Aeromexico Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

AeroMexico Airlines flight cancellations are convenient for its customers. You can conveniently cancel its flights according to the changes in your travel plans. It enables you to book your flight and cancel it later according to relaxations and rules mentioned in the AeroMexico Flight Cancellation Policy. This AeroMexico policy enhances the flight cancellation experience of travelers by providing multiple ways to strike down their flight reservations. They can use these ways even for canceling flights on the same day of the departure.

What is The Flight Cancellation Policy For Aeromexico?

Aeromexico Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy is a reliable policy you can follow to cancel your flight without hassle. Aeromexico enables you to use its online or offline modes whenever you decide to call off your plans. But you need to know fare types that allow cancellations and other rules and regulations of this policy:

 ● You can cancel your AeroMexico flight 2 hours before its departure

 ● AeroMexico flight cancellation policy applies to all your refundable and non-refundable tickets

 ● The basic fare of AeroMexico does not include flight cancellations. Hence, you cannot cancel your flight booked with the basic fare

 ● Fares such as Classic, AM Plus, Premier Lite, and Premier One allow flight cancellations for a fee

 ● All flexible fares do not impose any cost upon flight cancellations

Aeromexico Cancellation And Delay Flight Compensation

If you can cancel your flight, AeroMexico can also cancel it. It can cancel or delay your flight because of specific reasons. This cancellation or delay also means that you miss your connecting flights. AeroMexico compensates you in the following manner:

 ● Extend the validity of your ticket

● Reeboks the earliest available flight

● Allows you to book flights for a later date

If your AeroMexico Flight gets delayed for more than 3 hours, the airline will pay you up to €600, irrespective of your fares and ticket type. For runway delays of less than three hours, you will be served meals and provided with other services.

Can I Cancel the Aeromexico Flight?

You can cancel your AeroMexico Flights using options such as ‘your trip,’ AeroMexico user account, and customer care. These options also enable you to book another flight if you need it. You can access these options through devices such as laptops and mobile phones. You must visit the website or the mobile app to cancel flights using these devices. Thus, The AeroMexico Airlines Flight Cancellation policy ensures you can book flights that can be canceled or rebooked later.

Offline Cancellation Options For Aeromexico Flights

Customers of AeroMexico can connect with customer care executives for any trouble during flight cancellations. You can contact them through voice calls, SMS text, or social media handles. These executives respond to you immediately and resolve your queries. They are available all the time to answer your queries. You can even speak about other issues, such as changing a flight or requesting refunds.

Online Cancellation Options For Aeromexico Flights

AeroMexico’s online cancellation policy determines the online process of flight cancellation. You can cancel your flight online through easy modes such as The official website of AeroMexico Airline and its mobile app. The website of AeroMexico provides options such as ‘login’ and ‘my trips’ that are visible on the website’s homepage. After clicking these options, you must enter confirmation, credit/debit card, or ticket number. Along with it, you have to provide your first name and last name to open your itinerary. You can proceed with cancellations of your flights after retrieving it.

Aeromexico Flight Cancellation Fee

Flight cancellation fees on AeroMexico are either paid or free. It depends upon the conditions of the AeroMexico fares. Some fares charge cancellation fees, while other fares allow it for free.

 Fares such as Classic, AM Plus, Premium Lite, and Premium One incur flight cancellation fees. You have to pay its costs, which range between USD 200 and USD 500. Whereas, if you have purchased any flexible fare, you do not have to pay fees for its cancellation. 

 If you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, none of these rates will charge you any costs.

How Do I Get a Refund From Aeromexico Airlines After Booking?

You can get refunds of your booking amount from AeroMexico Airlines when it finds you eligible. To be eligible and receive refunds successfully, you must apply for it on the website, the mobile app, or the customer care of Aeromexico Airlines. The website of AeroMexico shows you the refund forms you must fill out. You should check the website and your eligibility to apply for refunds. For some regions, AeroMexico does not allow online application of refunds and only accepts requests through its customer care.

You can cancel an Aeromexico Airlines flight online, over the phone, at the airport, or through the airline’s website. Here are some suggestions for requesting an Aeromexico airline refund after making a reservation.

1. Phone call: Call the Aeromexico Airlines customer care support number at +1-800-315-2771, and they will provide you with your flight booking details. The team of Aeromexico Airlines will assist you in canceling your flight and processing your refund.

2. Aeromexico website: You must go to the Aeromexico website and log into your account. Go to “Manage my bookings”.

3. At the Aeromexico Airport: Go to the Aeromexico ticket counter. And talk to customer service. And provide your booking details and request to receive your refund.

How To Claim A Refund From Aeromexico?

Before claiming a refund, you must ensure you are eligible to apply for it. You can ensure yourself about this eligibility by understanding the terms and conditions of refunds by British Airways, the rules of your ticket, and fare rules. You can apply for it after understanding all these rules through the website or the customer of British Airways. The team of British Airways will refund your amount according to its terms and conditions within 20 business days.

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy for 24 Hours

According to AeroMexico Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, the airline will provide 24 hours of booking to cancel flights for free. Your flight should be booked at least 7 days before its departure. Otherwise, you cannot cancel your flight for free during this period. The policy of 24-hour flight cancellation by AeroMexico also refunds your complete booking amount after your flight cancellation.

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