Turkish Airlines Delay & Cancellation Compensation Policy

Turkish Airlines’ Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy ensures justified compensations and refunds. This policy of Turkish Airlines covers all types of compensation that are given to its travelers. Turkish Airlines compensates according to the length of flight delays. In case of cancellations, it refunds or rebooks another flight for free.Therefore, Turkish Airlines ensures that all of your losses are covered through its Turkish Airlines delay and compensation policy. There would be no reason to deny you compensations other than specified ones.

Turkish Airlines delays and compensations are described here in detail:

Turkish Airlines Give A Solution Against To Delay Or Cancellation Flight Compensation

Turkish Airlines does not let you remain puzzled when it cancels or delays your flight. It frees you from your worries of losing your money due to sudden cancellations of your flight. In these cases, Turkish Airlines entitles you to compensation while having to comply with European Union law of EC 261. You are entitled to compensation when this airline cancels your flight due to reasons within its control. If you are eligible, then you will compensated for the following:

●    Flight delays by more than 2 hours: Turkish Airlines will offer you meals and beverages, hotel accommodation, and ground transportation(between the airport and your hotel)

●    Flight delays of more than 3 hours: You will be given compensation in the range of €250 to €600. This range is for international flights. For domestic flights delays, Turkish Airlines will compensate you between EUR 50-100

●    Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellations: Turkish compensates you for canceling your flight within 2 weeks of your departure. The compensation amount also applies if both the departure and arrival of your new flight are different from the original one. It will compensate you in the following form:

1. Flights for the distance within 1500 km: €250

2. Flights for distance between 1500 km and 3500 km: €400

3. Flights designated for a distance exceeding 3500 km: €600

●    Denied Boarding: Turkish Airlines can cancel your boarding if no seats are left on your current flight. In this case, your seat will be booked on another flight or be compensated with €125-€600

Here Are Some Of The Key Of Turkish Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Turkish Airlines’ Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy includes granting some amount as compensation for flight delays. According to this policy, you will be compensated for your flight delays. It will be granted to you after considering the length of delays. The amount decided for each delay length is:

Domestic flights

● 2 hours of delay of domestic flights within Turkey: €50

● More than 2 hours of delay of domestic flights within Turkey: €100

International Flights: 

● 2 hours of delay of flights operating within the distance of 1500 km: €125

● More than 2 hours of delay of flights operating within the distance of 1500 km: €250

● Delay of flights operating between 1500-3500 km for less than 3 hours: €200

● Delay of flights operating between 1500-3500 km for more than 3 hours: €400

● Less than 4 hours delay of flights scheduled between 1500-3500 km: €300

● More than 4 hours delay of flights scheduled between 1500-3500 km: €600

What Happens If Your Flight Is Delayed by Turkish Airlines?

You will be informed about your delayed flight status through email and SMS. The airport screens will also display the late departure of your flight. If you are informed about flight delays, you should do the following things:

● Note down your flight’s original time and the time of intimation about flight cancellation

● You can receive primary care such as refreshments, meals, hotel accommodation, and communication means if your flight gets delayed by 2 hours

● Contact customer care of Turkish Airlines to speak about the service of meals and beverages as compensation

● You can receive compensation in the form of free meals, accessible communication via 2 calls, email, and text, free hotel accommodation if your Turkish Airlines flight gets delayed by more than 5 hours

● Turkish Airlines will process a refund if you request it instead of opting for compensation

Turkish Airlines Online Flight Delay Or Cancellation

Turkish Airlines informs you about flight delays or cancellations in your email or SMS. If you have received this information, the next thing is searching for the options for compensation.

You can check these options on the website of Turkish Airlines and various other authentic sources on the internet.

After checking the options for compensation and refunds, you can apply for them by contacting the service centers of Turkish Airlines. Find contact details of Turkish Airlines in the following ways:

●    The website of Turkish Airlines: Open the website of Turkish Airlines

●    Help menu: Click on the help menu on the homepage and then click on the option ‘get in touch.’

●    Turkish Airlines Headquarters: While you scroll down, you will be able to see the contact details of Turkish Airlines headquarters. You can even find the office details of Turkish Airlines, which is situated in your region

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Fees Refund Policy

Turkish Airlines does not apply any fees for compensating you in case of your flight delay. Instead, it will compensate you in the following ways:

● Rebooking of another flight with the same day of departure as that of the original flight

● Compensate with an amount of as much as €600 for flight delays of more than 2 hours

● Process your full or partial amount of refund after delaying or canceling your flight

● In case of your flight delays in 2 hours, you will be compensated with meals and beverages


Turkish Airlines Delay and Cancellation Compensation Policy guarantees that you are given the right amount of compensation. While considering your needs, Turkish Airlines also complies with the rules laid down by the European Union. It will compensate you well according to your needs and the laws of the European Union.

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