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United Airlines Flight Change Policy constantly makes modifications to its flight change policy. It modifies this policy according to significant events or considerations of its travelers. Major modifications were made in its United Airlines flight change policy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Flight change fees are one of them. 

Before this pandemic, United Airlines used to charge fees for modifying any part of a flight booking. Now, since the pandemic, it does not charge any change fees.

Looking at such modifications, we have observed that United Airlines’ Flight Change Policy is framed according to the interest of its travelers. This policy ensures that they can avoid facing any hefty process of changing their flights or modifying other parts of their bookings.

What does this United Airlines Flight Change Policy have after the pandemic? Let’s check out.

What Is United Flight Change Policy?

United Airlines Flight Change Policy is one of the most flexible and exhaustive policies among the airlines of the United States.

This airline service reduces all challenges that occur before making any booking modifications. You can freely book your flights and change them later.

You need to know the essential points of this policy before undergoing any changes:

● All United Airlines fares except the basic economy one do not include flight change fees

● Travel credits can be used for future flight bookings within one year of their validity

● According to the new United Airlines flight change policy, you can change flights as many times as you want for free. However, you have to pay fare differences each time

● You should use travel credits through your travel agency if you had earlier booked your flight through it

● You should use the same mode for changing your flights through which you had booked them

● Refunds will be issued to you in the original form of payment after confirming your booking modifications

● You can use your MileagePlus Premier membership to book your seats on the new flight for free

● United Airlines has also eliminated the same-day standby fees

United Airlines Ticket Change Fees

United Airlines brings much ease to the process of changing your flights.

You can change it without giving it a second thought. Its policy of flight change brings significant relief from your worries about throwing a considerable amount of money into making even minute changes.

It is because this policy waives off the cost of changing flights. There are specific guidelines regarding this United Airlines ticket change fee waiver. These are:

● Free flight changes apply to all domestic flights in the US, flights originating in the US for international destinations, and flights between the US and Mexico or the Caribbean

● You must pay the fare difference between your new flight and the previous one.

● If your new flight costs less than the original one, then the remaining balance will be issued as travel credit

● You have to pay for changing your flights booked with primary economy tickets. Fees for changing it are:

       One-way domestic flight: USD 49.50

       One-way international flights: USD 99

● These change fees apply to all passengers

● United Airlines free flight changes apply to all refundable and non-refundable tickets

United Airlines Award Ticket Change Fees

If you are an award ticket holder in United Airlines, then different rules will apply to changing your ticket.

 You can change your Award Tickets for free if:

● You are renewing your ticket at least 31 days before your departure

● Flights are originating in the US within 30 days of departure

However, you have to pay for changing your international flight booking with your award tickets. Following is the fee structure:

●    General Members: USD 125

●    Silver Premier Members: USD 100

●    Premier Gold Members: USD 75

●    Platinum Premier Members: USD 50

●    Premier 1K Members: No change fees

Award tickets can be changed either by calling United Airlines customer care executive or visiting the ‘manage reservation’ section on the website or the mobile app of United Airlines.

What About United Airlines Refund Policy?

United Airlines assures that you reasonably get refunds. It will refund all the amount that needs to be back to you. You will not receive any more or less but for what you are eligible. What does the United Airlines refund policy state? Let us see:

● You will receive refunds if your ticket is refundable

● Both refundable and non-refundable tickets will be refunded after changing any of them within 24 hours of booking

● United Airlines delays or cancels your flights

● Your TravelOptions bundle will be refunded to you automatically if it is canceled or changed

● If your new flight is less expensive than your original one, you will receive a refund for the leftover amount.

United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

The 24-hour flight change policy of any airline is the most relaxing one for travelers. In this policy, you can change your flight without any worries.

It suits you if you travel frequently or often create unpredictable plans. This policy is also managed by United Airlines. According to the United Airlines 24-hour flight change policy:

● All United Airlines refundable and non-refundable tickets can be changed for free within 24 hours of booking

● Free flight changes apply to all fares, including the basic economy one

● United Airlines will refund you the remaining balance after making any modifications to your itineraries

● You can also change flight dates, times, names, and routes without paying any cost for it during these 24 hours of booking

● You can change your flight within 24 hours if it is booked more than 7 days before its departure

Methods of United Airlines Flight Change

United Airlines enables its travelers to use any of its modes to request for rebooking their flights. 

You can reach United Airlines for your flight change issues by using any of these modes. These modes are available both online and offline. You can either use its web services or the manual customer care service. Any of these modes can be used in the following ways:

●    The United Airlines website: The website of United Airlines allows you to use ‘my trips’ or United Airlines user accounts to start your flight change process. By selecting any of these options, you can enter your booking details and open your bookings.

●    United Airlines Mobile App: The United Airlines mobile app provides the same web services as the website. It allows you to start your flight change processes through options such as ‘my trips’ and ‘user accounts.’

●    United Airlines customer care service:  The customer care service of United Airlines is another option instead of using the website and the app. This service is available on phone calls and social media handles. You can contact it at 1-800-864-8331. Live chat on the United Airlines website is also available for immediate assistance 

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