Montreal Cruises | Your Doorway to a Seaborne Exploration of Canada’s Beauty

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Explore Montreal cruises and set sail on an unforgettable journey through Canada’s picturesque landscapes. Discover cruise options, itineraries, and the magic of Montreal from the water.


Montreal, a city renowned for its rich culture, historic landmarks, and culinary delights, also serves as an exceptional starting point for remarkable cruise adventures. In this article, we will immerse ourselves in Montreal cruises, offering you a glimpse of the enchanting experiences that await as you embark on a maritime journey from this captivating Canadian city. From cruise options to exciting itineraries and must-visit destinations, get ready to discover the beauty of Canada by sea.

Cruise Options from Montreal:

Montreal presents a range of cruise options to cater to various interests and preferences:

1. St. Lawrence River Cruises: Experience the scenic beauty of the St. Lawrence River as you cruise past charming villages, breathtaking landscapes, and historical landmarks.

2. Canada and New England Cruises: Set sail on an exploration of the charming ports of Canada and New England, with stops in cities like Quebec City, Halifax, and Boston.

3. Transatlantic Voyages: For those seeking an epic adventure, consider a transatlantic cruise that takes you from Montreal to Europe, allowing you to explore iconic destinations along the way.

Exciting Cruise Itineraries:

Montreal cruises offer diverse itineraries, each providing a unique and enriching experience. Here are some popular options:

1. St. Lawrence River Explorer: This cruise meanders through the heart of the St. Lawrence River, with stops in Quebec City, Tadoussac, and the picturesque Gaspé Peninsula.

2. Canada and New England Sampler: Discover the beauty of eastern Canada and New England, with visits to Halifax, Boston, and charming coastal towns.

3. Transatlantic Adventure: Embark on an extraordinary transatlantic journey, with ports of call in destinations such as Reykjavik, Iceland, and the British Isles before arriving in Europe.

Must-Visit Destinations in Montreal:

Before or after your cruise, take the time to explore Montreal itself:

1. Old Montreal: Wander the cobblestone streets, marvel at historic architecture, and visit iconic attractions like the Notre-Dame Basilica.

2. Mount Royal: Delight in panoramic views of the city from Mount Royal Park and explore its lush green spaces.

3. Montreal’s Culinary Scene: Savor local delicacies at the city’s renowned restaurants, markets, and food festivals.