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Southwest Flight Airlines Change Policy

Southwest Flight Airlines Change Policy

Southwest Airlines travelers enjoy an excellent flight change experience and successfully rebook another flight for free in a few steps. These travelers take guidance from the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy. This policy guides them in changing and rebooking another flight on Southwest Airlines.

According to this policy, they do not have to pay any fees for changing their flights except the fare difference. To elaborate better, Southwest Airlines's policy states that rebooking another flight can be done for free.

Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines allowing free flight booking modifications. That is why most travelers want to book their flights on this airline. This airline allows them to change or cancel their flights for free in their bookings. They only have to pay the fare difference. This fare difference occurs when the rebooked flight costs more than the previous flight.

These experiences on Southwest Airlines persuade travelers to keep planning their trips with the airline. They book their flights as soon as their plans get finalized and change them later. The flight change policy of Southwest Airlines backs them during the finalization of these plans.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Fee & Penalty

Travelers are always relaxed in matters of rebooking another flight on Southwest Airlines. They know they can spend less time canceling and exchanging the current flight for another flight.

Southwest Airlines does not charge a cost for rescheduling a flight or adjusting any aspect of reservations. Thus they are immune from paying anything. Travelers only have to pay the fare difference for the higher cost of the new flight than that of the previous flight. If the new flight costs less than the original flight, the remaining balance will be refunded as travel credits.

Southwest Airlines Manage Booking

Travelers of Southwest Airlines can use the ‘manage reservations’ option on the website’s homepage. This feature is crucial for them as they can activate or deactivate a range of services offered by the airline. They must access their itineraries using this feature and make the required changes. Through this feature of ‘manage reservations,’ they can perform the following:

● View and control the status of Southwest Airlines flight reservations

● Review and modify flight information

● Travellers ensure that their seats are most comfortable and convenient by selecting and purchasing the preferred ones

● Make changes to booking such as adding or removing the name of passengers

● This feature tries to accommodate as many passengers as travelers want in their bookings

● Through their ‘manage booking’ feature, travelers can update the settings of their reservations, such as upgrading contact information, choosing meals, and adding other special requests

Southwest Airlines Flight Status

Southwest Airlines keeps travelers updated about the status of their flights. It updates them with their flight status through:


● Manage the Booking portal on the website of Southwest Airlines

● Email

● Mobile app

● Whatsapp and other social media messengers

● Southwest Airlines user account

Travelers will be informed about:

● Schedule changes to travelers’ flights

● Flight delays

● Flight cancellations

● Change of terminals

Change Flight Name On Southwest Airlines

Travelers of Southwest Airlines can change their names on their itineraries, too. They are eligible to rectify errors in their names according to the following conditions:

● Correct the spelling of the first name and the last name

● Accompanied minors

● Name correction after checking-in

● Completely unused itineraries

● Flights booked through the phone

● Youth traveller

● Bookings done with EarlyBird tickets

● Involuntary changes

Travelers can fix errors in their names on Southwest Airlines flight booking reservations in the following ways:

Through the website:

● Click on ‘manage reservations’ on the Southwest Airlines website’s homepages

● Enter booking reference numbers and first and last name to open itineraries

● After viewing itineraries, click on search

● If travelers are eligible to modify their names, then they can see the option of ‘edit’ beside their name

● Retype the correct name and confirm changes

● Travellers need to check in again if they had done it before rectifying errors in their names

Through the mobile app

● Click on the hamburger icon on the top left of the Southwest Airlines mobile app

● Choose the ‘Look Up Reservations’ option from the menu

● On the finding bookings page, enter the booking number, first name, and last name and click on retrieve information

● Travellers have to click on the pencil icon beside their names to make the required changes

For any other information on changing or correcting names, travelers can contact the phone numbers given on the website.

Southwest Airlines Change Companion

● Southwest Airlines provides the Companion Pass to travelers

● The Companion Pass allows travelers to bring along a friend with them at the time of boarding

● Travellers will be eligible for the Companion Pass after flying via 100 qualifying one-way flights or earning 125,000 Rapid Rewards Points within a calendar year

● If travelers qualify for Companion Pass, they can activate it at no cost, which does not include taxes and fees

● Travellers can use the Companion Pass to change their companions at the time of boarding

● Travellers can apply for travelers in three ways

i) Call Southwest Airlines customer service at (1-800-435-9792) or (1-888-526-0444)

ii) Tweet Southwest Airlines on Twitter

iii) Text the customer care representative on Facebook

● Travellers can designate companions on their current flight by visiting the 'upcoming trips' sections

● Southwest allows travelers to cancel the current flight booking and remove the companion, rebook another flight, and then add this companion back

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Same Day

● Travellers of Southwest Airlines can change their flight schedule to an earlier or later flight of the day

● Southwest Airlines enables flight changes on the same day of the departure

● The ability to find new flights for the same day of the original flight’s departure depends upon its availability

● The flight rebooking on the same departure date of the outbound flight is free of cost

● Travellers can access their itineraries on the website or on the mobile app to rebook another flight for a new time on the next flight

● Contacting the customer care of Southwest Airlines is another feasible way to request flight changes

Southwest Airlines Change Flight 24 Hours

Like every other airline, Southwest Airlines has its 24-hour flight change policy. This policy is the most relaxing one for travelers. It is suitable for those who want to save money while changing flights. This policy of changing flights within 24 hours says:

● Southwest Airlines allows free rebooking of flights within 24 hours of booking

● Rebooking of new flights depends upon its ability

● Travellers can request refunds if no flights are available on the desired dates travelers

● Southwest Airlines applies fare difference if the new flights of travelers are costlier than their previous flights

● If new flights cost less than the original ones, then the remaining balance will be refunded

● Refunds will be done by Southwest Airlines in the original form of payment

● To change flights for free, travelers have to ensure that their flights are booked at least 7 days before departure

● Travellers can also modify their flight date, time, route, and names for free, along with rebooking another flight

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Online

Southwest Airlines provides different online channels for travelers to book and rebook their flights. They prefer these online channels because of their convenience and quick services. Travelers can use these channels to change their flights after booking them in the following ways:

The Website of Southwest Airlines

● Travellers looking to change their Southwest Airlines flights can use either ‘manage bookings’ under the ‘flights’ tab or ‘ Southwest Airlines user accounts’ to start its process

● Travellers can also directly click on ‘change’ in the ‘flight’ tab to initiate the flight change process

● After choosing any of the above options, they have to enter their login credentials or booking confirmation number and names to open their itineraries

● Travellers can view their flight information from the itineraries

● Above their flight details, travelers can click on the ‘change’ button

● Travellers will be able to select the alternate available flights after clicking on the ‘change’ button

● The users can also modify other booking details such as flight date, time, route, and name from their itineraries

● Not only these flight details, but they can also modify information related to their hotel and cab bookings

● Finally, travelers have to pay applicable charges after making all kinds of modifications to their bookings

Southwest Airlines Mobile App

● The mobile app of Southwest Airlines can also be used by travelers when changing flights

● This app provides the same options for starting the process of rebooking as the website

● Travellers can either use their login credentials to access the app or continue as guests

● As they continue as guests, they can tap on three lines at the top left corner of the app’s home screen and open the menu

● Travellers can select ‘manage reservations’ from this menu

● From the manage booking screen, travelers have to enter their booking details and retrieve itineraries

● Travellers can start their flight change process after retrieving their itineraries

Google Web Search

● Google web search is another quick way of managing reservations in Southwest Airlines

● Travellers have to open their browsers type ‘Southwest Airlines manage booking’ in the search, and click on the search icon

● They will see the option of managing reservations from the website of Southwest Airlines as the first Google results

● Travellers will be redirected to the ‘change flight reservation’ page for retrieving itineraries

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Offline

Unlike the online modes, Southwest Airlines also offers offline modes for flight changes. These offline modes allow travelers to resolve their flight change issues by contacting the customer care team of Southwest Airlines. Highlights of using Southwest Airlines change flight offline modes are:

● Southwest Airlines offline modes for changing and rebooking an alternative are available to travelers for 24 hours and 7 days

● Travellers can use these offline modes instead of the online ones

● These online modes are also quick to change Southwest Airlines flights

● Travellers get connected to the customer care service or representative through these modes

● Offline modes of Southwest Airlines are:

i) Voice call at 1-800-435-9792

ii) Email at:

iii)Write a letter at P.O. Box 36647-1CR, Dallas, Texas 75235

iv) Social Media Accounts: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Southwest free to change flights?

A. Southwest Airlines does not charge travelers for changing or canceling their flights. You can rebook your flight for free and arrange an alternative if available. You do not have to pay change fees but only the fare difference and certain taxes. You will be informed about the total cost of changes during the process.

Q. Does Southwest charge to change flights same day?

A. Southwest Airlines does not charge for changing flights, even on the day of the departure. Travelers can change their flights for free on the same day of the departure at any time. It depends upon the availability of the new flight that travelers can rebook on the same day of their previous flight’s departure

Q. Are Southwest flights refundable?

A. Southwest Airlines flights are 100% refundable within 24 hours of booking. If travelers have canceled or changed their flights within 24 hours of booking, Southwest Airlines will refund them the total amount. If the price of the new flights is less than that of the original flight, the remaining balance will be repaid to them in the original mode of payment.

Q. Will Southwest refund me if I cancel the flight?

A. Southwest will refund your total amount after you cancel your flight.

Q. Does Southwest have cancellation fees?

A. Like flight changes, Southwest Airlines also allows free flight cancellations.

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