One of the largest airlines in the world according to the fleet size, several destinations covered and passengers carried is Alaska Airlines. This American Airline is headquartered in Washington. The airline was started on June 06, 1944, and has been in the game since then.

The world went through a pandemic recently, which has changed the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we travel and so many other things.

After a lot of struggle, traveling to different parts of different countries is now possible again. With the ongoing pandemic, there are various precautions to take, things to keep in mind, and guidelines to follow before traveling by air.

Some of the guidelines to follow to be safe and secure are:-


All the passengers are required to go through health checkups and provide physical reports at the airport before check-in. If a passenger does not carry a check-up report, he/ she will not be allowed to board the flight.

Safety kit

As COVID spreads through transmission, the passengers are required to wear a mask at all points of time. They are also required to wear a face shield, gloves, and a PPE kit for the safety of others as well as themselves.

Digital Check-in

With the transmission and scare of COVID spreading widely, the check-in will happen digitally where a passenger first has to show their ticket through the glass to an authority. Then, they will be required to get a boarding pass digitally without getting in contact with anyone.

In-Flight Services

The food service in-flight has changed due to the pandemic. If a flight is flying within a distance of 350 miles from the source, the passenger will not be provided with any food or water. However, the passengers are now allowed to pack their food and water and get in for their journey.

For flights that fly more than 350 miles, the passengers will be able to avail of limited services that depend upon the cabin crew. Any which ways, the passengers are requested to get their food and water.


Passengers who have been seeing symptoms or have come in contact with anyone positive of COVID 72 hours before their flight, will not be allowed to fly regardless of their report. This is to ensure the safety of other passengers as well as everyone traveling on the same flight.


The flights get cleaned and sanitized before and after every trip. This helps us ensure that the passengers are safe and there are no chances of spreading the coronavirus from our end.

In-Flight Safety

Even though you are safely on the flight and in your seat, you are not allowed to remove your mask, face shield, gloves, and the PPE kit. You can remove your mask when you want to eat something but at all other times, you are required to wear your safety kit for the security of everyone around you.

Safety Services

We understand that it is very likely to break a face shield or a mask or lose any of your safety equipment. In such cases, you need not panic as Alaska Airlines is here to help you. We provide you with a free mask and other necessary equipment to keep you safe. You can just ask anyone on the cabin crew and get new safety equipment for free.


Once you reach your destination, Alaska Airlines provides you with an option to disinfect your baggage free of cost. You can use this service to make sure that your baggage is now safe for you to touch without the scare of getting infected with the virus.


Everyone loves to travel and because no one has gotten out of their house for a year, people are even more eager to travel now. In such situations, it is mandatory to maintain your safety, and Alaska Airlines helps you with that! You can download the app called Alaska’s mobile app which will help you with all the guidelines and brief you about the dos and don’ts at the airport for your safety! You can also find all the guidelines to follow at the airport on the application to understand them thoroughly.