Avelo Airlines Flight Check-In Policy 


Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy defines the complete check-in process for an upcoming flight. It mentions rules applied before, during, and after the check-in process. The policy also maintains that you should check in for your flight within the specified time. This process ends an hour before departure to allow you enough time for boarding.

Thus, the Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy makes sure travelers do not miss their flights. It allows you to check in without taking a long time. You can make a quick check-in via online methods such as the website and the Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy mobile app. Let’s dig deep into this policy.

Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy: Highlights

The Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy provides different modes of check-in for your upcoming flight a couple of days before its departure. Besides these modes, you will be given an ample amount of time to check in by Avelo Airlines. All the check-in, security, and boarding processes on Avelo Airlines will be peaceful because you will be able to check in in advance. This process goes smoothly because of the following features of Avelo Airlines:

  • You can use any method of Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy such as web check-in, mobile check-in, kiosk check-in, and counter check
  • Avelo Airlines customer service center is available to resolve all your issues related to the check-in process. You can find Its contact numbers on the website in the help section. You can also contact us at +1-800-315-2771.
  • The check-in time in Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy for most of the airports ends 40 minutes before departure
  • Avelo Airlines allows you to select and pay for your preferred seat and purchase extra baggage during the web check-in
  • Avelo Airlines check-in for all international and domestic flights starts 24 hours before the departure
  • You cannot cancel your flight after checking in for your Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy.
  • The boarding pass will be issued after your check-in process is completed
  • The issued boarding pass will include your flight number, boarding group number, departure date, departure and arrival cities, boarding time, departure time, and seat number

Avelo Check-In Options

Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy Options provides you with different options for checking in for your flight. You can use all of these options according to your convenience. Each of them has its own benefit. The online options and their benefits are:

Online check-in with Avelo Airlines

  • Online check-in for Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy through the website is one of the most convenient options to check in successfully.
  • This option allows early check-in and enables you to stay in advance.
  • After you check in via the website, you have to arrive at the airport and reach the boarding gate 15 minutes before the departure of your flight.
  • This method of online check-in allows you to retrieve your itinerary and follow the instructions for check-in

Avelo Airlines Mobile App

  • Instead of using the website, you can use the mobile app of Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy
  • This mobile allows you to follow the same process of check-in as that on the website
  • You can also pay for your seats and book travel extras for your Avelo flight during the mobile check-in
  • The boarding pass will also be downloaded after you complete the check
  • This mobile boarding pass is accepted by the security personnel and boarding crew at the airport

Airport check-in counter

  • You can choose to check in from the airport counter instead of using the website or the mobile app
  • This method of airport check-in includes the counter check
  • For counter check-in, you must arrive at the airport 2 hours minutes before the departure of your domestic flight if you need to check through these ways.
  • Whereas, for your international flight check-in at the airport, you have to arrive 3 hours before the departure. The highlights of these methods of check-in are


How to check in Avelo Airlines flight?

You have to start your check-in process by retrieving your itinerary. You can use the website, the mobile app, or check in at the airport for your Avelo Airlines Flight Check-In Policy.

The website of Avelo Airlines: Steps to check in via the Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy website

Step 1: Aveloair.com: Open the website of Avelo Airlines at www.aveloair.com

Step 2: Check-in tab: Place the pointer on the check-in tab and click on the ‘check-in process option to get help. The check-in tab is available on the homepage of the website

Step 3: Enter your booking information: Enter your confirmation number and last name to view your itinerary

Step 4: Select your seat:  Select the seat that seems suitable to you from the seat chart and pay for it

Step 5: Avail other facilities: Avail other services that you need during your boarding and in-flight journey

Step 6:Download your boarding pass: Download your boarding pass and complete your check-in process

Avelo Airlines Mobile App

The Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy mobile app starts 24 hours before departure. You can use the mobile of Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy in the following ways:

  • Tap to open the app: Open the app and tap on ‘my trips’ on the home screen
  • Check-in option: Tap on the three lines in the top left corner and tap on the ‘check in’ option
  • Enter your details: On the Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy screen, enter the confirmation number and last name to view your trip. Enter your ticket details such as confirmation number and last name
  • Follow check-in instructions. After viewing your itinerary, follow the check-in instructions.
  • Pay for your seat: Select your seat on the Avelo seat chart and make payment for it
  • Purchase extra bags: If you need to carry an extra bag, then you can pay for it during the check-in process
  • Download your boarding pass: After completing your purchases, download your boarding pass

The mobile boarding pass can be accepted at the airport during boarding.

Avelo Airlines Check-In Time

You should Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy in advance to allow yourself enough time for the security check and boarding. Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy mentions the time for online check-in at least 24 hours before the departure. This check time applies to all the other domestic and international flights.

Though the check-in time starts much before the scheduled departure, you still need to make sure that you can check in for your flight 40 minutes before its take-off.

Avelo Airlines Check-In Boarding Pass

Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy issues boarding passes after completing the check-in for your flight. You can download yours on your phone or laptop if you are checking in online. Otherwise, you can get a printed copy during the check-in at the airport. Your boarding pass will mention the following details about your journey:

  • Avelo Airlines flight number
  • Your name
  • Seat number
  • Travel class
  • Boarding gate number
  • Boarding group number
  • Departure and arrival cities
  • Departure and arrival time
  • Boarding gate closing time of 15 minutes before departure

Avelo Airlines Check-In Baggage

Your bags on Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy can be checked in on Aveloair.com as well as via customer care services at +1-800-315-2771. It can be done during the check-in process of your flight.

For the airport check-in, you need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure of your flight. If you have checked in for your luggage online already, you can drop it at the baggage counter at the airport.  The baggage policy of Avelo Airlines Check-In Policy includes:

  • You can book up to 10 checked bags
  • Avelo Airlines’ Check-In Policy allows 1 personal bag for free
  • The weight of your checked bag should not exceed more than 50 lbs(22 kg)
  • The checked bag and carry-on bag should be paid for during the initial reservation

Avelo Airlines Check-In Baggage Fees

If you want to carry your bag, you must pay for it while booking your flight. You can even pay for it after booking or during the check-in process. Following are the details about your Avelo Airline Check-In Baggage Fees:

Checked bag:

  • Fees at the time of booking: $40 to $45
  • Fees before check-in and after the booking: $60
  • At the time of online Check-in: $60
  • Checked baggage fees at the Airport: $65

Carry-on bag:

  • Fees at the time of Avelo Airlines flight booking: $43 to $50
  • Fees after booking and before check-in: $60
  • At the time of Check-in: $60
  • Carry-on baggage fees At the Airport: $65

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