EL AL Flight Group Booking Policy

EL AL Flight Group Booking Policy

EL AL Flight Group Booking Policy ensures that your booking for group travel is confirmed. This policy allows you to book a flight for your group of more than 10 members. You can book it through an online form or via customer care. This form is given on the website of EL AL. You can also find EL AL’s contact information on Facebook, WhatsApp, email, mail, or on the given contact number.

According to this policy of group booking, the confirmation is subject to the availability of EL AL flight seats. Its payments should be made through bank transfers within 20 days of booking.

Thus, the EL AL Flight Group Booking Policy gives an ample amount of time to arrange for your group travel. It ensures that your reservation is confirmed after the final payment. After your confirmed reservation, you can relax and embark on a memorable journey with your family or colleagues.  

What is the EL AL Group Reservation Policy?

EL AL Group Booking Policy confirms that you are eligible to travel with your group. You can travel with it and enjoy the services of EL AL. EL AL will ensure that you embark on a safe journey and reach your destination on time. You can easily book an EL AL flight for your group through both online and offline means. EL AL has laid down specific group booking guidelines. These are:

● EL AL gives up to 30 days to arrange a group travel

● The payment for your group travel should be made 20 days before the departure of your flight

● Within 30 days, you can hold your reservation if you are unsure.

● After assurance, you can pay for the group booking by using a seamless interface

● EL AL will quote fares for group traveling (agreed fare)

● You have to accept the agreed fare quoted by EL AL

● Your group will travel in the same cabin. That means you have to choose among the economy, business, and first classes for your group traveling

● Infants occupying a seat will be charged 20% of the fare

● Any later changes in the group booking will amount to an increase in the Agreed fare

Conditions of group booking:

● The EL AL service of group travel applies to a group of 10 or more people

● Applies to all cabins such as economy, business, and first

● Tickets for children aged between 2-11 and senior citizens will be booked upon the agreed fare, in addition to the booking fare.

● Agreed fare will be charged if an infant occupies a seat

● Any future group booking will depend upon the seat availability and the Agreed fare

● The group proposal does not mean confirmation of group booking, but rather, the currently proposed fare

How To Book El Al Flight Group Booking?

EL AL’s Group Booking Policy is different from the individual booking. The latter type of booking is easy and can be done quickly. Individuals have only to check the flight information. After reviewing the information, they fill up the booking form and pay for it. Individual booking takes little time. Whereas, group booking on EL AL is a lengthy process. It involves the agreement of both the group as well as EL AL. This process is relatively simple. It should be done in the following manner.

● Group travel on el al can also be requested via contacting the customer care

● You have to submit your group travel proposal

● It is not the confirmed booking but reflects the requested fare at that time

● El Al will accept the request for group booking if you have contacted its customer care service

● A new request should be applied in case of any changes in the flight status

● The agreed fare will be guaranteed if EL AL confirms your group booking

Online Process For El Al Group Booking

EL AL’s Group Booking Policy can be done online. You have to fill up a quotation form on the website. EL AL will review your form and will quote an agreed fare. It can be done in the following steps:

Step 1: The website of EL AL: Open the website of EL AL

Step 2: Group booking section: Login into your EL AL user account and enter the group booking section

Step 3: Fill group travel form: Fill up the form with all the details asked on it

Step 4: Submit the form: Submit your form and wait for EL AL to contact

Step 5: The response of EL AL: EL AL will correspond to your group proposal with a quotation of the agreed fare

Step 6: Confirm the Agreed Fare: Confirm the agreed fare via bank transfer to finalize your booking

Offline Process For El Al Group Booking

You can book your group travel on EL AL through its customer care. EL AL opens various channels that can be used to contact customer care. You can contact it any time and raise your concerns regarding your group travel. Those channels of communication with EL AL are:

Information Centre: You can check all the information about group travel at the information center on the EL AL website

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger: The Whatsapp and Facebook service of EL AL is available on the given link on the website

Telephone Service Centre: EL AL, customer care service, can be contacted at the number:++1-800-315-2771.

Digital form: EL AL provides a digital form on the website which is to be filled by you. It will contact you after you fill out your form.

Mail: You can write to EL AL for group booking at the following address: EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd., P.O. Box 41, Ben Gurion Airport, Zip Code 7015001

Email: EL AL will respond to you on your email address. You can email your query to Telloren@elal.co.il.

El Al Group Booking In 24 Hour

EL AL Allows the group booking of your flight within 24 hours of the departure. It should be done in the same process as during the time before the days of departure. You should send a group proposal through online or offline ways. You can either access the quotation form or contact the customer service of EL AL. The conditions for Group Booking within 48 hours are as follows:

● Group booking should be done for more than 10 people

● You have to deposit an amount for reserving your seat. EL AL usually allows you to deposit it within 48 hours before the day of departure. That means you can pay for your group’s seats within 24 hours of booking

● EL AL will quote the agreed price for your group travel

● You have to pay for your group travel through the bank transfer

EL AL Group Reservation Fee

EL AL’s Group Booking Policy reservation fees depend upon the price proposed by you. It will also be confirmed after EL AL proposes the agreed price. The agreed price is the final price to be paid for the group booking. This price includes:

● Taxes

● Fees

● Additional surcharges but includes carrier imposed surcharge,

Rules for group booking fees

● You can quote fares according to the minimum number of passengers traveling

● Quoted fare will be subject to an increase in the published fare

● To reserve your seats, a deposit amount of $150 should paid along with the Agreed Fare

● All payments should be made via bank transfers

El Al Group Booking Phone Number

EL AL customer care will answer all of your queries, including the group booking. You can contact EL AL at:

● WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger: Click on the links to WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers given on the website

● Email: Telloren@elal.co.il

● Telephone Service Centre: +972-3-977-1111

● Mail: EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd., P.O. Box 41, Ben Gurion Airport, Zip Code 7015001

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You can contact EL AL customer care via online and offline ways. If you want to contact it online, then you can view the information center of the EL AL website. You can also fill in the digital form to be later contacted by EL AL. Otherwise, you can contact EL AL on Whatsapp, Facebook, email, or dial +972-3-977-1111. EL AL will respond to all of your queries. You can even contact its customer care to apply for a group booking.

Ans. EL AL requires you to present yourself at the airport for check-in (including the security check) for at least 3 hours if you are traveling from Economy Class and 2 hours if you belong to the Business and First Class

Ans. EL Al allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. You can cancel it for free and apply for refunds. EL AL will process your refunds within 7-10 business days.

Ans. EL AL can refund canceled flights in the form of a credit voucher or the entire booking amount. EL AL refunds are subject to the rules and regulations.