Lufthansa Airlines Flight Check-In Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Check-In Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Check-In Policy ensures that you can check in for your flight in advance. It is because this policy allows you to check in for Lufthansa Airlines flights as early as 24 hours before departure. Both your international and domestic flights can be checked in in advance within the time stipend by Lufthansa Airlines.

This advance check-in process of your Lufthansa Airlines can be done through web check-in. This option includes the website as well as the mobile app. Besides these modes, airport counters and self-service kiosks at the airport are the alternative ones.

Whether you use web check-in or airport check-in, you have to make sure that you are using them 60 minutes before departure. You will not be allowed to check-in or board your flight after this period.

Let’s look at the Lufthansa Airlines Flight Check-In Policy in detail.

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Check-in Policy: How it Works

Lufthansa Airlines flight check-in is crucial for boarding your flight. During this process, you will be able to download your boarding pass, purchase travel extras, book your preferred seats, and avail of all the other services of your Lufthansa flights. This policy of Lufthansa Airlines Check-in works in the following ways:

● Lufthansa Airlines allows you to check-in through the website and the mobile app 23 hours before departure

● In its Late-Night Check-in policy, Lufthansa Airlines enables you to drop off your bags at the airport kiosk 23 hours before departure.

● The Late-Night Check-in window is open for selected airports. This service is not available for:

1. The economy class travelers of Lufthansa Airlines

2. Lufthansa Airlines late-night check-in is not available for flights departing from the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

3. If you are traveling with pets, then you will not be able to use the late-night check-in

● Lufthansa Airlines can automatically complete your check-in process through its automated check-in process

● The automated Lufthansa Airlines flight check-in process is done for you by Lufthansa Airlines 23 hours before your flight’s departure.

● All of these services are available to you in the automated check-in- changing seats, home-printed bag tags, canceling your check-in, adding journals, and adding another traveler as your companion

How To Check In for a Lufthansa Flight?

Lufthansa Airlines provides a number of modes to check in for your flight. You can use any of these modes according to your convenience. All of these modes are designed for your schedule. These modes are available to you all the time. Following are Lufthansa Airlines check-in modes:

The website of Lufthansa Airlines: 

● Through the website of Lufthansa Airlines, you can check in for your flight through options such as booking reference number, frequent flyer card, or tour operator trip without booking code

● The website check-in service of Lufthansa Airlines is available all over the world

● This check-in is available for Austrian Airlines flights between Germany and Austria

● Croatia Airlines flights departing from Germany are available for check-in through the website of Lufthansa Airlines

The mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines

● You can check in by using the mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines in the same way as on the website

● The app of Lufthansa Airlines requires your booking reference numbers and last name to continue with your check-in process

● This check-in process starts 23 hours before departure

● During the check-in process of Lufthansa Airlines, you will be able to download your mobile boarding pass

● Mobile boarding passes of Lufthansa Airlines save you time as you do not have to stand at the airport check-in counter to get it issued

● You can show your mobile boarding pass during your security check-in and the boarding process

● The mobile boarding pass may not be issued in some destinations due to security reasons

Lufthansa Airlines Automated Check-in

● Lufthansa Airlines automated check-in is available for Travel ID profile and Miles & More users

● The automated check-in option is available for flights within the Schengen Area

● The option of automated check-in applies to flights that are booked within 24 hours of departure

● If your flight is booked within 24 hours before its departure, you will get your boarding pass through automated check-in in 23 hours

● Your submitted email address and mobile number will be used to receive your boarding permit.

Airport Self-Service Kiosk and Counter Check-in

● You must have your travel documents to check-in at the airport kiosk

● The check-in of your bag is also available through self-service kiosk

● The service self-check-in kiosk in Lufthansa Airlines is available in the following destinations:

1. Inside Germany: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg

2. Outside Germany: London, Oslo, Dublin, Billund

● You have to reach the airport for self or counter check-in at least 3 hours before departure

Steps To Check In Lufthansa Airlines Flight

Lufthansa Airlines flight check-in needs to be done within the time specified by the airline. You can go through this process in advance 23 hours before departure through different methods such as the website, the mobile app, automated check-in, self-check-in kiosk at the airport, and the airport counter. These methods can be used for check-in in the following ways:

Lufthansa Airlines Website: 

Step 1: Open the website of Lufthansa Airlines

Step 2: Click on the ‘check-in’ option that is given on the homepage

Step 3: Along with your booking reference number, provide your first and last names. Your email address can also be used to access your Lufthansa Airlines account.

Step 4: Follow the instructions for check-in

Step 5: Purchase your preferred seats and avail of other services

Step 6: Download your Lufthansa Airlines boarding pass

The Mobile App of Lufthansa Airlines

Step 1: Open the app of Lufthansa Airlines and continue as guests

Step 2: Tap on the check-in button that you can see on the home screen

Step 3: Enter your ticket details and follow the instructions for check-in

Step 4: Pay for your preferred seats and other travel extras

Step 5: Download your boarding pass that can be used at the airport

Lufthansa Airlines Automated Check-In: Automated self-check-in is available in these ways:

● You have to avail of the automated check-in option after completing your ticket booking process

● After booking your ticket, register your Travel ID by clicking on the link given in your booking confirmation emails

● You can turn off the automated check-in option through your customer profile at anytime

Lufthansa Check-In Online

Lufthansa Airlines online check-in is the most convenient to use. You can check in on your own time and be the first to fly. This early check-in option enables you to avoid check-in last-minute hassle. The features of this online Lufthansa flight check-in are:

● While checking in online, you will be able to generate your e-boarding pass, get it on your email, phone, or via mail at your home or office

● Avail automated check-in and get yourself checked-in automatically

● You can add your frequent flyer number

● Certain flights, including those leaving from cities like Bosnia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, and unaccompanied kids are not eligible for online check-in.


Lufthansa Airlines’ flight check-in policy includes different methods for check-in, such as the website and the mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines, automated check-in, late-night check-in, and airport check-in. You can check in through the online methods 23 hours before your flight’s departure. Whereas, for the airport check-in, you have to arrive at least 3 hours before departure. Deadlines for this process are different for all the regions in which Lufthansa Airlines operates. You have to check it on its website.

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