, SMS, phone call or chat assistance. Passengers can find these contact details of JetBlue on its website.

Standby travel

Besides contacting customer care representatives at the airport counter, phone call or email for changing flights, customers can also choose to book their flights on standby. Flights on standby cannot be scheduled over the phone or online. Users have to visit the airport and reserve their flight seats on standby. This option of standby is subject to the availability of seats. Passengers have to pay an additional $75 to reserve their flight seats on standby. Following are the rules and regulations of standby travelling-

● JetBlue applies the cost of $75 to list passengers on standby. This cost is applicable on all fares except Blue Extra. JetBlue will refund this fee if passengers are not confirmed on their standby flight

● To travel on a standby flight, passengers must travel between the same city pairs for which the original flight was scheduled

● Passengers will lose their originally booked seats if they are 'Even More Space' members and choose to travel on standby

● Standby travelling option is available for multiple flights booked in one city. This option is not available to customers travelling on only one flight from their cities.

JetBlue Flight Change Fee and Fare Policy

Change or cancel fees for JetBlue flights depend upon the type of fares. JetBlue does not apply such fees on lights reserved under Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint fare types. It applies cancellation fee only for tickets booked under basic fare.

Changing Flights Booked Under Basic Fare

JetBlue includes flight change or cancellation fees under the basic fare when the time of ticket purchase exceeds 24 hours. However, changes of flights are free if the request is raised within 24 hours of booking. The ticket should also be booked seven days before departure for this waiver of change fees. Otherwise, users are eligible for a cancellation fee if they raise a cancellation request after 24 hours of booking. JetBlue will also charge the following amount of fee for cancellation requests made beyond this period.

● $100 per person: For flights of North America, Central America and Caribbean

● $200 per person: For flights of all the other routes.

JetBlue will apply another $25 for cancellation or rescheduling of reservations made on the call or through chat. However, passengers can save this fee if they go through the cancellation process on the JetBlue website.

Changing Flights Booked Under Other Fares

JetBlue does not apply any cost of cancellation for flights purchased under Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint types of fares. It will not charge any fee even if the cancellation is made beyond 24 hours of ticket purchase. This airline will still apply an additional $25 for passengers making cancellation requests through phone calls or chat assistance. Passengers can save this cost under these fares too.

JetBlue Refund Policy

However, upon changes and cancellations, passengers will not receive back their money in the original form. Their money will return to their JetBlue account as JetBlue Travel credit. They can use this amount of credit for their future travel. This credit amount is valid for 12 months from the original ticketing date. Passengers can view this credit expiration date by visiting their Travel Bank account. It is an online account created by JetBlue for passengers. Passengers can view and receive their travel credits in this account. They can access this Travel Bank account through their TrueBlue profile.

Refund Under Non Refundable Ticket

Passengers who bought JetBlue flight tickets under the non-refundable category will not receive back their money after their flight cancellation. Even if they make cancellation requests within 24 hours of purchase, they will still not receive back their money. They will yet receive their remaining balance as travel credit to their Travel Bank account. This rule of non-refunds applies to all types of ticket fares.

Refund Under Refundable Tickets

Passengers who have bought tickets under the refundable category will receive back their full amount after cancellation. If any segment of the refundable ticket is not changed, then all the money associated with the segment will be credited as JetBlue travel credit. Passengers can use this credit for booking another flight or for paying the fare difference. They will not be able to pay for the following services-

● Even More Space seats

● Baggage fees

● Unaccompanied minor fees

● Pet fees

How to Change JetBlue Flight For Free?

There are various ways to change JetBlue flights for free. Some of these are-

● Changing flights within 24 hours of booking

● If flight is reserved 7 days before the departure date

● JetBlue waves change fee for flights booked under Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint fare categories

JetBlue also cancels flights after a confirmed reservation and it can be changed without levying any charges. Under such situations, passengers can-

● Take the next available flight without paying an additional charge

● Request refunds of their tickets to JetBlue Travel Bank account

● Request refunds if JetBlue cannot book their flights within 24 hours

Passengers will be entitled to receive compensation under circumstances that are beyond the control of JetBlue. If the flight is cancelled within 4 hours, they will receive a $50 credit. On the other hand, if the flight is cancelled beyond the scheduled departure, they will receive a $100 credit. JetBlue will compensate for flight cancellations of its passengers-

● JetBlue will, without charging any fees, rebook another available flight for the same day if it cancels the scheduled flight because of uncontrollable circumstances.

● The airline can also rebook flight of its partnered airline for the same day without incurring any additional charge.

● Passengers will receive a meal voucher of $12 as compensation if JetBlue cancels their flights within 3 hours of the scheduled departure due to unavoidable situations. JetBlue can also reimburse the amount paid for the flight in case the meal voucher option is not available.

● JetBlue will offer reasonable overnight hotel accommodation in a local airport hotel to its passengers if their flight gets cancelled within 4 hours of scheduled departure or post-scheduled departure.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Rules and Regulations

JetBlue enables passengers to change their flights on the same day of departure. Passengers can book their flight to an earlier or later flight on the original departure date. They have to pay a fee of $75 for this service. Requests for this same-day switch facility can begin from midnight on the day of departure. However, JetBlue lays down certain rules and regulations for the same-day switch.

● Same-day switch is available for multiple flights booked from one city

● Passengers of all fare types can access this same-day switch facility

● Passengers opting for a same-day switch should travel to the original city pairs. They can also travel to nearby airports of these cities, wherever applicable

● Same-day switch fee does not apply to passengers who have purchased refundable tickets.

● JetBlue also enables same-day switches for interline bookings. It depends on the circumstances and meeting the minimum connection times. Passengers can avail of same-day switches for their interline bookings by contacting JetBlue.

● No same-day switch fee will be applicable for Mosaic members and Extra Blue fares

Different airport options for same day switches

JetBlue enables passengers to make a same-day switch for the following nearby airports of the cities in which they are travelling-


● Boston Logan International (BOS)

● Providence T.F. Green (PVD)

● Worcester Regional (ORH)


● Buffalo/Niagara International (BUF)

● Greater Rochester International (ROC)


● Chicago O'Hare International (ORD)

● General Mitchell International (MKE)

Los Angeles

● Hollywood Burbank (BUR)

● Los Angeles International (LAX)

● Ontario International (ONT)

New York

● John F. Kennedy International (JFK)

● LaGuardia (LGA)

● Newark Liberty International (EWR)

● Stewart International (SWF)

● Westchester County (HPN)

North Carolina

● Asheville Regional (AVL)

● Charlotte-Douglas International (CLT)


● Baltimore/Washington International (BWI)

● Newark Liberty International (EWR)

● Philadelphia International (PHL)

San Francisco

● San Francisco International (SFO)

● San Jose Norman Y. Mineta International (SJC)

South Florida

● Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL)

● Miami International (MIA)

● Palm Beach International (PBI)

Tampa Bay

● Sarasota Bradenton International (SRQ)

● Tampa International (TPA)


● San Antonio International (SAT)

● Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS)

Washington D.C.

● Baltimore/Washington International (BWI)

● Washington D.C. Reagan International (DCA)


● London Gatwick (LGW)

● London Heathrow (LHR)


Q. Is it expensive to change a JetBlue flight?

A. JetBlue flight change is not expensive since no cancellation fee is included in all types of fares except Blue Basic. You have to pay $100 as cancellation fee for your flights to North America, Central America or the Caribbean. For all the other routes, you have to pay $200.

Q. Does JetBlue give compensation for delay?

A. JetBlue provides compensation to its customers for flight delays. It entitles them with a good compensation for future travel on JetBlue if they experience an onboard ground day on arrival.

Q. How can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

A. You can change your JetBlue flight for free if you have booked it under any of these types of fares- Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. You must make all the changes in your flight before your scheduled departure to ensure that no extra cost is incurred. However, if you are a Basic Blue fare customer, you have to pay $100 as cancellation fee. You will also be able to change your flight for free if your flight gets cancelled by JetBlue. JetBlue can change or cancel your flight at any time due to several valid reasons. To cover up such losses, it will try to adjust your ticket to the next available flight without charging any extra costs.

Q. Do you have to pay to change your flight on JetBlue?

A. You will need to pay for flights changes if you are holding a Blue Basic fare. Other fares, such as Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint does not include flight change fee and passengers can rebook their flights for free.

Q. How do I change my flight if I booked through a travel agency?

A. You can change your flight either by contacting JetBlue or through the travel agency that booked your ticket. JetBlue charges $50 if any changes in its flight bookings are made through third-party travel agencies.

Q. I cancelled my flight. When can I expect arefund? What gets refunded?

A. JetBlue lays down following guidelines for refunds-

● You can use your travel credits immediately after they get refunded to your JetBlue Travel Bank account.

● You can expect a refund to the original form of payment within 7-10 business days

● All the extras(seats, bags, priority security) will be refunded to your original form of payment if you have cancelled or changed your flight before scheduled flight departure.

● Most of the extras are non-refundable even if you have cancelled one part of the itinerary and are still travelling. Only the pet fee can be refunded any time before scheduled departure.

● Flight credits are subject to their expiration dates. The expiration dates will start from the original date of ticket booking. If these credits are expired, they cannot be redeposited into your Travel Bank account.

Q. Are international travel taxes refundable if my flight is cancelled?

A. Taxes are non-refundable for some international destinations in case your flight gets cancelled. In some cases, taxes can increase on cancellation of one flight on an international itinerary.

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