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EL AL Flight Check-In Policy covers the closing time and ways to check-in. This policy suggests how much in advance you should arrive at the airport. You can check in smoothly through any of the methods provided by EL AL.

Checking in for the EL AL flight is a simple task. You can check in through the website, the mobile app, and customer care of EL AL. You can even get yourself checked in at the airport.

Let’s see what this EL AL Flight Check-In Policy covers.

What Is the Check-In Policy Of EL AL Flight?

EL AL frames its check-in policy according to your convenience. Through this policy, it ensures that you do not face any trouble during your boarding.

You will be able to smoothly check-in because of this policy. During the check-in, your boarding pass will be generated. EL AL will also collect your luggage at the airport counter.

There are rules for checking in:

● EL AL allows you to check-in 3-24 hours before your flight’s departure

● All passengers of EL AL are allowed to use the Express Check-in

● Online check-in is required for domestic and international flights from and to the following cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Bombay (Mumbai), Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Marseille, Prague, Rome, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, and Warsaw.

● A group of six flyers in one reservation cannot apply for online check-in

● Online check-in is allowed for flights operating within 24 hours to land in Israel and within 27 hours for those departing from Israel

● The online check-in is not available for codeshare flights

● You can select your preferred seats while checking in online

● You need to reach the airport 2 and one-quarter hours before the departure of your flight if you have luggage for the airport check-in

● If you need to airport check-in without your luggage, then you have to reach the airport 1 and one-quarters hours before your flight’s departure

Does EL AL Flight Allow Check-In?

Check-in at El Al is essential for successful boarding of flights. With check-in, you will be allowed to board. EL AL will ensure that you will board the correct flight through check-in. It will issue a boarding pass and book a preferred seat. You will also be able to check in for your luggage. Following are the points related to the EL AL Flight Check-In Policy:

● The check-in window closes at least 1 hour before departure

● The last hour for check-in is different in every airport

● EL AL mandates that you check in at least 3 hours before departure if your flight is booked in Economy Class. Check-in in advance helps avoid any difficulty at the last minute

● If you are a business or first-class passenger, then you have to check in at least 2 hours before your flight’s departure

● You should reach the airport at least 4 hours before your EL AL flight departs for security check-in

How to Check In For Your EL AL Flight?

EL AL provides three main methods through which you can check in for your scheduled flight. These methods are easy to use, and you will be checked in quickly.

The online methods save you time as you only have to drop your bags. Offline check-in is also convenient because you can check in quickly if you reach the airport late.

Following are the steps of check-in through these EL AL online and offline methods:

Online Check-in With EL AL Flight:

The online check-in of your EL AL flight can be done through its official website. You can use this website in the following ways:

Step 1: Open the website of EL AL

Step 2: Click on the ‘check-in’

Step 3: Enter your ticket number/booking code and last name

Step 4: Select your preferred seats

Step 5: Pay for the seat if applicable

Step 6: Confirm the necessary details and generate your boarding pass

Mobile Check-in: With EL AL Flight

EL AL mobile check-in can also be done in the following ways:

Step 1: Continue as a guest on the EL AL Mobile app

Step 2: Tap on the ‘check-in’ button on the home screen

Step 3: Type in your last name and booking code.

Step 4: Select your seats or any other services that you want to add on

Step 5: Confirm your check-in and generate your boarding pass

Airport Check-in: With EL AL Flight

For the airport check-in of your EL AL flight, you need to follow these instructions:

● Reach your airport 2 hours before your domestic flight’s departure

● You must arrive at the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time for your international flight.

● You have to stand in the queue at the EL AL counter at the airport

● At the counter, show your passport, tickets, and valid identity proof to the EL AL counter personnel

● Submit your luggage and confirm the check-in

Documents Required For Check-In EL AL Flight

You need to show the required documents for checking your EL AL flight. These documents will be required in all online, mobile app, and airport check-in methods. Documents that are required:

● Your flight ticket

● Valid Identity Proof

● Passport and Visa for your international flights

Note: Many countries in which EL AL operates do not require your Visa for entry. You can check the Visa requirement for your destination country on the website in the check-in section by clicking on the link: ‘check your documents here.’

How Early To Check In For EL AL International Flight?

According to the EL AL Flight Check-In Policy, You should reach the airport for check-in for your international flight at least 3 hours before departure. You can choose the following ways to check in at the airport:

    EL AL Counter: Stand at the counter, present the required documents, and submit your luggage

●    Quick check-in: You can do the self-check-in at the airport kiosk and generate your boarding pass. This quick check-in option is available in Tel Aviv, New York, Bangkok, Tel Aviv (Ben-Gurion Airport), New York (Newark Airport), and Los Angeles, Prague, Kyiv, Moscow, Amsterdam


Thus, the EL AL Flight Check-In Policy is a simple process on the website, the mobile app, and even at the airport. Through these methods, you will be able to check in quickly. Online check-in is reliable because it saves you time. On the other hand, airport check-in is also convenient as you can make a quick check-in at the airport counter.

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