KLM Airlines Check-In Policy

KLM Airlines Check-In Policy is about the check-in time, baggage check-in, travel extras, and methods that can be used for check-in. You need to take care that you are checking in before the closing time of your KLM Airlines Check-In Policy. The check-in of Klm flights ends 1 hour before departure.

The ending time of klm check-in is different for each operating city. Even the starting time varies according to destinations.

You can check for yours on the website, the mobile app, and the airport.

During your check-in, you can generate boarding passes, book extra seats or preferred seats, purchase your favorite meals, and even entertainment options. You can avail of all of these for both your departing and return tickets.

Let’s check what this policy says:

KLM Check-In Time

KLM Airlines check-in times vary according to your departure airport. You will be notified about it before your flight’s departure. However, you can also see the KLM Airlines Check-In Time on the website or the internet. This time is also mentioned here:

KLM online check-in time:

● For KLM flights originating from Europe, the time of online check-in is 30 hours before the departure

● Whereas, you should check in online within 24 hours before departure of your flight originating from a non-European city

● The check-in closing time for every KLM flight ends 1 hour before the departure

● Check-in time for KLM flights operating to and from Mumbai, Kenya, Sudan, and Ethiopia ends 1.5 hours before departure

● These KLM airlines check-in periods are the same for the website as well as the mobile app

● You cannot always check in online for your flight booked with KLM’s partner airlines.

KLM Airlines Airport check-in time:

● Instead, if you want to check in at the airport counter, you must arrive for your domestic flight at least 2 hours before departure.

● On the other hand, the airport counter check-in time for KLM Airlines intercontinental flights starts 3 hours before departure

● The check-in time for the airport kiosk is different from the counter.

● If you are using the kiosk for your domestic flights in Europe, you must check in 2 hours before departure. This time will end 40 minutes before departure.

● You can use the airport kiosk for self-checking your intercontinental flight at least 3 hours before departure. This check-in time will close 60 minutes before departure

KLM check-in times are different for these routes:

●    Osaka: 2 hours before departure

●    Moscow: 2.5 hours before departure

●    Split: 3 hours before departure

●    Delhi and Lagos: 4 hours before departure

●    Mexico: 5 hours before departure

KLM Airlines Check-In Baggage

KLM Airlines Check-In Policy process includes the KLM checking-in of your luggage. You can check in for it online through the website and the mobile app. After checking in your luggage, you have to drop it at the baggage counter. This counter closes on its own time. The closing time of this counter is:

●    Amsterdam: 60 minutes before departure

●    Istanbul- 60 minutes before departure

●    Bonaire: 70 minutes before departure

●    Guayaquil: 70 minutes before departure

●    Freetown: 80 minutes before departure

●    Lagos: 90 minutes before departure

●    Accra: 120 minutes before departure

●    For European Klm flights: You can drop your bags 40 minutes before departure

●    Intercontinental Klm flights: Baggage drop deadline is 60 minutes before departure

How Much Luggage Can You Take On Klm Flight?

KLM Airlines Cheak-In Policy limits the number of free bags that can be carried along with you. You need to pay for every extra luggage. The number of bags and sizes that you can carry depends upon your destination and the travel class in which you are flying.

Economy Class: However, you are allowed to carry 1 bag of 23 kg in your Economy Standard or Flex travel class.

Premium Comfort Class: The standard or flex ticket of premium comfort class allows 2 bags of 23 kg each.

Business Class: The standard or flex ticket of the business class allows 3 bags of 32 kg each. The lite ticket includes 1 baggage of 32 kg.

KLM Airlines Check-In Fee Policy

KLM Airlines enables you to avail of travel extras during the online check-in process. You can also purchase these extras during the airport check-in. You have to pay fees for every extra that you decide to avail. During your KLM Airlines Check-In Policy process, you can avail of these:

● Book your favourite meals

● Select your preferred seats

● Enable Wifi services

● Pay for extra bags or overweight bags

● Seats for your infant

KLM Online Check-In Process: 

The online process of check-in is done through the website of KLM Airlines Cheak-In Policy. You can start this process on the website in the following steps:

Step 1: Open the website of KLM Airlines

Step 1: Open Mobile app

Step 2: Click on check-in

Step 3: Enter your booking details or email address to retrieve your booking

Step 4: Confirm your check-in for the KLM flight by following the instructions.

How to check in offline on KLM Airlines?

Other than online check-in, Klm Airlines Cheak-In-Policy allows check-in at the airport. For the airport check-in, you need to arrive at least 3 hours before departure. You can do the airport check-in in the following ways:

Airport Counter: You have to stand in the queue for check-in through the KLM counter. On this counter, you have to submit your documents and pay for travel extras. After checking in, the last step is dropping at the baggage counter.

Self-check-in at kiosk- Instead of the airport counter, you can use the kiosk to avoid standing in the queue.

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