How to Change Flights on American Airlines? | Change Policy | 24 Hours

How to change flights on American airlines? | Change Policy | 24 Hours

American Airlines Flight Change Policy recently got more relaxed after eliminating fees for changing flights. According to this policy, American Airlines will not charge change fees anymore. That means you do not have to pay any fees to modify your changes.

Thus, American Airlines’ Flight Change Policy offers great relaxation to its customers. If you are one of its customers, you take advantage of these relaxations by creating unpredictable plans.

How do you change flights on American Airlines?

American Airlines Flight Change Policy enables you to change your flight by accessing your itineraries. You can access them on the American Airlines website or its mobile app. If you are using its customer care service, then you have to provide ticket details when being asked. The conditions for changing them via American Airlines methods are:

● Flights booked through the website or online can be changed by using these modes only

● If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service department by phone or email.

● Use your confirmation code and last name to view your online itinerary

● You can pay via your preferred payment mode

● Flights booked through cash can be changed by accessing your AAdvantage User account or by entering your last name and confirmation code at

● Most of the American Airlines flights booked with Miles can be changed online

Online Procedure to Change American Airlines Flight

The online process of changing an American Airlines flight is one of the easiest ones. You can use this process anytime to modify your booking. It can be used in the following ways:

● Open the American Airlines mobile app or the company’s official website at

● Log in to your AAdvantage user account or click on the ‘manage/check-in’ option to view your booking

● Select the flight that you want to change and follow further instructions

● Choose the new flight that you desire

● Pay the fare difference if applicable or apply for travel credit

● Get your flight rebooking confirmed via email

Change Flight Name On American Airlines

You can correct any mistakes in your name before the departure of your American Airlines flight. American Airlines flight change policy lays down certain rules for name corrections. These are:

● American Airlines allows correction in the first three letters of your name.

● You change the letters of both your first and last name

● Names must match with a Valid Photo ID

● The addition of a middle name in your reservation is optional

● American Airlines allows the addition of maiden names, too

Fees For Changing American Airlines Flight

American Airlines does not apply fees for changing your flight. You can modify any part of your booking for free. American Airlines will only apply fare differences and other surcharges.

Fare differences include the increased price of your new flight. If the new flight costs lower than the original flight, then the remaining balance will be refunded to your AAdvantage account as travel credits.

You can use this travel credit to book your flight later. Travel credits should be used within one year of their validity. Its validity period starts from the date when it was issued.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Your American Airlines Flight

Your American Airlines flight can be changed in the following steps:


Step 1: Visit the American Airlines website or the mobile app

Step 2: Click on ‘manage/check-in trips’ on the homepage

Step 3: Open your itinerary by entering your confirmation code and last name on the ‘manage booking page

Step 4: Make the desired changes and select the alternatives

Step 5: Make payment for the changes done


Step 1: Open the website of American Airlines

Step 2: Visit the website’s homepage and scroll down to the bottom.

Step 3: Click on ‘contact us’

Step 4: On the ‘American Customer Service’ page, scroll down and click on ‘reservations and ticket changes’

Step 5:  On the next page, find contact numbers for regions such as Asia, Africa and Europe

Step 6: Dial the numbers specified for your region and get connected with the customer care service of American Airlines

Step 7: Get your flight changed through the customer service of American Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Does American Airlines charge to change a flight?

Ans. American Airlines flight change policy does not apply any fees for changing your flight. You can modify all parts of your American Airlines bookings for free. However, you have to pay for the applicable fare difference.

Ques. Can I change an economy ticket on American Airlines?

Ans. You can change your flight booked with the economy ticket within 24 hours of booking. You must change it within these hours. Within these hours, you will also get a refund in the original form of payment.

Ques. How do I waive American Airlines’ change fee?

Ans. You can get your American Airlines flight change fees waived if you booked it after 6th October 2023. It can also be waived if booked in classes other than the economy class.

Ques. Does American Airlines refund tickets?

Ans. American Airlines refunds tickets in the original form of payment after canceling or changing your flight within 24 hours of booking. You will also get refunds if it cancels or delays your flight.

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