Wizz Air Flight Cancellation Policy | 24 Hour Policy

Wizz Air flight cancellations are most convenient because of its low amount of fees and immediate refunds. You can claim for refund immediately after your flight cancellation and receive it within a few business days. Wizz Air allows you to cancel your flights anytime when you decide. Flight cancellations on Wizz Air would become easy if you follow its rules and conditions. Wizz Air formulates its rules for canceling a flight under its Wizz Air Flight Cancellation Policy.

This Wizz Air flight cancellation policy determines rules you must follow for successful flight cancellations. Because of this policy, you can create travel plans that can be canceled later. You can cancel both flights in your return trip reservation at once.

Thus, this policy will allow you to cancel your plans according to your timeline.

Can I Cancel My Wizz Air Flight?

Wizz Air allows you to cancel your flights either for free or for a cancellation fee. If you want to cancel it for free, you must meet all the conditions specified by your fare type. Flight Cancellation costs will also be informed to you during the cancellation process.

You can find out about this flight cancellation on the Wizz Air website or mobile app. You can reach Wizz Air customer service by voice call or email in addition to these methods. In the first instance, you have to provide your booking reference number and last name. This is required to retrieve your itinerary. After retrieving it, you can request cancellations and pay for it.

Online Ways To Cancel Wizz Air Flight

The flight cancellation process is much more streamlined on the online modes of Wizz Air. Travelers can make little effort in their flight cancellations. They only have to use their laptops and mobile phones to complete their flight cancellation process. After this cancellation and its payment, they will receive confirmation in their email. To cancel their Wizz Air flights, they can use:

Wizz Air Website: The website of Wizz Air displays various options that allow you to initiate the process of flight cancellation. On the homepage, you can see options such as ‘check-in and booking’ and ‘sign-in.’ 

As you select any of these options, you can start your flight cancellation process by providing your booking details.

Wizz Air Mobile App: The Wizz mobile app provides the same options for flight cancellations as the website. It is as feasible to use as the website. You have to tap on the options such as ‘bookings’ and ‘sign in’ to initiate your online flight cancellation process.

Offline Ways To Cancel a Flight

The online modes are sometimes not available for cancellations. If you cannot access these modes, then you can contact the customer care of Wizz Airlines. The executives of this customer care will respond to your queries immediately. As you share your issues with them, they will try to resolve them. They offer voice calls, email, and live chat for communication. Another sensible choice is to go to the Wizz Air office at the airport.

How to Claim Wizz Air Flight Compensation / Refund?

Wizz Air enables online claims for flight compensation or refunds if travelers want to receive their remaining balance as credits. If travelers need refunds after flight cancellation in the original form of payment, they have to contact the customer care of Wizz Air. As they claim for refunds and compensations, they will receive it within 72 hours as travel credits in their Wizz user accounts.

How Much Is Wizz Air Cancellation Fee?

Wizz Air will confirm your cancellation after you pay the applicable fee. This fee is determined according to the time when you are canceling your flight. Wizz Air will also apply other service fees that should be paid at the time of cancellation. For cancellation before 14 days of departure, Wizz Air will apply the fee of 65 EUR. On the other hand, for cancellations within 14 days of the departure, Wizz Air will apply it for 85 EUR.

Terms & Conditions for Wizz Air Refund

Wizz Air initiates refunds after canceling your flight. You can create a request for refunds through the website or the customer care. Wizz Air will accept your refund request after verifying your eligibility. It refunds your original booking amount under the following conditions:

● Flight cancellations or delays by Wizz Airline

● Flights booked with refundable tickets

● Cancellations of flights within 24 hours of booking

● Travellers requested refunds through customer care

Wizz Air Flight Change Policy

Besides flight cancellations, Wizz Air allows change of flights too. In your Wizz Air flight reservation, you can change your journey’s date, time, and destination. Along with it, you can also rectify your name if the need arises. For one-way flights, Wizz Air enables you to modify your bookings until 3 hours before your flight’s departure. If your reservation includes a return flight, you can change it too, but the airports for both flights should be the same.