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Find Best Cheap Flights to Baltimore

Benefits of Finding Cheap Flights

Finding Cheap Flights to Baltimore offers several benefits. Not only does it help you save money on airfare, but it also allows you to allocate your budget towards other aspects of your trip, such as accommodation, dining, and activities. By securing affordable flights, you can make the most of your travel experience without compromising your financial resources.

Overview of Baltimore

Baltimore, also known as "Charm City," is a vibrant destination located in Maryland, USA. It is famous for its rich history, diverse culture, and picturesque waterfront. With its unique blend of historic neighborhoods, modern attractions, and thriving arts scene, Baltimore offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Popular Attractions in Baltimore

Exploring Inner Harbor

One of Baltimore's main highlights is the Inner Harbor, a lively waterfront area bustling with activities. Visitors can stroll along the promenade, indulge in delicious seafood at waterfront restaurants, or take a cruise on the harbor to admire the stunning city skyline. The Inner Harbor is also home to various museums, including the Maryland Science Center and the Historic Ships in Baltimore.

Visiting the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a must-visit attraction for nature enthusiasts and families alike. It houses thousands of aquatic species and offers captivating exhibits that educate and entertain visitors. From vibrant coral reefs to mesmerizing jellyfish displays, the National Aquarium provides a unique underwater experience.

Discovering Fort McHenry

History buffs should not miss a visit to Fort McHenry, a historic fort that played a significant role during the War of 1812. It was here that Francis Scott Key wrote the U.S. national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." Explore the fort's grounds, enjoy breathtaking views of Baltimore's skyline, and learn about its pivotal place in American history.

Enjoying Camden Yards

Sports enthusiasts will find joy in visiting Oriole Park at Camden Yards, one of the most iconic baseball stadiums in the United States. Catch a Baltimore Orioles game, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, and experience the excitement of America's favorite pastime.

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Baltimore

When it comes to finding cheap flights to Baltimore, a little planning and research can go a long way. Consider the following tips to secure affordable airfare:

Flexible Travel Dates

Try adjusting your departure and return dates to find the best deals. Midweek flights and offseason travel often offer lower prices compared to peak travel times.

Utilizing Flight Comparison Websites

Flight comparison websites, such as Skyscanner or Kayak, can be valuable resources in finding cheap flights. These platforms gather flight information from various airlines, allowing you to compare prices and choose the most affordable option.

Signing Up for Fare Alerts

Subscribe to fare alerts provided by airlines or travel websites.. By staying informed about fare promotions and discounts, you can seize the opportunity to book cheap flights to Baltimore.

Considering Alternate Airports

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) is the primary airport serving the Baltimore area, but checking neighboring airports like Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) or Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) may uncover cheaper flight options.

Airlines Offering Affordable Flights to Baltimore

Several airlines offer affordable flights to Baltimore. Here are a few budget-friendly options:

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is known for its competitive prices and excellent customer service. With a generous baggage policy and no change fees, Southwest can be a cost-effective choice for travelers heading to Baltimore.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines specializes in low-cost flights and often offers discounted fares to popular destinations. Keep in mind that Spirit operates as a budget airline, and additional fees may apply for services such as baggage and seat selection.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air focuses on offering affordable flights to select destinations. Although their route network is more limited compared to larger carriers, they can provide excellent deals for travelers flying to Baltimore.

Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options in Baltimore

Baltimore provides a range of budget-friendly accommodation options for visitors. From affordable hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, you can find a comfortable place to stay without overspending. Consider checking online travel websites or contacting local tourism offices to discover the best deals.

Affordable Dining and Entertainment in Baltimore

When it comes to dining and entertainment, Baltimore offers a variety of affordable options. Explore the city's vibrant food scene, from budget-friendly seafood shacks to ethnic eateries serving delicious dishes at reasonable prices. Additionally, many attractions and cultural institutions in Baltimore offer discounted admission or free entry on specific days.

Exploring Free and Low-Cost Activities in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city that caters to budget-conscious travelers with its array of free and low-cost activities. Here are a few suggestions to enhance your Baltimore experience without breaking the bank:

Discovering Baltimore's Parks and Gardens

Take a leisurely stroll through Baltimore's parks and gardens, such as Druid Hill Park or Patterson Park. These green spaces offer serene environments for relaxation, picnics, or even a friendly game of Frisbee.

Exploring Art and Culture

Visit Baltimore's art galleries and cultural institutions that offer free admission or discounted tickets. The Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Art Museum are just a couple of examples where you can immerse yourself in artistic masterpieces without spending a dime.

Enjoying Outdoor Festivals and Events

Baltimore hosts various outdoor festivals and events throughout the year, many of which are free to attend. From music festivals to cultural celebrations, these lively gatherings showcase Baltimore's vibrant spirit and offer memorable experiences for visitors.


Traveling to Baltimore on a budget is possible with the availability of cheap flights and a range of affordable options for accommodation, dining, and entertainment. By implementing the tips provided in this article and exploring the city's budget-friendly attractions, you can enjoy a fulfilling experience in Baltimore without overspending.


Q1: When is the best time to find cheap flights to Baltimore ?

A1: The best time to find cheap flights to Baltimore is typically during the offseason, which includes months like January and February. Additionally, booking your flights in advance and being flexible with your travel dates can increase your chances of finding affordable fares.

Q2: Are there any budget airlines that fly to Baltimore ?

A2: Yes, there are several budget airlines that offer flights to Baltimore, such as Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant Air. These airlines often provide competitive prices and various cost-saving options for travelers.

Q3: Can I find affordable accommodations in Baltimore ?

A3: Absolutely! Baltimore offers a range of budget-friendly accommodations, including hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. By utilizing online travel websites and comparing prices, you can find a comfortable place to stay within your budget.

Q4: Are there any free attractions in Baltimore ?

A4: Yes, there are many free attractions in Baltimore. You can explore the Inner Harbor, visit the Baltimore Museum of Art, or take a leisurely stroll through the city's parks and gardens without spending any money.

Q5: What is the average duration of a flight to Baltimore ?

A5: The average duration of a flight to Baltimore can vary depending on your departure location. On average, domestic flights within the United States range from 1.5 to 3 hours, while international flights can take longer depending on the origin.

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