Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy

Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy guides you in your check-in before the departure of your flight. It informs about the closing time of check-in windows and the process of checking in as well. According to this policy, you should reach the airport in advance before your departure. Moreover, this policy provides online check-in, which saves you from last-minute troubles. Along with Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy, you will be able to easily use all the other check-in methods provided by Finnair Airlines as well. 

These methods simplify your task of checking in at Finnair Airlines. Besides online, the mobile app and airport check-in are all these methods. You can use any of them to confirm your check-in and generate your boarding pass.

Let’s see what this Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy covers.

Everything about Finnair Check-In Option

Finnair Airline Check-In Policy mentions that check-in should be done before departure. With check-in, you will be allowed to board your flight. It is an essential process for both security and boarding of the flight. This process is even required for your baggage drop. But Finnair Airlines lays down rules for it:

● Your boarding pass and luggage should be checked in before the closing time

● Finnair recommends that you should check in as soon as its window is opened. On the way, all the baggage drop, security check-in, and boarding processes will go smoothly

● If you check-in in advance, you will be able to reach the boarding gates on time. The boarding gates in Finnair close around 15 minutes before departure

● OnlineFinnair check-in time starts 36 hours before departure. Whereas the airport check-in opens 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight

● The Finnair check-in time is different for every country in which Finnair Airlines Cheak-In Policy operates. The time at which check-in windows for each of them is:

From and to Finland: 45 minutes before departure

From and to Europe: 45 minutes before departure

From Europe to Asia, Central America, and the Middle East: 1 hour before departure

From Europe to the United States: 75 minutes before departure

From Asia, North America, and the Middle East to all destinations: 1 hour before departure

● Check-in should be done much in advance to allow time for security check-in

● Finnair does not allow check-in for the following airports: Dalaman, Dubrovnik, Rimini, Salzburg and Split.

Does Finnair Airlines Allow Check-In?

Finnair Airlines allows its customers to check in before their time ends. After the Finnair check-in time ends, they will not be allowed to proceed for security check and boarding. Therefore you should arrive at the airport at the time mentioned by Finnair Airlines Cheak-In Policy. Reaching the airport early makes you go through all the boarding steps quickly.

● Finnair allows check-in 24 hours before departure for flights originating from Helsinki to the United States. This check-in time ends 75 minutes before departure

● Check-in times are different for all the partner airlines of Finnair. You need to check the time either on the website or via Finnair customer care for check-in

● You need to provide your Finnair ticket and identity proof at the time of the Finnair Flight Check-In Policy. In some instances, you also need to provide your Visa and passport

How Many Bags Can You Check On a Finnair Airlines Flight?

Finnair mentions the number of bags that you can check on Finnair in June 2023. You can take at least one carry-on bag and one check-in bag for free.

Checked Baggage: All travel classes allow 1 bag of 23 kg to check-in. This number and size are applicable to all destinations except China, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

Carry-on Baggage: All classes of Finnair allow 1 carry-on baggage. A maximum of 12 kg of it is allowed for the business class, and 8 kg is allowed for the economy class passengers.

 How Do I Check In For An International Flight Finnair Airlines?

Finnair Airlines Online Check-in: Online check-in includes the website of Finnair. If you are checking in online, you need to use this website. Steps to check in through this website are as follows:

Step 1: Open the website of Finnair Airlines

Step 2: Click on the ‘check-in’ tap

Step 3: Enter your name and booking reference number to access your reservation.

Step 4: Finnair online check-in seat selection can be done at this time. In the event that payment is required, you can select the seat of your choice.

Step 5: Enter the information asked at the time of online check-in

Step 6: Generate your boarding pass

Step 7: Confirm your check-in

Finnair Airlines Mobile Check-In: Other than the website, you can also check in for your Finnair flight through the mobile app. You can use the Finnair Airlines check-in App in the following ways:

● Open the Finnair mobile app and continue as a guest if you do not have a user account in Finnair

● Tap on the ‘add journey’ button

● Enter your booking reference number and family name to retrieve your booking

● Follow the instructions for checking-in

Finnair Airlines Airport Check-In: Instead of online check-in, you can also check at the airport.

● You need to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours departure for check-in

● Check your domestic and international flight details to know how much in advance you should reach the airport

● If you do not have any bag to drop, then you use the airport kiosk to self-check in. You can go directly to boarding after the security check. Otherwise, you have first to drop the bag and then head to the security check

● Besides using the kiosk, you can also check-in at the Finnair Airlines airport counter

● At the airport counter Finnair, you have to present all the documents asked by the personnel to complete the check-in process

Can you check in luggage 24 hours before flight Finnair?

Twenty-four hours ahead of the departure of your Finnair trip, you can check in your bags. Usually, this process starts 36 hours before departure. During this process, you can even check in your luggage. After this process, you only have to drop your bag at the baggage drop counter at the airport. Make sure that you drop baggage at least 1 hour before departure.

Benefits of Finnair Online Check-In

Finnair allows online check-in to avoid any trouble during check-in. The time given for online check-in is more than the airport check-in. Hence, it is advised that you should check-in in advance before the departure of your flight. Because:

● You can avoid standing in long queues

● You will have your boarding pass already on your phone

● The Security will accept your mobile boarding pass

● Travel extras are available online at 50% less than the original price


Finnair Airlines Check-In Policy offers easy flight check-in. You can check in 36 hours before departure through the Finnair website, the mobile app, or at the airport. For any issues, you can contact Finnair customer care.

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