Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policy enables easy flight changes and booking modifications. It allows change of dates, time, and destination of an Aeromexico flight.

You do not have to pay any change fees for it if your original flight was booked with Aeromexico flexible fares. These fares allow flight changes as many times as you want. There is no limit to changing it. Moreover, all changes will be free of cost.

All of these changes can be made by using the website, the mobile app, the airport counter, and the customer care of Aeromexico. These are all the online and offline modes.

Same-day changes can be made through the airport counter mode of Aeromexico. An Aeromexico personnel on this counter will assist you in changing your flight on the day of the departure.

Thus, the Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policy is a guide for you to modify parts of your bookings. It specifies all the terms and conditions regarding your flight changes. Let’s check out this policy more:

What Is Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Aeromexico Airlines’ flight change policy allows you to make modifications to your booking without paying any hefty fees and penalties. It enables you to modify its parts, such as the date, time, and destination of your flight. All of these changes will involve fees and fare differences. You should ensure that these changes are done 3 hours before the departure of your flight. Highlights of this policy are:

● Aeromexico does not allow you to change the basic fare

● All the flexible branded fares can be changed

● Does not incur hefty fees and penalties

● Flexible fares of Aeromexico allow you to change the date, time, and even destination of your flight

● Flexible fares allow you to change your flight without penalty as many times as you want

● You have to pay the fare difference even though you do not have to pay any penalty fees

● You can change your flight according to the allowance of your fares

● You cannot change your flight if it was booked in the basic class of the branded fare

● Branded fares incur charges and allow limited changes

● You can modify your flight using both online and offline methods.

● Aeromexico will entertain changes that are requested 3 hours before the departure of your flight

● You can change your flight on the same day of your departure.

● Branded fares of Aeromexico are main cabin and premier

● These branded fares become more flexible with the feature of unlimited changes

● You have to pay more if you want to add more flexibility to your branded fare

What To Do When Aeromexico Airlines Change Your Flight?

You need to check the flight change and cancellations policy if Aeromexico changes your flight. As it changes or reschedules your flight, you become eligible for a full refund or flight rebooking. Aeromexico will immediately assist you after rescheduling or canceling your flight.

Therefore, after rescheduling, Aeromexico will rebook your flight, rebooking free of charge. If your delay gets longer than 2 hours, you will be given compensation such as free meals, vouchers, communication, and reimbursements. Moreover, Aeromexico will arrange your stay at its partner hotel if this delay occurs overnight.

That means Aeromexico avails you of special rights if your flight departing from or arriving in the EU gets delayed by more than 2 hours. In addition, Aeromexico suggests that you check your travel insurance policy since it might cover cancellations and changes to your itinerary.  

Aeromexico becomes liable to compensate when it is responsible for delaying your flight. It cannot compensate if it gets delayed or rescheduled due to bad weather, air traffic, or other controllable reasons.

Beyond these reasons, if it delays or cancels your flight because of its fault, then you can take the following actions:

●  Rebook your flight: Rebook your flight without paying any fees or fare difference within 14 days after the date of your departure. All costs will also be waived when you travel within 60 days after the departure date of your original flight. In this condition, the previous one should be disrupted by reasons such as government orders

●  Request refunds: Request a refund via Electronic Miscellaneous Document(EMD). This EMD remains valid for 1 year from the date of issuance

●  State your passenger rights: State your passenger rights either at the airport or to Aeromexico customer care over the phone call for your flight’s delay of more than 2 hours

●  Email: Write your email at to queries regarding Aeromexico flight delays and cancellations. The best option is to contact Aeromexico and discuss your specific situation and the available options

AeroMexico Airlines Flight Change Fee

Change fees in Aeromexico depend upon fare types and routes. There are two types of fares in Aeromexico: Branded and Flexible fares. The terms and conditions of paying to change your flights are as follows:

● Branded fares include classes such as main cabin and premier class. These classes are further categorized into tickets such as basic, classic, and AM Plus for the main cabin class. The Premier class includes premier light and premier ones.

● The flexible fares include the classic flex, AM flex, and premier flex

● All flight changes are subject to the fare difference between the original and new fares

● Flexible fares incur charges for rebooking your flight

● The total cost of changing your Aeromexico flights includes its fees and fare difference

● Fare difference applies when the new flight costs more than the original one

● Change fees could be reduced if you are a member of the Aeromexico loyalty program. You will enjoy other benefits of this program, too.

Change fees for each class:

AM Plus fares:

● USA: MXN 4,020       

● Canada: MXN 4,020  

● South America: MXN 4,020  

● Central America & the Caribbean: MXN 4,020         

● Europe: MXN 6,030

● Asia: MXN 6,030

● Within Mexico- MXN 700 for 8+ days before departure and MXN 1,000 for 0 – 7 days before departure

Premier Fares:

● USA: MXN 4,020

● Canada: MXN 4,020

● Central America & the Caribbean: MXN 4,020         

Premier Light Fares

● Within Mexico: MXN 700 for 8+ days before departure and MXN 1,000 for 0 – 7 days before departure

Premier One Fares

● LAX & JFK: MXN 4,020

● Asia: MXN 6,030

● Europe: MXN 6,030    

How to change an Aeromexico Airlines flight in 24 Hours?

The 24-hour policy of Aeromexico includes flight changes and cancellations within 24 hours of booking. According to this policy, you can change your flight for free within 24 hours of booking. You can change your flight via the website, the mobile app, and the customer care of Aeromexico.

During these hours, you can rebook another flight to the earliest time or date. Not only the flight, but you can also change the flight date, time, and destination. It includes changing your name in your booking, too. All of these changes will be free of cost. Only fare differences will be applied by Aeromexico.

These changes can be made in all fares, including the most basic ones. That means the most basic fares can be changed, too.

Regarding the refunds, you will get all refunds in the original form of payment after confirming your changes. Even non-refundable fares will be refunded. Aeromexico will do it within 7-10 business days.

Aeromexico Airlines Same Day Change Flight

Aeromexico Airlines’ Same Day Change Flight policy offers the flexibility of changing flights on the day of the departure.

Basic fares do not allow these same-day flight changes. You can use this same-day change service of Aeromexico to reschedule your flight for an earlier or later time on the day of the departure.

You have to request this service at the airport counter. It is allowed on the condition that it should be done 3 hours before the departure of your flight.

You may have to pay additional change fees for changing your Aeromexico flight on the same day of the departure.

Your flexible ticket can waive these change fees on same-day flight changes. Besides, fare differences will be applicable between the new and the old fare.

How To Change Your Aeromexico Flight?

Aeromexico Airlines flight change policy allows you to modify your bookings by using these online and offline options. These options enable you to modify the flight date, time, and destination of your bookings. Steps to use them are:

Official website of Aeromexico Airlines

Step 1: Visit the homepage: Visit the homepage of Aeromexico at

Step 2: Click on the ‘My Trips’ tab on the homepage

Step 3: On the ‘Your trips’ page, you can access your itinerary via ‘find reservation’ or ‘login.’ To find a reservation, enter your booking number and last name. To log in, enter your Aeromexico Awards/ email and password to log in and use your Aeromexico account.

Step 4: Select the parts of your reservation that you want to change. If you want to change your flight, then select it and choose the next available ones from the list. To change the date, select your flight and choose a suitable date from the calendar.

Step 5: Pay change fees, if applicable, along with the fare difference. Otherwise, you only have to pay the fare difference between the new and previous flights.

Step 6: Submit your changes and get its confirmation on your email and contact number

The mobile app of Aeromexico Airlines

Step 1: Tap on ‘my trips’ on the home screen of Aeromexico mobile app

Step 2: On the ‘my trips’ screen, tap on ‘add trips’

Step 3: Enter your confirmation code or ticket number and last name to find your itinerary

Step 4: Select the flight, date, or time that you want to change

Step 5: Choose the next available flight or date

Step 6: Pay change fees and fare difference. If you had earlier purchased the flexible fare, then you do not have to pay change fees.

Step 7: Submit your changes and receive confirmation via email

A phone call or email

Instead of the website and the mobile app, you can contact Aeromexico customer care via phone call. Its contact number is available on the website. You can check its contact number for your region.

After contacting customer care, you have to request the required changes from the Aeromexico representative. You have to provide your booking details when being asked by him. He will guide you with available options and change fees and fare differences. You can even write down your flight change requirements on the email address of Aeromexico at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Can you change the flight date with Aeromexico?

Ans. You can change your Aeromexico flight date soon before its departure. Aeromexico Airlines flight change policy allows you to modify your flight, its date, and time to suit your circumstances better. You can make all of these changes in departure time or a different destination altogether. Aeromexico’s official website and customer service enable you to make these changes through the airline.

Ques. Can I cancel the Aeromexico flight?

Ans. You will not be able to make any changes or cancel your Aeromexico flight if it was purchased at a Basic fare. If it was purchased at a Classic or Comfort fare, then you can cancel your flight by paying a cancellation fee that ranges from $200 to $500. These charges depend on the route and fare type.

Ques. Does Aeromexico have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Ans. Yes, Aeromexico provides flight cancellations and changes within 24 hours of booking. In this policy, it ensures refunds for flights. You can cancel your bookings by contacting +1-844-231-5895(No Wait) or 1 (800) 237-6639 without incurring any fees and receive a full refund.

Ques. Do you get a refund if you cancel an Aeromexico flight?

Ans. The 24-hour cancellation policy of Aeromexico is a special service that includes free flight changes and refunds. In this policy, this airline offers a risk-free period of 24 hours after booking. After canceling your reservation, you will get a complete refund using the original payment method.