Overview of JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy

Meta Description: Cancel your JetBlue flight for free. Know more about JetBlue’s flight cancellation policy. It guides you on ways to cancel your JetBlue flights without any hassle

JetBlue Airlines ensures that you create plans but want to change them later. Its flight cancellation policy matches your unpredictable plans. JetBlue Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your flight according to your plans. This policy ensures that you can successfully cancel your trip before the date of departure. This policy is the most flexible and relaxing one that allows them to cancel their flights before departure.

What Is JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy?

JetBlue Airlines’ Cancellation Policy is a detailed set of instructions regarding flight cancellations. This policy consists of a set of guidelines for cancelling flights with JetBlue. Flights of JetBlue can be cancelled only according to these guidelines. For any exceptional case, you can contact JetBlue Airlines customer care. This policy states that you can cancel your flight before departure or within 24 hours of booking. Only the basic fare of JetBlue includes flight cancellation with charges.

About JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Fee

You have to pay cancellation fees only if you have booked your flight with the basic fare. All other fares of JetBlue Airlines do not incur these fees. These fares include Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. Whereas, the basic fare applies USD 100 for domestic flights and USD 200 for international flights.

Understanding JetBlue Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy | 24 Hours

You can cancel your JetBlue  Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking. Cancellation of flights within this period can be free of cost. You do not have to pay any additional costs during this period. For cancelling your flights within this risk-free period, you should book it 7 days or more before the date of departure. JetBlue allows flight cancellations within this period for all its fares. That means you can cancel your flight booked with the basic fares too.

How to Cancel a JetBlue Flight Booking?

Cancelling a JetBlue flight is not troublesome JetBlue Airlines enables you to cancel your flights by using multiple options on its website and mobile app. You can also contact customer care of JetBlue to get your flights cancelled from this medium. Options that you can use on these mediums are ‘manage bookings’ and user accounts. You can also find links for flight cancellations through the help centre of the website.

Steps to Cancel JetBlue Airlines Flight

You can cancel your flight through the website, mobile app, live chat, SMS and voice call to customer care. Follow these steps to cancel your flights by using these mediums.

Step 1: If you are using online mediums, then you have to open the JetBlue Airlines website and the mobile app. If you want to contact customer care, then you can find its contact details on the website.

Step 2: On the website or mobile app, click on the ‘my trips’ or login options. You can see these options on the homepage. You require these options to retrieve your itineraries.

Step 3: Choose the trip that you need to cancel

Step 4: Click on the button ‘Cancel’ near your trips and then confirm your changes

How To Get A Refund For A Cancelled JetBlue Flight

You can view your refunds in your JetBlue Travel Credit account. Your refunds will reflect as travel credits in this account. To apply for it, you have to fill up a refund form that is available online. You can find this form in the help section of the website. After applying for refunds, you will receive it within 7-10 business days.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

JetBlue also cancels or delays flights. Circumstances force it to cancel or delay your flights. Your flights can get cancelled by JetBlue due to reasons such as security issues or heavy rain and thunderstorms. You can also face a flight delay because of lengthy air traffic. After assessing reasons for flight delays and cancellations, it compensates its travellers.

JetBlue Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

JetBlue compensates you in the following ways due to cancellations and delays:

  • You can book another flight after your original flight’s departure
  • JetBlue will arrange an alternative flight and you have the choice of confirming it
  • You can apply for refunds if you do not wish to travel further

Can I Cancel My JetBlue Airlines Flight Within 24 Hours?

You can cancel your JetBlue flights within the risk-free period of 24 hours. In this period, if you cancel your flight, then you do not have to pay cancellation fees. You can also cancel your basic fare ticket for free within 24 hours of booking.

How do I contact JetBlue Customer Service?

You can contact the customer service of JetBlue through these options:

  • Voice calls to the customer contact number
  • SMS and WhatsApp text
  • Email
  • Social Media platforms