American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States of America, and one of the highest-rated airline companies in all over the world. With International or Domestic travel via American Airlines, there are many things to be considered of such as max weightage of your luggage, what to bring and what not to, and If you are a pet person and don’t want to leave your dog, the cat behind, then this blog has got you covered as this blog will cover all American Airlines pet policy. As well as all the things that you don’t want to bring while aviation from one place to another.

American Airlines Pet Policy

The first thing to keep in mind while traveling via American Airlines is that you have to contact the Customer Service Team for the Pet Reservation. American Airlines allows 7 kennels while flying overseas. They won’t allow your pet to travel if the temperature condition is over 30 degrees Celsius or it is below 7 degrees Celsius.

American Airlines allows small pets onboard which is inside the cabin, but that particular pet should be at least eight weeks old and it should not exceed the weight limit of 9 kg. Also, that particular pet should remain in the carrier all the time during the period of flight which should be placed below the seat. Overall, the fee of over boarding a pet in the airline is $125.

The second option allows your pet to travel to another place while traveling through the airline is if they are transported via cargo and not by the cabin. The same condition is also applied here which is that your pet should be at least 8 weeks old and here, the weightage of your pet should not exceed over 45 kg. Here the fee is higher than the pet carried via cabin. The fee is $200 per carrier.

There are also Carrier guidelines that are to be considered which is that the size of the carrier should be 19” x 13” x 9” (48 cm x 33 cm x 22cm). Also, the thing to be considered is that your pet should not be able to stand up nor turn around in the carrier. Pets that are traveling in cargo should have a maximum dimension of 40” x 27” x 30” (101cm x 68cmn x 76 cm). Here the cargo should be at least of the size where the animal could turn around or sit down in a comfortable position. The carrier should have a small container so that it can be filled from outside.

Pets should be trained emotionally so that they can stay in the carrier for a longer time. Few dog breeds are not allowed onboard which is all the snub-nosed dogs, Boxer (of all breeds), Bulldogs (of all breeds), Terrier, Pit Bull, Shar Pei, and many more. But the best thing to do is to call customer service to check in the breed of your dog.

Prohibited Items Onboard

Many items are prohibited that you are not allowed to carry via aviation to ensure public safety and Airline safety as well. These items are restricted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). If you are going to travel you have to keep in mind these TSA rules and regulations. If you break any rules you would face imprisonment or a fine of $250,000. Below are all the items which you are not allowed to carry.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: – You can carry 4 spares in the carry-on bag which are less than 100 Watt per hour. If it is more than 160 Watt per hour – 300 Watt per hour you have to Contact Special Assistance. You are not allowed to carry damaged batteries, automobile, boat, or aircraft batteries. But you carry electronics such as watches, mobiles, laptops, etc.

Alcoholic Beverages: – You are not allowed to carry alcohol on board which is more than 70% alcohol.

Cutting equipment’s:- You cannot carry a knife, blades, Box cutters, razor on carry-on bags but you are allowed to carry these on checked bags

Drones:- You are allowed to carry your drone with your luggage but the drone’s battery should not exceed more than 160 Watt per hour.

Firearms:- You are not allowed to carry firearms

Marijuana:- Any type of Marijuana is not allowed to carry on board whether it is Recreational or Medical

Hover boards:-Hover boards of any type are not allowed as well such as Balance Wheel, Electric Scooter, etc.

Fuel, Paints, Torches are also prohibited

Controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also not allowed as it is prone to explosion easily.