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American Airlines Flight Change Policy

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

American Airlines completely revamped its flight change policies in recent years. It has adjusted change and cancellation policies after Covid-19 relaxations. Amidst these relaxations, American Airlines Flight Change Policy removed fees for changing your flight. From now on, your new flight can be booked free of cost.

However, you still have to pay for the fare difference. This difference will be applicable if your new flight costs more than the original flight.

If it costs less than the latter, then the remaining balance will be refunded as travel credit. American Airlines is quick to refund this balance within its specified business days.

Besides the cost of changing your flight on American Airlines, you can access any of its given methods. These methods can be the website, the mobile app, or the customer care of American Airlines to modify your bookings. All kinds of changes in your American Airlines reservations via these methods are free. Only the basic economy fare does not include free changes.

Yet, American Airlines' Flight Change Policy is still the most relaxing. It allows you to create unpredictable plans. Let's check out the American Airlines flight change policy in detail.

What Is The American Airlines Flight Change Policy?

American Airlines flight change policy is a policy for modifying all kinds of changes in your reservation. Those changes should be made in the same PNR number that was provided by American Airlines at the time of your booking.

Highlights of the American Airlines flight change policy:

● American Airlines allows you to change your flight for free

● You may have to pay for the increase in the new fare of your flight

● If your new flight costs are lower than the previous one, then the remaining balance will be refunded as travel credits

● You can use travel credits to purchase another flight in the future

● American Airlines will reimburse the price of the new flight if you have purchased the travel insurance. Your reasons for its claim should be valid

● American Airlines' change fees elimination does not apply to international flights that originate outside North America and South America

● The basic economy tickets of flights originating only in Asia do not include change fees. These tickets are non-changeable

● Flights booked with cash and miles points can be changed by using the website

● You have to pay more miles if there is an increase in the fare of your new flight

How Can You Change American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines flight change policy allows you to change tickets that were booked through any booking means and payment methods. You can change them at least 24 hours before the date of your flight’s departure. The process of changing it is as follows:

Flights Booked Online:

● Flights booked online can be changed via the website or the mobile app

● These flights can also be changed by calling the customer care service

● Flights booked 2 days before departure can be changed online within 24 hours

● You have to use your confirmation code and last name to access your online itinerary

● Changing flights online includes payments through preferred modes

Flights booked with cash:

● Changing an American Airlines flight that was booked with cash is straightforward

● Flights booked through cash can be changed by accessing your AAdvantage User account or by inputting your name or six-digit record locator at

● Then navigate to change trips and follow further instructions

Flights booked with Miles:

● Most of the American Airlines flights booked with Miles can be changed online

● Some of them cannot be changed. In this case, you have to contact the customer care of American Airlines

● You might be required to use your additional miles for rebooking a new flight

Changing Your American Airlines Flight Within 24 Hours

American Airlines flight changes within 24 hours of booking is one of the most relaxing services for customers. You can make any change during these hours if you are unsure of your plans. There are certain rules regarding it.

● The rebooking of a new flight is free within 24 hours of booking

● You can get refunds of the remaining balance

● You have to pay the fare difference if your new flight costs higher than the original flight

● Free flight modifications can be made via the mobile app,

● You can use any payment mode to change your flight

● The confirmation of your new flight rebooking depends upon its availability

American Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy

You can also get in touch with American Airlines customer service.

● American Airlines allows you to change your flights on the same day of the departure

● You can book a new flight either on American Airlines or on American Eagles

● The ability to rebook a new flight is subject to the availability of seats

● The alternate flight should be booked for the same origin and destination

● The rebooking of new flights will be confirmed within 24 hours of their departure

● You can book your flight for the same day on, the American Airlines app, the self-service kiosk at the airport, or the airport ticket counter. You can also get in touch with American Airlines customer service.

Same-day standby

● You can choose the same-day standby feature of American Airlines if you are not getting confirmation for a new flight

● Same-day standby does not guarantee you flight confirmation

● Still, you can get added to the list of same-day standby. Your reservation will be confirmed as soon as any seat is available on your requested new flight

● You can add your name to the same-day standby list via or self-service kiosk

Online Procedure For Change American Flight

Online modes of changing an American Airlines flight are one of the most convenient ways to use. You can use them anytime to modify your booking. Changes can be made in the following ways:

Official website of American Airlines

● The website of American Airlines: Open the website of American Airlines at

● Access your itinerary: Use your user account or confirmation code and last name to access your itinerary

● Change your flight: Follow the instructions to change your flight

● Select the new flight: Select the new flight and confirm changes after payment

American Airlines Mobile App

Besides the website, you can also use your American Airlines mobile app. The flight change process on this app is the same as on the website. You have two options: utilize the confirmation code or log into your Advantage account.

By accessing your AAdvantage user account or itinerary, you can do the following things:

● Change Your Flights

● View Your Trips

● Choose Your Seats

● Check In For Your Flight

● Add Additional Services To Your Trips Such As a Wheelchair, Services For An Infant, Or A Service Dog Or Carry-On Pet

● Request Special Assistance

Change Seat On American Airlines

Seats need to be booked before the beginning of your journey. American Airlines flight change policy gives you an ample amount of time to reserve them. You can book them in advance or get assigned by American Airlines. Rules for booking and changing your seats are as follows:

● You can choose your seats after booking your flight

● A seat map will be available to you after your flight is booked

● If you want to change it, then you can access your itinerary and look for the available seats

● If seats are unavailable, then you can check back later or reserve them during the check-in

● American Airlines can also assign you a seat even if you cannot find one for yourself in advance

● More seats become available when you get closer to your date of departure

Can You Change Your Name On Your American Airlines Ticket?

Have you made any mistake in your name while booking your American Airlines flight? Well, this mistake can stop you from boarding your flight. It is better to correct it before the departure of your flight. American Airlines flight change policy rules for changing it are as followed:

● Three letters of your first and last name can be changed

● Your new name must match with a Valid Photo ID

● You can add or delete your middle name

● Travellers are also allowed to add their maiden name or nickname. This name should be mentioned on your passport

● Suffixes or prefixes can also be added

● You have to follow strict guidelines of American Airlines regarding your actions on changing or correcting your name

Procedure To Change Name On American Airlines Flight Ticket:

The process of changing your name is:

● Open the American Airlines website or the app

● Click on ‘manage trips/check in’

● To view your itinerary, enter your confirmation code and last name.

● You will find options to change your name along with your flight details.

Can You Change The Flight Date On American Airlines?

Along with the flight, American Airlines flight change policy allows you to change the flight departure or arrival date, time and even destinations. Make sure that you make all of these changes within 1 year of the validity of your ticket. Except the basic economy fares cannot be changed.

You can change your flight and its date, time, and route through the American Airlines website and the mobile app. It can be done via contacting the customer care of American Airlines too. You have to access your AAdvantage account or use a confirmation code to process these changes.

Procedure To Change Flight Date On American Airlines:

You can change your flight date by accessing your itinerary in the following ways:

● Open the American Airlines website: Visit the website or the mobile app of American Airlines

● User AAdvantage account or ‘manage trips’ option: Log in to your American user account or click on ‘manage trips/check-in.’

● Access your itinerary: You can log in by using your email address and password or access your itinerary by providing your confirmation code and password

● Change flight date: Follow the prompts related to your flight date change, select the new date, and confirm your changes.

● Pay for the new flight date: Pay the applicable cost of the flight date change through your preferred payment mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does American Airlines charge to change a flight?

A. All international and most domestic flights were free of flight change fees according to American Airlines' policy. Change fees are not waived for only the basic economy tickets. You can change the date, time, origin, and destination of your flight for free. The time of flight can be adjusted to an earlier or later time of the day.

Q. Can I change an economy ticket on American Airlines?

A. Economy tickets on American Airlines are non-changeable and non-transferable. You must keep them the same after 24 hours of booking. However, you can change them within 24 hours of booking for free.

Q. Does American Airlines let you change the name on a ticket?

A. American Airlines enables you to change a name on an American Airlines ticket. To change it, you can contact their customer service at 1-888-526-0444. You have to provide your booking details and follow other guidelines to complete your name change process.

Q. What is the American Airlines change fee?

A. American Airlines change fees are zero. That means you can change your American Airlines flight for free. You only have to pay the fare difference along with other taxes and surcharges. Fare differences will apply if your new flight costs are higher than the original flight.

Q. Can I cancel my American Airlines flight and get a credit?

A. You can cancel your flight and get the remaining balance of your American Airlines flight ticket. This ticket will be reflected in your American Airlines account as travel credits. You can use it to book your future flights or avail of other services of American Airlines

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