Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy 

Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy

Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy describes all the aspects of the check-in process for a flight of Aeromexico Airlines. It informs you about the opening time and the ending time of the check-in window. Moreover, you can use any offline and online methods to check in and buy travel extras for your journey on an Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy. Aeromexico Airlines enables you to select your preferred seat and avail services under this policy of flight check-in.All of these segments of the check-in process are most accessible quickly during the web check-in. It means you can use the website and the mobile app of Aeromexico Airlines to buy access to all of these segments. Besides, these methods of check-in allow you to download your e-boarding pass on your device. These e-boarding passes are acceptable in almost every airport where Aeromexico operates.

Thus, Aeromexico’s Flight Check-In Policy brings a great deal of ease to the check-in process for a currently scheduled flight. This policy makes the check-in process smooth and available to all travelers 24*7. Let’s understand the Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy in detail.

Aeromexico Check-In Process

The process of the Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy is straightforward. You will not find any obligations during this process. Aeromexico has streamlined this process to complete it quickly and successfully. This process can be accessed for partner airlines such as Delta Airlines, Air France, and KLM Airlines. It should be done within the time stipulated by Aeromexico Airlines. These are the rules to complete this process of check-in:

● You have to retrieve your itineraries during the web check-in through options such as ‘check in’ or Aeromexico user accounts.

● If you are checking in at the airport, you need to present your travel documents to the Aeromexico personnel at the airport counter

● You can use your booking reference number and name to enter your itinerary if you are using the kiosk

● Aeromexico advises that you arrive at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

● The online check-in process for Aeromexico international flights starts 24 hours before their departure.

● On the other hand, the Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy for domestic flights starts 48 hours before the departure of your flight

● Aeromexico can assign your seat automatically in case of any unforeseen events

● You need to get your luggage checked at the airport baggage counter for your Aeromexico flight

Check-In Steps With Aeromexico

Aeromexico’s Flight Check-In Policy allows you to check in via online and offline methods. These methods include web check-in, mobile check-in, airport counter, and airport kiosk check-in. You can use any of these methods at your convenience. Each of these methods is feasible to use due to easy check-in processes. Before proceeding with this process, you should know these important points about it:

● You need to check for both of your domestic and international flights at least 2 hours before their departure

● Online check-in is available for all travel classes

● You need to contact the Aeromexico customer care centers before web check-in if you have modified any of your flight’s booking segments

● Web check-in cannot be done for reservations that include wheelchair, oxygen use, traveling with infants, unaccompanied minors, and pets

● Web check for Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy can be done on partner airlines for several destinations. Some of these are:

1. Amsterdam: web check-in on KLM Airlines

2. Atlanta: Web check-in on Delta Airlines

3. Charlotte: Online check-in on Delta Airlines

4. Cincinnati: Web check-in on Delta Airlines

5. Detroit: Web Check-in on Delta Airlines  

● Mobile check-in can also be done on partner Airlines of Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy, such as Delta Airlines, Air France, and KLM Airlines

● You have to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of your international and domestic flight

● If you are forced to check in at the last minute, then you can use the airport kiosk and get your boarding passes within 2 minutes

Aeromexico Check-In Online

The option of web check-in is one of the easiest ways to check in for your flight. This option allows you to check in quickly and save your time at the airport. Steps to check in online via the website of Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy:

Step 1: AeroMexico website: Open the Aeromexico website at

Step 2: Check-in tab Click on the ‘check-in’ tab on the homepage

Step 3: Booking details. Enter your reservation or ticket number and last name to retrieve your itinerary

Step 4: Check-in process: Follow the instructions to check-in

Step 5: Purchase seats: Pay for preferred seats and all extras that you need during the check-in process

Step 5: Boarding passes: Download your boarding pass after the check-in is completed

Aeromexico Mobile Check-In

The mobile app of Aeromexico is another convenient way to check in for your upcoming flight. Besides the website, you can also use this method to complete your check-in and download your boarding pass. Steps to check in for your Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy via mobile app are:

Step 1: Aeromexico mobile app: Tap to open the Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy mobile app

Step 2: My trips:  Tap on ‘my trips and enter your itinerary details such as booking reference number and last name

Step 3: Check-in process: Follow the instructions for check-in while purchasing your seat and availing of services

Step 4: Complete the check-in: Complete the check-in process and download your boarding passes

Aeromexico Check-In Airport

For many reasons, you cannot check in via the website or the mobile app of Aeromexico. Instead, you have to get yourself checked in at the airport counter. You will need to present your travel documents to the Aeromexico personnel at the airport for this check-in process. You can check in at the airport in the following ways:

● Reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight

● Show your travel documents and provide the necessary information at the airport counter

● Select your seats and request services that you need during your need

● Collect your boarding passes and proceed towards security check-in

Aeromexico Check-In Time

Early check-in enables you to reach the boarding gate on time. You can peacefully drop your bag at the baggage counter and head towards the security check and your boarding gate. These steps will be smooth if you check in before the deadline given by AeroMexico. Flights should be checked before these timings prior to the departure of your Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy:

● Mobile and web-check-in: 2 hours

● Airport check-in for flights within Mexico: 30 minutes

● Airport check-in for flights operated via code-share partners: 30 minutes

● Flights departing from the United States: 60 minutes

● Domestic flight group check-in: 60 minutes

Aeromexico Self-Service Kiosk For Check-In

Self-service kiosks are very helpful for the check-in process. These kiosks allow you to check in and print your boarding passes. If you are checking in for your Aeromexico flights using these kiosks, then you will enjoy the following benefits:

● Check in without standing in long queues at the airport

● Complete check-in within 2 minutes

● Select the seat for your reference

● Head straight to the security check if you do not have to drop any luggage

● Print boarding passes after completing the check-in

Aeromexico Check-In Baggage & Fee

You need to check your bag at the airport for your Aeromexico flight. It should be done before the deadline mentioned by Aeromexico. Aeromexico has made it mandatory that your bags should be checked at the airport. You can check in automatically at the airport or the baggage drop counters. Bags allowed during your travel with Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy are:

● You can carry 1 personal bag and a carry-on bag for free

● Checked bags should be purchased during the booking process of your flight

● Check-in of checked bags for domestic flights can be done 48 hours before their departure. Whereas, that of international flights are 24 hours before

● Baggage allowance at Aeromexico: 1 bag of 15 kg for Basic class

1. Domestic flights:

Before the check-in process– 300 MXN

During the check-in: 500 MXN

2. United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Europe, Asia:

Before the check-in: USD 20

During the check-in: USD 26

Aeromexico Check-In Boarding Pass

Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy ensures that your boarding pass is issued after completing the check-in process for your flight. Boarding passes are an essential part of your travel in Aeromexico. Without it, you will not be able to board your flight. It will be issued during the check-in process. Self-check-in at the kiosk and counter-check-in at the airport provides you with a printed boarding pass. On the other hand, online and mobile check-in will generate your e-boarding pass. It will show the following details:

● Your name

● Departure and destination airport

● Departure and destination date and time

● Travel class

● Flight name and number

● Seat number

● Boarding gate number


Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy is a detailed guideline on the check-in process for your flight. It ensures that you safely board your flight on time. This policy provides you enough to complete all the check-in, security, and boarding processes at the airport. You will be able to check in before the deadline mentioned by Aeromexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You can check in online for your Aeromexico Flight Check-In Policy. The online methods include the website and the mobile app of Aeromexico. These methods save you time and allow you enough time to go through the security check and boarding process.